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This is my story.

I have been employed by a major airlines since 1987 and having such seniority I am astonished at the way I have been treated throughout the past couple of months.
During my sixteen of service with the company, my file has been nearly perfect with an un embellished sense of loyalty, commitment and enthusiasm.

After the tragedy of September 11th, many changes have occurred in the airline industry. This is naturally necessary for the safety of our passengers and our nation.
But in no way should the color of my skin or my ethnicity be a factor in the judgment of my character and ability to provide my duties with the sixteen years of knowledge about the procedures.

I have been undoubtfully been subject to racial profiling here in Florida.
The company attempted to fire me, taking away my airport ID. I was asked to leave the premises and was terminated out of work for three weeks
because the company claiming that I have violated security procedures.
This was all done supposedly because of an investigation that only was subjected to me, even though there were four others employees involved.

I, along with four of my coworkers was involved in working a flight on 20th November 2002.
If any security procedures was violated or broken,
we all should have been equally interrogate and reprimanded.
My four Caucasian colleagues have not been questioned or penalized. The company choose not to reprimand any while employees.
They have accused me along of ciolating security procedures,
when it was indubitably clear that I was not the person at the entrance permitting passengers to board.
I was working behind the podium and did not move from the podium.
I did check in the passengers originally, though I was not he agent who boarded him.
I made no mistake in my actions and was accused by all other agents after the fact that they
discussed the event in the absence of my presence,
leaving room for false accusations and story correlation.

They made a report at 2:30 PM after working the 1:50 flight.
I was charged without anyone knowing my story.
I wasn't given a chance to defent myself. The other four agents were automaticaly right.
If the passenger got through security it was certainly not my fault, let along my doing only.
After such a serious episode, no one wanted to take blame or admit
they were in the wrong or weren't doing their job to the best of their capacity.
Everyone of course, found a scapegoat me.

Similiar security breaches have occurred at other stations, flight have taken two hours delays,
but agents were never issued a level 5, discharge, like myself.

The company allowed me to return to work, placing me on a level four,
the highest level of reprimand without being fired.
If, I do anything else small or large I would be terminated because that woul dbe considered a level five.

This pressure put upon me resulted in another freadful incident.
On the third day of returning to work they accused me of breaking seurity procedures again.
You cannot win or lose with them.
Before they said it was my fault when I was at the
counter and not at the gate reader.
Now it is my fault again even though this time as I was the ticket reader.
I became so overburdened with the accusation, that I collapsed and had to be taken to emergency room.
I have been out sick since the day I collapsed and had to be hospitalized.

They pointed the finger at me simply because it was easy to and because I am or foreign decent, whereas everyone else is white.
They do not want me working here.
Never once have I encountered such a problem working at JFK Int't airport.
The place I worked for 11 years before moving to Florida.
I thought this was going to be a pleasant change for my family and myself from the hustle of New York City to calm Florida.

I was escorted off the premises by my union personnel, who knowingly were aware that I was the only one subjected to this investigation.
I have file a complain with the EEOC.

Racism is still alive and very blaten here in Forida.


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