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Big Ain't Bad

Big Ainít Bad is a Black DVD that is a romantic comedy that redefines the measure of love. Ric(Sean Blakemore,Motives) and Natalie(Jade,Jenise Dixon) are a happy young couple headed towards marriage after a brief courtship.

When Natalie makes an early return home from a business trip and finds her trusted mate in the company of last nightís entertainment, the relationship abruptly endsss leaving them to travel separate roads to self-discovery Amidst a series of romantic twists and comedic turns,BIG AINíT BAD challenges us to study the superficial elements against which we measure love and value.

Ric JacksonSean Blakemore
Natalie WilkinsJenise Dixon
Dino "Mobe"WilkinsTroy Medley
Butch WilkinsReginald Ballard
Kirkland Ellis IIITico Wells
DenverMontanna Taylor
First Lady Lauren JordanPhyllis Yvonne Stickney
Ric's LoverTresay Drape-Jones
Written By Drayton Jamison
Directed By Ray Culpepper

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