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One Million Fathers

Chicago, IL (BlackNews.com) -

One million fathers, and other men across the nation will take children to school on the first day of the 2005 - 2006 school year. Last year, men from 25 cities participated in the Million Father March.

1. This year, scores of men from 100 cities -- including Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles -- across the country are expected to participate in this event which seeks to provide an escort of safety, support and encouragement to children of all ages.

A father who actively participates in the educational and social development life of a child is invaluable and irreplaceable, says Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Star Project, which promoted this March for the first time last year.

This year will be the year of excellence in education.
Research shows that children whose fathers take active roles in their educational lives earn better grades, get better test scores, enjoy school more and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. Additionally, children have fewer behavior problems when fathers speak and listen to their children regularly and are active in their lives.

A good father is part of a good parent team and is critical to strong family structures. Strong family structures produce children who are more centered, academically proficient and socially developed and are a valuable asset to their communities. Better parents produce better communities, better schools and better students, says Jackson.

Fathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, step-fathers, uncles, cousins, big brothers, significant male caregivers and friends of the family will participate in the event. While this event is sponsored by Black men, men of all races and women are also encouraged to take children to school on their first day of school

. The Black Star Projects Million Father March 2005 will post up to 100 Black men at schools with sizeable Black student populations near the front door* of the school creating an honor guard of strong, positive men supporting all children at this school. Elementary and high schools; school districts and school boards; colleges and universities; pre-schools, nursery schools, and Headstart programs; public, private, parochial and religious schools; urban, suburban and rural schools across America will participate in this event.

Since schools across the country start on different days in August and September, this will be a rolling event that will take place on the first day of the school year in cities, villages and towns across America between August 8, 2005 and October 1, 2005. Marches will be registered and coordinated with The Black Star Projects Million Father March Central headquarters in Chicago

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