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Blood Ties ~ Angyl & Rina

Kindred: The Embraced/Earth Angels

1. The Devil You Know ~ Zane/Max, Adult-graphic (50K) 07-23-01
A vampire on the run and New York City's chief fallen angel cross paths. Can the results be anything but hellacious?

2. Bloodwine and Roses ~ Zane/Max, Adult-graphic (74K) 01-24-02
Can a fallen angel love?


Deja Vu ~ Orithain & Rina

Once a Thief/Kindred: the Embraced

1. Wounded Doves ~ Victor Mansfield/Zame, Adult-graphic (42 K) 11-02-02
Vic finds another wounded dove type to rescue.


Double the Fun ~ Angyl, Orithain & Rina

X-Files/Once a Thief
(For more XF/OaT fic, see also Orithain's Mixed Doubles.)

1. Laissez les bons temps rouler! ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-graphic (286K) December 00
What happens when a Consortium assassin spots his doppelganger?
Another gorgeous cover by the Theban Band.

2. Mile High Club ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-graphic (14K) December 00
Alex and Vic fly back to Toronto.

3. Yin and Yang ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-graphic (38K) December 00
Alex comes home after a trip.

4. Hail the Prince! ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-graphic (18K) Jan. 01
Nathan meets Alex. ;)

5. Disapproval ~ Krycek/Vic Vic/Mac UST, Non-explicit (19K) July 01
Vic and Alex get back to Toronto and have to deal with Li Ann and the others at the Agency.

6. A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words ~ Krycek/Vic Adult-graphic (40K) Apr. 01
Vic's stint as an art model for a case triggers Alex's jealousy.

7. Everyone Hurts ~ Krycek/Vic Vic/Mac UST, Adult (52K) Dec. 01
The team learns to get along with the addition of Alex.

8. Learning to Share ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (56K) Dec. 01
What Vic wants, Alex gets for him.

9. Mac in the Sack ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (34K) Jan. 02
Alex, Vic and Mac wake up after their first night together.

We have no idea who created this image (it's one of those that shows up by email with a bunch of joke images every so often), but it really seemed to fit Mac and the Things. 


10. Four's a Crowd ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac, Mulder/Krycek UST, Adult-graphic (59K) 01-14-03
Mulder's in trouble, and Alex drops everything to go help him... which doesn't make Vic happy. And Mac gets to play peacemaker again.

11. Repercussions ~ Mulder/Krycek/Vic/Mac in every combination imaginable, Adult-graphic (173K) 02-05-03
What to do about Mulder?
Note: Takes place about a week after Four's a Crowd.

12 Under the Christmas Tree ~ Krycek/Vic/Mac/Mulder, Adult-graphic (29K) 12-23-03
Vic gets his lovers exactly what they all want for Christmas.


Financial Aid Series ~ Rina

Highlander/Indiana Jones movies

1. Financial Aid ~ Cory Raines/Indiana Jones, Adult-graphic (23K) 09-18-00
It's set before the Raiders and explains how Indy got the funds to be in that jungle in the first place!

2. Research Grants ~ Cory Raines/Indiana Jones, Adult-graphic (32K) 11-27-00
Indy meets his mysterious benefactor once again, this time in South America.


Heroes ~ Angyl & Rina

Smallville/Nightwing-The Teen Titans-Batman

1. Secrets and Havens ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Clark/Lex Luthor implied past, Adult-graphic (285K) 09-27-02
On the run from his past, Clark finds his future in Bludhaven
Note: Lex is not good in this, not at all. He needs to be tied up and punished - can we do it? According to comic canon Bruce Wayne adopted Dick Grayson in Baman: Gotham Knights #21, published November 2001. The Teen Titans are a group of super teens led by Dick Grayson, and among them are the Atlantean called Garth, code named Tempest; Koriand'r, an alien princess from the planet Tamar; and Wallace West, the new Flash who was known as Kid Flash. Also, the Dick Grayson in the story is sort of an amalgamation of comic, cartoon, and film.

2. Shadows and Skyscrapers ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Adult-graphic (187K) 10-07-02
When Clark starts college, what does a move to Metropolis - and in with Dick - bring?

3. Bright Lights, Big City ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Adult-graphic (206 K) 10-29-02
Clark discovers a new ability, and Dick meets an old friend.

4. Coming out of the Closet ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Adult-graphic (59 K) 10-30-02
Dick and Clark dress up as their favorite comic book superheroes: Rage and Zephyr (borrowed from Queer as Folk, the American version

5. Many Small Blessings ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) (61K) 10-03-03
Thanksgiving on the farm and learning how to give thanks.

6. Norman, Meet Rockwell ~ Clark/Dick Grayson, Adult-graphic (15K) 12-15-03
City folks and country Christmases can actually mix - even when those city folks are from Gotham and the country Christmas is on the Kent family farm!

7: Resolutions ~ Clark Kent/Dick Grayson, Adult-graphic (25K) 12-18-04
The boys head to Gotham for Bruce's New Year's Eve Party and fun ensues.


Once an Immortal ~ Angyl, Orithain & Rina

Once a Thief/Highlander

1. Bang, You're Dead ~ Vic/Mac, Vic/Mac/Connor MacLeod UST, Adult-graphic (60K) July 01
After the final episode of Once a Thief, Vic and Mac discover that they're Immortals, and the first to find them and become their teacher is a certain Highlander.
Notes: We pretty much ignore all of the Highlander movies after the first.

2. Learning Curve ~ Vic/Mac/Connor Adult-graphic (66K) 03-31-03
Vic and Mac are still trying to deal with the realities of Immortal life, and Connor's trying not to die of frustration.


Parallels ~ Orithain


1. Seeing Double ~ Cory Raines/Ryan Simms, Adult-graphic (13K) 12-18-98
After Ryan leaves the other sliders, he makes a new friend.

2. Double Take ~ Cory Raines/Ryan Simms, Amanda/Nick implied, DM/M implied, Adult-graphic (42K) 02-15-00
Ryan gets used to a  new world and Immortals.


A Rat out of Time ~ Angyl & Orithain


1. A Rat out of Time ~ Tyr/Krycek, Adult-graphic (83K) Jan. 02
Alex Krycek ends up on the Andromeda after three millennia in cryogenic suspension, and he and Tyr clash.

2. Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future ~ Tyr/Krycek Adult-graphic (15K) 12-01-03
Alex remembers Christmases past.


What Would Happen ~ Angyl & Orithain

VR.5/X-Files AU

1. What Would Happen If We Kissed? ~ Oliver Sampson/Alex Krycek, Adult-graphic (119K) July 01
A young Alex Krycek, before the Consortium got their hands on him, wants to experiment with the world of bondage, and he encounters Oliver Sampson.



Basic Training (Orithain & Rina) ~ Baines/Hicks, Adult-graphic (47K) May 01
Aliens/Xtro 2
During basic training a young Baines and Hicks meet and become friends.
Cover illustration by Tarlan.

Mixed Doubles (Orithain) ~ Mulder/Krycek/Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (17K) 03-11-99
Once a Thief/X-Files
Likes do attract - pure PWP, actually a deleted scene from Attachments.

Mountains and Mercenaries Don't Mix (Orithain & Rina) ~ Tom McLaren/Tyr, Adult-graphic (88 K) 01-29-03
Vertical Limit/Andromeda (sort of)
A strange little AU where our intrepid mountain guide meets a mercenary who's been hired to keep his group off K2.
Notes: Just imagine one of Tyr Anasazi's original human progenitors, who looks just like him of course, crossed with a gorgeous green-eyed mountaineer played by Nick Lea... we did! And for those who saw Vertical Limit, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Written July 2001 and originally published in the Zone Zine 2002.

Laying Ghosts (Angyl & Rina) ~ Tom McLaren/Taylor Brooks, Adult-graphic (88K) 06-11-01
K2/Vertical Limit
Needing to lay their ghosts to rest, two climbers return to K2.

When Worlds Collide (Orithain)  ~ Mulder/Krycek/Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, Adult-graphic (23K) 05-29-00
X-Files/The Phantom Menace (Rina's Gladiator AU)
Leather-clad badboys and their long-suffering lovers from two universes collide.
 ~ For the series that inspired this, see Rina's Gladiator.

Proof Positive (Orithain & Rina) ~ Cory Raines/Mulder, Adult-graphic (45K) 05-14-02
Mulder is rescued from the aliens, but his benefactor isn't quite who he thinks he is.

The Red Door (Angyl & Rina) ~ Alec McDowell/Sam Winchester, Logan/Max implied, Adult-graphic (73K) 12-28-08
Dark Angel/Supernatural

Alec gives Sam a birthday he won't soon forget!
WARNING: Written for Kink-a-thon: possessiveness, biting, collar/leash, BDSM, wax play, nipple play, spanking, public groping

For other crossovers see stories 4 and 5 of Ori's Sinful and Tulips series under X-Files and Once a Thief; and a multi-fandom crossover using (eventually) all of Nick Lea's characters, Mulder in the Middle, under X-Files.

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