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Star's Story... Mysterious Woman: Discrimination In The Work Place

This is my story.

I started working at a big University in Gainesville Florida in August of 1995.I enjoyed the center where I worked and found the environment to be somewhat plesant.
Since I was new to the city I took all the side jobs that I could find at first. The Director of the center asked me to watch her child, she came to pick me up at my home where I lived with a friend of mine (childhood friend since kindergarden).
I believe she assumed that I was Gay since I had moved from San Francisco, lived with a girl, and I am liberal.
I had at first received wonderful evaluations and praise from her. Things were going to change. Another teacher in the room had started to become unaccountable and almost threating.
Afraid for the children in my care I approached the Director with my concern. The behavior of the teacher was unacceptable and was endangering the children. The director stood up for her by saying that if she received help she could stay, anyway that is a whole other story. That teacher eventually sued the center.

My boyfriend of 5 years left our home to visit some friends out of town, our friends called to say that Pablo,my companion had not yet arrived.
I was worried. Two hours later I discovered a receipt for flowers to be delivered to an address that I did not know. I cried and wondered if that was were he was.
I called my friend and asked her to go with me to see if we could find him. She works with me, and I needed someone to lean on. I arrived at the house on the address and asked for the name... The woman that appeared was the mother of a student in my care! I thought this could not be. My boyfriend was not there, I felt so surprised and shaken.
I asked if something was going on and she claimed that he was going to break up with me to date her (he knew her for a week).
Did I mention that Palo is also a teacher at the school. Interesting story huh?
I left her house after 5 minutes I was sad and shaken.Pablo was looking for me and when I got home we spoke for hours she continued to call him until 1:30 in the morning, he told her that she was mistaken about the relationship he said that he could not speak to her again.
I thought Palo would loose his job, and I wandered what the school would say about her actions (I left out a lot of gory details, if you need specifics you can ask).

The next day I called the office to say that I needed a personal day (you can imagine).By lunch time I received a phone call from the director stating that I must be in her office by 2:00.
I spoke to her and said that I had taken several sleeping pills and I was unable to drive,I pleaded with her to let me stay at home and that she could even come to my home. She refused and demanded my apperance.
I was paraded through the parking lot, into a classroom of children.

I received a letter of disciplanary action, stating that I should never discuss this matter and if I ever threatened her again that I would be fired.
So, the other woman went to the Director and was angry about Palo leaving her, so this was her way of getting me back. Or actually The director could have stretched the incidence to embarrass me, I may never know.

So, Although this sounds confusing it goes like this: My boyfriend cheated on me (no sex) He received no disciplinary action, actually the director applied to him saying nothing was his fault.
I lost my job, I was slandered, totally lied about, my character was lost, I could not afford my rent so I lost my house.
I gave so much to the center, I gave everything actually. I can't explain my feelings. The center lost 3 teachers that day,Pablo begged the director to make him responsible, she refused.
My director still askes people in the area about my sexual prefernces. How sad for her.
I would answer any questions anyone has.

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