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Love Chronicles

Distributor's Synopsis

Love Chronicles is a "dramedy" about a obnoxious and controversial radio personality. DJ Troy(Terrance Howard),and the misadventures of his listeners. Troy hosts a talk show WKN Love Radio along with his intermitent girlfriend and co-host Sara (Paula Jai Parker).

They invite the beautiful, confident and overly-opinionated Monifa Burly(Robin Givens),author of the best selling book Love Chronicles,to appear on their show. Throughout the broadcast,Troy,Monifa and Sara explore and assist in the love escapades of three different callers.

While playing on-air love threapists, the three of them discover they have their own issues of love.

This is a good movie for a weekend watch with your friends. The movie has some very popular comedians as co-stars. Love Chronicles is funny and will have you in stitches.

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