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This is my story.

My name is Lucille and I am a 50 year old woman who has been working for a Company for 14 months of grief.

I have education back round. I went to business school. The first week of working there I was told, "It is not what you know but who you know."
After 3 months I could not figure out what was going on. They did not know that they wee under-estimating me. There are 7 people in management on the day shift that consist of supervisors, coordinators and managers. What exactly they do? I do not know. No one does anything.~~My opinion only~~

There are those who work and those who do not. There are 2 woman on days doing something wrong and no one said anything to these 2 women until 14 months later, which is recently. They still continue there tardy behavior and give there supervisor the middle finger every time she walks by them.

I transferred myself to the second shift. My old boss was harassing me all the time. Every time I went to the bathroom he wanted to know where I was. One of the woman on my shift takes and hour lunch and 30 min breaks. He said nothing. She leaves and goes home early without asking permission. She spent one night out with another employee in a bar for 2 hours. He said nothing.
He continues to pick on the people who work.
We have benefits.
Our personal days and vacation days are not put in our pay checks by our supervisors.
Our overtime is not in our checks.
In 14 months I been out twice and late once.
I am a responsible adult.

I was told to take over my dept. one night. When I told one of the keyers to go into another menu after the book, He replied... "Go sit down and leave me alone."
When I was told to sit in a certain area,I screamed in front of many people, "I was not allowed to sit there."

My management team was spoken to by another manager in which she recommended that I be considered the opening position coming up for coordinator. One of the supervisors found out and started telling other employees. The employee turned on me like a bat out of Hades and threatened me. This is the young lady who has been suspended, written up, argued and fought with 3 people in the company and who takes longer breaks and lunched then anyone else.
She takes off every other week.
Walks out early and goes home with no permission.
Nothing it done about her.

They keep giving the same people overtime. Every time I ask I am told they have there set people. This is discriminating. I want to go to the owner. I need to know if I bring an attorney or someone from the EEOC. I cannot deal with the abuse, threats, discrimination, harassment and disrespect anymore.

Thanks for reading my story.


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