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The Naked Truth

We see the struggles of four people involved in the exotic nightclub lifestyle of Atlanta. Felicia Lovett AKA”cat” need money for her son’s surgery,she also has aspirations to become an actress but a naïve choice jeopardizes her goals and the welfare of her son.

Belinda, a college student need money to continue her education for the following semester. She works as a waitress at a restaurant. Her meager salary is not enough to fund her education, she is introduced to exotic dancing without the approval of her jealous boyfriend.

Monique Martinez AKA “Cream” want out of the business but she is in to deep. Her opportunity arrives to escape but an unfortunate set of circumstances drags her deeper into the darkside of the business.

Salem Newport,the owner of the excotic club is fighting the Atlanta city council to stay open due to past incidents that happened .

All four people affect each other on achieving what the other want or don’t want. Some gain an advantage and some don’t. Only the “streetwise” survives.

Tiana JacksonFelicia Lovett
Triniea Turner Monique Martinez
Ki Toy Johnson Belinda
Leland Jones Salem Newport
Kadell Clayton Ma'Nell
Diondre Cheatam Jamal
Written and Directed by Ray Cullpepper

All Rights Reserved copyright by Urbandisc 2005/6245
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