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This is my story.

My name is Lisa and I have been working with the same company for almost four years now.
A year ago I filed a complaint with EEOC because I was sexually harassed at work for nearly a year. The man who harassed me would say thing such as put the phone up your a**, I know that where you like it and he went as far squirting lotion on me and saying "Do you know what that looks like all over your back"
I told my supervisor who just rolled her eyes and walked away. I also met with HR on several occasions and he just received a slap on the wrist.

Finally, after my report with EEOC they moved him to another location. Which I guess is better than nothing however, it also makes me feel as though they have no respect for the employees because they continue to employee some who was proven to sexually harass me.

Now a year later my supervisor is in retaliation against me and I really can not afford to quit my job.
When I applied for a promotion I was told that this is not a good job for me because I have children. I told her this is discrimination and the next day I got the job.
I put up with dirty looks from her everyday and she refuses to give me bonus pay that I have earned because she says I do not deserve it.

Part of the problem was the site manager also found herself in a little trouble when I went to EEOC last year because she ignored me when I told her what was going on.
I now feel like it is retaliation but I am not sure if I would have a case and do not wish to get myself fired.
It's scary, I am considering going back to EEOC but one attorney mentioned Arizona as a right to work state and there is not much I can do about it.

My Doctor has put me on medications but why do I have to deal with this. Complaining to higher above does not work.


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