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...York, Jersey, Hampshire, Mexico, England, Guinea, Zealand, etc.

  • My forum moved from tbqforums to Activeboard We have a lot of fun there, so please come and join in. (July, 2005)
  • I added a new page which contains some silly thoughts I've jotted down called Scatter-brained Thoughts. I also added new material to my Goofing on Sports page. (August, 2003)
  • I added a links page which contains a wide range of links broken into categories. (December, 2002)
  • I added two new games (Hot Blocks and MetaSpider to the games page. (December, 2002)
  • Actual E-mail I Received In One 24 Hour Spam Span is the latest addition to my Psycho Babbling page. (November, 2002)
  • I'm a sports fan and I've created a page where I have some fun with the names of athletes, and poked fun at some athletes themselves. I don't think you have to even like sports to get enjoyment out of the result, which is a page called Goofing On Sports (November, 2002)
  • I added a mailing list for anyone to join if they'd like to be notified when I update my page. Sign up today! (July, 2002)
  • A transcript of my interview with Regis and Kelly is the latest addition. They tried to get some insight into my twisted mind. You'll have to read it to see how successful they were. (July, 2002)
  • I put all my guestbook entries from my homepage's inception up to the present on web pages so they can be easily viewed thirty at a time. Broken images and links were removed. Any forthcoming guestbook additions will also be added. (June, 2002)
  • I added a Bravenet guestmap for visitors to leave their mark on. So please make you're presence known! It's easy to use. (June, 2002)
  • TV MISGUIDED (October, 2001)
  • This page you're now viewing (August, 2001)
  • Kooky Kaptions! (July, 2001)
  • Psycho Babbling (June, 2001)
  • My Plea To Stupid People (March, 2001)
  • Latest award winner: Bobbi Jo (February, 2005)
  • Latest banner exchange with: Chava (May, 2002)
  • Most recent award thrust upon me by: TriviaClub (July, 2004)
  • Most recent favourite caption additions: Jessica
  • Most recent people to answer my polls: Bobbi Jo, cleveland steamer, Dalliance, Angela, Vanessa, Sheryl, Alice, Luke, Meluz, L, Jamie, Dan, Michelle, Amy, Mary, AlmstHvn, Whitney, Geraldo, Ron, Fraser, April
  • Most recent guestbook signees: Meluz, Henry, Andy, Anna, Danny, DanielT, Danny, Lindal, Cindy, Joshua Spencer, Kane, Graham, Donna, Ron B, Frank, Sylvia
  • Most recent guest map signees: Damien, Monica, John, Cheri, Rena, Mac, Jon-C, Tracy, Sharon, Pablo Valle, Eagle
  • Board's inception (May, 1997)

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