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This is my story.

I started working as an EMT in 1992 in a small rual county in WV. When I started, I was so new to the system and I was so excited to learn everything there was about being an EMT and Paramedic.
I had some wonderful people willing to teach me everything they knew. I was part-time and worked every hour offered to me. As my time in the business continued, I realized that the system was not about treatment of patients but of who could sleep with who and backstab everyone you worked with. This is so disappointing because I wanted to help people. Because, I was pretty and new, I became the target of jealousy among the women that worked there. Not to mention, a conquest for most of the men. I was not here for that but had to deal with it nevertheless.
I continued to do my job and learn everything I could. One morning, a co-worker climbed into my bed and made me very uncomfortable. I did not try to get this person in trouble, just made a request not to work with him. For some reason this became a big ordeal and embarrassed the both of us. I had to go in front of the Commission and discuss the matter, I explained that I just didn't want to work with this person, and at the end of the meeting was raped...not physically, but mentally by one of the Commissioners in which I was there to seek help. He accused me of having an affair with this co-worker, he accused me of sleeping with this co-worker...he told me I was having a "lovers spat" and that was the only reason I complained. You can only imagine the feeling that overcame me.

I filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and won. For the next eight years, I fight for my rights and to be treated fairly. I have been suspended, written up for things that others do as well. I requested to go to another station to work and can not due to an employee's jealous spouse. It is really hard on one to do their job when everyone can do as they please but you. I have to walk on pins and needles all the time and always watch my back. Co-workers are bitter because I stand up for my rights and it continues on into my marriage now and they do discriminating acts towards my husband now. He is a paramedic also and works in the same organization. I knew it would only be a matter of time before they started in on him

This is my story so far to date. It is never boring. ~~Smiles~


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