This is hardly a new concept..take a picture and add a (hopefully) humourous caption to it. Well, I've stolen a few pictures from a couple of caption contests to which I submitted entries in order to give my submissions an audience here. My friends (Hi Megan and Papi!) are responsible for gathering most of the photos on the following pages. The contests they ran are either defunct or in deep hibernation. The captions on the following pages are all mine, I'm afraid. (For the uninformed and people who just don't "get" it, I've included a background or pertinent information for some of the captions, marked by asterisks at the bottom of each page, that may be of some help.

We all have different senses of humour, so you may find the captions to be hit and miss. I beseech you to wade through them all though. We wouldn't want you to miss out on the one that just might make you pee your pants laughing. As a bonus, I'll let you view these pages without any midi files (music) gnawing into your brain. Please take note of your favourite(s) and fill out the form provided on my "Favourites" page. This means YOU! It won't take long. I'd like to see if there's any kind of consensus, and all the results are posted on this page so you can see what others deem to be funny. So..without further ado...

(Warning: Prudes may find some of the captions to be offensive. I hope.)

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