Notes: Weíve made this story an established relationship set after the end of the series. The story remains canon to Freak Nation but goes AU afterwards with the introduction of Mr. Winchester and the slash.

Request by Denyce: Kinks: possessiveness, biting, collar/leash, BDSM, wax play, nipple play, spanking, public groping; If you donít use them within the main pairingóa friendly protective Joshua, Logan, and or Original Cindy.

If anyoneís interested in the gear we chose, weíll include the links at the end of the story!

Warnings: Dean is dead in this reality, folks, sorry.

The Red Door

Rina and Angyl

December 2008

Introduction by Original Cindy

Hey all, this is the O.C. herself, Original Cindy, giving you the down low on my boys Alec and Sam aní my girls Rina and Angyl. See, they came up with a hella story about my boy Alec being the clone of Samís dead brother, Dean. Dean, yísee, sold his soul tíHell in order to bring Sam back to life after some nasty-assed brotha ganked him with a rusty knife.

But the thing is, just when those hounds came títake Dean thíman away, there was this future tom cat beiní spliced and diced in a petrie dish. This tom cat had feline DNA crossed with an anonymous man who just whacked off inta a jar for cash and bookedóyou wanna guess who? Thaís right, Dean thíman, he really did have the whole man-dawg thing down, and boy, did he pass those genes on to Alec.

Anyhow, I digress; so the hounds come títake Dean away just as egg and sperm collide and X5-494 is conceived. So there Dean is, gettiní his ass dragged tíhell for doiní something all noble and fine. Well, the PTBís werenít about to let that happen, so just as Deano was gettingí yanked inta thíPit, his Soul was expropriated by the PTBís and slammed inta new life so that the Bitch couldnít find him. They stuck him in a single-celled blob that would one day become the loud-mouthed charmer that we all know and Sammy would eventually fall in love with.

Now I know yíall are thinkiní that Alec was born ten years before Dean made his deal and booked his ticket on the damnation express, but that didnít work for my girlsí story, so they employed creative license and bumped the events of Dark Angel ahead by ten years.

And that brings me tíSam. Sam didnít go all postal after his brother died, but it was damned near close. The Powers That Be (PTBs) were getting ready to put the smack down on his ass when Ďsomeoneí interfered and whacked our boy upside the head through a dream; not naming names but I bet yíall can figure it out. So Sam keeps huntiní but doesnít keep gettiní older like most other hunters he knowsóall thanks to the YEDís blood. Howíd the bastard put it? Oh yeah, Ďbetter than motherís milkíóif motherís milk was a contagion that made you into a psychic freak bent on world domination.

Thing is, Samís a Winchester, and if thereís one family trait all Winchesters share, itís the ability to outstubborn Heaven and Hell combined. Which Sam did. He got control of his dark side and used it for good, never slipping across that line like heíd so nearly done all those years before. But his not aging and his psychic abilities let him fight bigger and badder without any back up.

Eventually the bigger and badder led Sam to Seattle after hearing about this snake worshipping breeding cult and realizing that their so-called goddess was an ancient demon. And then he walked into a bar called Crash, spotted my boy Alec and the rest, as they say is history (a history thatís currently beiní written by Angyl and Rina).

They eventually help Max and Logan take down White and the breeding cult. And I eventually meet up with Mr. Winchester and find out heís a brotha I coulda gotten down with except for the tiny fact that baby Alec has claws when it comes tí his man. So I do what every good girl loviní sistah does when meeting up with a clueless but hot manóI adopted him. Sam Winchester is now just as much family tíme as my booóand they even play nice so long as she doesnít lay into Alec too bad.

For his part, Alec decided to keep Sam, and Sam was more than williní tíbe kept. ĎCourse there were termsóSam decided he would go back tíschool and finally get his law degree so that he could represent the Freak Nation, Mr. Cale, Asha and the S1W, yours truly and anyone else who was down with the transgenics or down with fighting the system Eyes Only style. So thatís where weíre at now: Samís Joe College boy and Alec is the Transgenic Trump, 'elpingí tíbuild his people a home and a source of income in and around Terminal City.

Aíightónow that Iíve given you the dl, time for the good stuff! On to hot boy sexing (and a cameo appearance by yours truly)!

Cool spring rain sheeted down over the city of Seattle, washing a layer of the grime from the streets, causing them to run with a multitude of colors as grease and oil were released from the pavement and reflected the lights that shone down on the nearly deserted streets.

The windows of a penthouse apartment in the transgenic community of Terminal City shone with a different light, however, weak flickers of guttering candles casting shadows over the two men on a thoroughly rumpled and stained bed.

"So," Alec McDowell murmured, lifting his head to grin down at his lover, "want your present now, or did I wear you out?"

Sam Winchester, long time demon hunter and part freak thanks to the blood of Azazel swirling like a noxious disease in his veins, bared his teeth and grinned in spite of being totally sated and barely able to move. "Bring it," he growled. "I can take you, or take you out, depending on what it is."

"Keep dreaming, old man," Alec snickered, reaching under the bed for a sizable box that was lacking in wrapping paper but had a jaunty blue bow on the top. "And save your energy; youíre going to need it."

"You keep talkiní, but all Iím hearing is shit," Sam shot back, eying the box carefully. Gifts were still something he wasnít quite used to despite the generosity of the family he now surrounded himself with, but he was trying. Besides, it was from Alec, who had admittedly incredible taste, so heíd play, just not necessarily nice. A glint of devilishness appeared in Samís eyes as he reached out to take the present from Alec. Unwrapping the bow from the box, he tied the soft blue fabric artfully around Alecís spent cock and grinned. "For me? Awh, babe, you shouldnít have!" Sam chortled in delight even as he slid the lid off the large box and peered inside. And then he looked again.

"Alec? Did you happen to go shopping at Hellhounds Rí Us when I wasnít looking?" he asked the younger man slowly as he pulled out the top item and dangled it between crooked fingers.

Alec snickered as he ran a finger over the smooth black leather of the collar Sam was holding. There were slim silver bars set perpendicularly into the leather, their pattern mimicking the bar code on the nape of Alecís neck. He dropped his hand to the box and lifted out a matching leash from the neat folds of leather beneath it.

"Naw, just figured you might want to play rich old sugar daddy for your birthday is all. Thereís a place I know just perfect for you to bring your favorite pet."

"And will I be able to keep my Kitten in line at this perfect place you know?" Sam asked slowly, a wicked smile spreading over his face as he began to envision a myriad of different scenarios Alec could be referring to.

"Anything your little heart desires," Alec purred. "Your wish is my command."

Samís smile became positively lethal at that even as his hands reached for his lover. "That, Kitten, was a very dangerous thing to say to a guy with demon blood flowing in his veins. You have no idea just how bad I can be."

Samís hand wrapped around the back of Alecís neck to pull him in for a devouring kiss. "But youíre gonna find out soon," he promised against Alecís lips when he finally broke the kiss.

"Sam, you donít scare me with that; I know you can control it just like I know just how... creative you can be. The reservationís for next weekend; thought Iíd give you some time to come up with plans."

Sam growled and kissed Alec again. "No wonder you wore me out before you gave me my present. Otherwise, Iíd be tempted to start planningóon you," Sam murmured as his hand slid down Alecís body to tug on the younger manís balls playfully. "Doesnít matter, though, seven days is more than enough time to plan your Ďpunishmentí."

"Punishment, eh?" Alec chuckled. "I look forward to seeing what you come up with, old man."

"Keep it up, babe, itís gonna come out of your hide," Sam promised, his hand delivering a sharp smack to his loverís ass.

A week later Sam waited in the near darkness of their apartment for Alec to get home from a long day of running Terminal City Artworks. The only light came from a few flickering candles and their lit fireplace. Sam found the flames soothing and slightly nauseating at the same time, not surprising given his past.

But Sam wasnít about to dwell on his past tonight. Tonight was all about playing with Alec and indulging in a side of their relationship that they rarely touched on but enjoyed tremendously. Smoothing a hand down the formfitting rubber that clung to him as snugly as his skin, Sam knew heíd have to remember to thank Original Cindy when he had a moment in the coming week for all her help that afternoon and their whirlwind shopping excursion.

"Speak," Original Cindy ordered as she picked up her cell phone while waiting for a run at Jam Pony.

"Cin? Itís Sam Winchester."

Cindyís face broke into a wide grin as she tucked the phone in against her neck and headed outside to take the call in relative privacy on the street in front of Jam Pony. "Hey sugar, howís my favorite gay demon doiní?" she asked brightly.

"Youíre about the only one on the planet who can get away with calling me that, you know that, right?" Sam groaned into the phone. He actually marveled at the almost sibling-like friendship he and Cindy had struck up in the months following his involvement with the transgenics led by Cindyís Ďbooí.

"Thatís because I am the Original Cindy, and all bow before me," Cindy laughed at the other end of the line. "So what can I do ya for?"

"I need you to go shopping with me," Sam said, coloring as he looked around the cafeteria in the student commons and hoping that no one was eavesdropping on his end of the conversation. The huge open-air area in the center of the University of Seattle campus wasnít the best place for this conversation, but at least he could be assured that Alec wasnít around to hear him.

"Say what now?" Cindy chuckled. "You know itís normally the other way around. I should be asking you to go shopping with me."

"Cin, do you remember how I dress?" Sam laughed in amusement. "I wear layers and plaid and ripped jeans. Címon, letís face itómy significant other is the fashion plate, not me."

"True that," Cindy had to agree. "So hit me, what kinda shopping are we talkiní about?"

"Fetish gear. Alecís taking me to a club tonight, and I want to make him pant like a cat in heat," Sam replied, voice dropping lower just in case

"Shug, you called the right sistaí for that!" Cindy chuckled after she managed to pick her jaw off the pavement.

"NORMAL!" she bellowed, sticking her head back around the Jam Pony entrance. "Got an emergency, gotta book it!"

"Now just a minute Missy Miss," Normal began, coming out to confront Cindy.

"I got me some problems with my plumbingóyou know, feminine issuesÖ" OC began evilly.

"Go, go, go!" Normal motioned making a face as he scurried back inside.

"And people say that Iím the Antichrist," Sam muttered, shaking his head as he listened to the conversation. But he had to give Cindy her propsóshe got her day off of work with no muss, no fuss and gave him the address to meet her at in forty minutes.

Five hours and four ditched law classes after heíd disconnected his phone, Samís bank account was a great deal lighter, but he was hot enough to incinerate according to both Cindy and the rather terrifying shop girlóor boyóSam wasnít sure which it was. Either way he had the Ďpersonísí stamp of approval to go along with Cinís, and all he had to do was go home and get ready for their night on the town since heíd already made all the other arrangements for the night with Loganís help.

Glancing up at the clock on the wall, Sam figured Alec would be home any time now to get ready for their date. Scratching his hand over his three-day-old beard, Sam lifted one biker boot-clad leg onto a footstool and left the other on the floor as he sprawled in the chair that faced the door. Letting his legs fall further apart, Sam knew he looked every bit the Ďdemon kingí with his fetish wear and the fact that he had Alecís collar and leash dangling from a hand as he waited for his lover to come home.

"Man, Iím starving. Do we have time to eat before we..." Alecís voice trailed off to nothing when he got a good look at whoóand what--was waiting for him. "Well, fuck me sideways," he murmured, using one of Samís expressions. The older man was dressed in skintight blackóhe sniffed the air lightlyórubber pants and heavy biker boots. Somewhere heíd found a close-fitting rubber button-down shirt that somehow managed to mimic his normal attire but look sexy at the same time.

"Looks like you went shopping," he rasped out, aware that his jeans were fitting a lot more snugly than they had been two minutes ago.

"Looks like," Sam murmured and crooked a leather glove-encased finger at his lover. "Youíre," Sam glanced up at the wall clock, "five minutes late. That was very naughty of you, Kitten. I think you need to come and make amends."

"Or what?" Alec asked, a sly grin curving his lips. "Wait, donít answer that. Gimme five more then Iíll do that and more, Ďkay?"

Samís eyes narrowed, and his voice became frosty. "Now, Alec," he growled, whipping out a tendril of his rarely used telekinetic ability around the transgenicís waist and making it squeeze down so it was noticeable but nothing moreófor now.

Alecís brows crowded together before he chuckled and his whole body relaxed, becoming pliant, his demeanor subservient. "YesÖ sir," he murmured, dropping to his knees between Samís legs, his hands resting on the older manís outspread thighs.

"Good boy," Sam grinned, "now youíre getting with the program." Sam let a thumb stroke lightly over Alecís lower lip, the tiny steel lancets embedded in the palm of the appropriately named vampire glove brushing against the soft, pliable skin of his lover. "Now kiss me and then go and get ready. Weíll have something in the car on the way to the club."

"Yes, Sam," Alec whispered before leaning in, his mouth closing over Samís, his tongue seeking entrance to the older manís mouth, and, once granted it, brushing over all the surfaces he could reach there.

Samís gloved hand pushed its way under Alecís shirt and lightly stroked along his loverís back as he took control of the kiss, increasing the pressure until he could taste copper from where Alecís teeth bit into the soft flesh of his inner lips. "Good boy," he murmured when he finally released Alecís mouth with a hard nip to his lower lip. "Now go get dressed. After you pour me a drinkósingle malt, no ice, two fingers."

Alecís expression stayed relaxed as he eased to his feet, and he nodded before making his way over to the bar, his steps languid and sensual. After pouring Sam his drink, he carried it back, sinking to his knees again before offering it over.

Samís eyebrow quirked, and a half smile spread across his lips. "Most impressive, Kitten," he murmured. "Now go get ready," he ordered. "Iíve set out the things youíll need to make sure youíre nice and cleanóeverywhere. And donít forget to shave. I want you smooth as a babyís bottom, again--everywhere," he murmured, using his gloved hands to caress Alecís face and hair.

Sam knew he was pushing his luck, but he figured that Alec knew he could call a halt to the things he really didnít want to do, but seeing as how they didnít discuss it, Sam had made sure that heíd covered all the bases, so to speak.

"Yes, Sam," Alec said quietly, only quirking a smile and laughing silently once he was in the haven of their bedroom. Who knew his old man had such a kinky streak in himónot that he minded one bit.

He threw off his clothes and headed for the shower, working quickly and efficiently to make sure he was as clean as Sam had requested, and that every bit of stray hair was removed from his body.

"This is gonna itch like a son of a bitch when it grows back," he muttered to himself as he dried his hair then walked back into the bedroom, studying the items Sam had laid out for him on the bed.

"And I know that wasnít in his present," he laughed, picking up the slim butt plug and studying it from all angles. "Kinky old man..."

It was fifteen minutes after he had vanished that Alec returned, clean and smooth, dressed in the formfitting black leather pants and black and silver chest harness he had purchased several weeks before. If his step was slightly less graceful than it had been when he left the roomówell, surely Sam would understand. He stopped in front of Samís chair, his hands clasped loosely behind his back and his eyes on the floor, waiting for a reaction.

Sam stood, liquor glass dangling between the fingers of one hand, the leash and collar in the other. Using a boot covered foot to shove the chair heíd been sitting in back, Sam circled Alec slowly, eyes raking over his lover hungrily. "Pretty," he murmured, setting the glass down so that he could run his steel spiked-gloved fingers over Alecís naked flesh as he circled again. "Very pretty."

Coming to a stop in front of the younger man, Sam held out one hand. "Take it off," he ordered, indicating the glove. "But youíre not allowed to use your hands."

Alecís head dipped as he nodded before he cocked his head to the side, catching the tip of the gloveís middle finger between his teeth. Tugging gently, he loosened it and moved on to the next finger, finally tugging the glove off once all the fingers were loose. Keeping the glove between his teeth, he lifted his face to look at Sam, the brush of the tiny steel points embedded in the palm brushing against his chin and making him draw in a sharp breath.

Sam held his now naked hand up for Alec to place the glove into it and then switched the leash and collar to his now bare hand for Alec to repeat the process. "Such a good boy," Sam murmured, hand sliding through Alecís hair, petting his lover gently in reward.

"You know I love you, right?" he asked suddenly. "You can answer."

"Of course," Alec murmured. "Thatís why weíre here."

"And you trust me to know your limits and to not hurt you. Ever. I wonít do to you what Manticore did. Everything will be for your pleasure and mine."

"Sam..." Alec looked up at that and reached up to cup his cheek. "I know that; I wouldnít be here if I didnít, but... thank you." He quirked a grin at that and nipped at Samís lower lip.

"Part of us belonging to each other is taking care of each other, Alec," Sam murmured. "And I want to take very good care of you. We never talked before tonight, but I wanted you to know. I will do everything in my power not to cause you real pain, but there may be times I canít avoid it. This, sex, will never be one of those times, ever."

"Got it." Alec kissed him again before settling back into his Ďparade restí position. "And ditto."

"Good, just wanted that to be clear," Sam murmured, his hands threading through Alecís hair to return the kiss before he stepped back, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath in order to get his Ďgame faceí back. Opening his eyes, Sam licked his lips at the picture before him. "So damned pretty, and so mine," he murmured.

"On your knees, Kitten, hands behind your back."

Alec dropped to the floor, only a tiny twitch in the muscles around his eyes revealing the pressure he felt as the butt plug shifted within him. He leaned forward slightly and held his arms in place, waiting.

Chuckling softly at Alecís change in expression, Sam walked in between Alecís wide-spread legs so that his codpiece-encased cock was a hairsbreadth away from Alecís mouth. "Hand," he ordered and then pressed two of Alecís fingers against his throat before slipping the collar around Alecís neck and buckling it snugly. Tugging Alecís fingers out, he indicated that Alec should return to his previous position but didnít back up.

"I think you owe me another kiss," he murmured, pressing his hips forward slightly and rubbing the rubber against Alecís mouth. "Make it good."

After licking his lips, Alec opened his mouth, brushing against the bulge in Samís pants with enough pressure to be felt through the thick rubber before closing his lips around the hard length he could feel, mouthing it.

"Gonna have you do that at the club in front of everyone, with no rubber in between," Sam murmured, fingers digging into the back of Alecís head as he pressed him forward. The ringing of their phone had Sam cursing under his breath and dropping his hands away. "Donít move," he ordered as he walked a little less easily than a few moments before to the side table and picked up the receiver.

"Sam speaking." A smile spread as he listened to the other end. "Thanks, Logan, I owe you one." Hanging up, he turned to look at Alec speculatively. "On your feet, Kitten, shoes and jacket, our rideís here." So much for immediate relief from his Ďswellingí issue, but the night was still young, and he had a lot planned for his birthday present.

Alec rose as well, pulling on a pair of black loafers and picking up a long black trench and pulling it on. He took the supple leather version that was lying next to it and carried it over to Sam, holding it open so the other man could put it on.

Raising an eyebrow, Sam turned and slipped his arms into the open jacket then turned to look at him. "Your leash and my gloves," he instructed calmly, double checking the jacket pocket for the leather bondage cuffs heíd secreted there earlier.

Bending quickly, Alec retrieved the requested items, holding the gloves in one hand and the leash in the other, his arms extended toward Sam, his gaze still on the floor.

"If you keep behaving this well, Iím going to have nothing to punish you for," Sam chuckled as he took the gloves and the leash from Alec. "Letís go, carís downstairs. The leash goes on the minute weíre inside."

"Do you want me to misbehave?" Alec murmured so quietly it almost went unheard.

"I want you to be Alec," Sam responded. "Besides, Iím looking forward to warming your ass." Motioning Alec forward, Sam locked the door behind them, slid on his gloves, and led the way down to a waiting town car. Across the street he could see Joshua and a few others looking on curiously from the gates leading into Terminal City and sent them a friendly wave.

"Sam and Alec going somewhere special?" he called out when he saw Samís wave, indicating the luxurious looking car with a wave of his arm.

"Big date, Josh," he called out, his hand firmly in the small of Alecís back. "Pulling out all the stops for my guy."

"Good, good! Have fun, do what Josh would do!"

"Think that means I should take you doggy style?" Sam murmured, in Alecís ear, nipping it before he ushered the younger man into the car.

"I promise to show him a good time!" Sam called out again. "Night, Josh!"

"Doggy style?" Alec snorted, shifting slightly on the seat and ending up slumped in the corner of the car. "Boring..."

"Depends on the size of the dog," Sam teased as he tugged Alec over. "Whatís wrong, Kitten?" he asked softly, running a finger down Alecís neck and over his pulse point. "Canít find a comfortable position? Maybe you should try sitting in my lap."

"Wouldnít that be like perching on a tower considering that thing youíre wearing?" Alec asked archly though he was grinning and arching into Samís touch.

Sam chuckled at that. Alec did have a point. "Smart Alec," he teased as he leaned forward and opened a small compartment to reveal a thin platter of finger foods, a chilled bottle of champagne, and two glasses. "Now, first thereís the small matter of your leash, and then Iíll make sure youíre not weak from lack of nutrition. Wouldnít want you passing out before the real fun begins."

Alec snorted at that. "Not going to happen so donít worry." He twisted the collar around so the D-ring was in the front and leaned forward. "Leash away, old man."

Samís eyes glinted in amusement as he fingered the silver barcodes that were identical to Alecís natural ones. "Wonder how many of the people at this club will have caught the transgen craze," Sam murmured, referring to the emerging subculture of imitating all things transgenic from bar codes to eyes to more extreme modifications.

"By the way, the old man crack? Iíd say about five lashes," he purred, as he clipped the leash on and tugged on it, drawing Alec in close. "This is one time when Iím grateful for your high pain tolerance. I plan to get your ass nice and toasty before I bury myself in it. All that traumatized flesh will feel like a small inferno, and youíll be so fucking tight itíll be like breaking you in all over again."

"All over again? And bring it on, Sammy; Iíll be goodómostly."

"Call me possessive but I like the idea of you being almost virginally tight," Sam grinned as he leaned forward and took out the champagne, copping the cork and filling a glass up, holding it up to Alecís lips for him to take a sip. "And donít worry, Iíll make sure to mitigate my punishment based on your behavior," he promised, as he took a sip out of the same spot on the glass.

"Then why the plug?" Alec asked, egging him on, interested in seeing what would come out.

"Other than the fact I like to watch you squirm? Letís just say with that in your ass the paddle is going to feel very interesting!"

Alec popped an eyebrow at that and nodded toward the champagne. "Mind sharing some more?"

"Mind feeding me some steak tartar?" Sam responded as he took another sip and then offered the glass to Alec. "Well that or some caviar. Take your pick since youíll be feeding us both."

"Of course," Alec purred, expertly scooping up some of the caviar onto one of the toast points and holding it out in front of Samís lips.

Sam took a bite of the toast and licked his lips before taking another sip of champagne, feeling the bubbles burst over his tongue and chase away the saltiness of the caviar, closing his eyes to better savor the experience. "Mmm, delicious," he purred. "Almost as tasty as you."

Alec swallowed his own bite before chuckling throatily. "You saying I taste like fish?"

"More like salty come and sweet skin," Sam replied. "And a personality that bursts over me, teasing, and taunting me."

"Going to comment on my meat next?" Alec asked, offering Sam a bite of the steak tartar.

Sam let the raw, lightly seasoned, steak melt on his tongue and but made sure to lick Alecís fingers clean before releasing them. "Iíd say that you have thoroughly satisfying meat, babe, quite delectable," Sam chuckled. "I told the driver to drive until weíre ready to go to the club. I did some research into the Red Door, and apparently it doesnít close; it just has shift changes."

Alec fluttered his eyebrows at that even as he ate a bite of the steak himself then took another sip of the champagne Sam offered. "Better not make it too late though, you need your sleep."

"Oh, Kitten, keep Ďem cominí; every age joke is getting you five more Ďlove tapsí," Sam chuckled. "Youíre up to ten now."

"Baby stuff," Alec laughed, feeding Sam more from the plate.

"For now," Sam agreed with a grin. "You naturally have a problem with impulse control, so Iím sure more are on the way." Nipping at the pads of Alecís fingers, Sam let the younger man tease both lips and teeth with the tips of his fingers.

"And you love it."

"Damn straight I do," Sam grinned. "Oh, I neglected to mention, thereís a magic number. When you reach that, interest begins to accrue. Oh, I think 100% is a fair amount of interest, donít you?"

"Magic number? You have to be kidding," Alec snickered.

"Do I look like Iím kidding, Kitten?" Sam growled, yanking hard on the leash so that he could scour Alecís mouth with his tongue. "Now feed me, pet."

"Yes, sir," Alec murmured offering bits of the food Sam had brought, his free hand brushing over Samís groin.

"Such a good boy," Sam purred as he continued to lick Alecís fingers clean. "When youíre not being bad, that is. Iím not sure if I like you better naughty or nice."

"Shouldnít we go find out?"

Sam knocked on the glass partition, and as soon as it lowered, he spoke. "Take us to the club now; wait for my call as to when we leave."

When the partition went up, Sam finished off the champagne and held it out for a refill. "Oh, weíre going to have fun tonight," Sam mused.

"That was the whole point of this," Alec answered dryly before relaxing again, playing the part of Samís pet to the hilt.

"Your ass may not think the same thing come morning," Sam murmured. "Not to mention a few other parts of you," he continued. "But youíll be satisfied, that I promise you."

Alec only smiled at that, and when they reached the club, he climbed out of the car, staying two steps behind the older man, his posture relaxed, his gaze on Samís heels and his hands behind his back.

Sam knocked on the discreet door, and when it opened, he murmured, "Winchester, first name Samuel, with Ďguestí, I believe weíre on the list."

The door attendant looked down the nightís guest list, found the entry, and nodded. "Welcome to the Red Door, Mr. Winchester. Coat check is to your right; the entrance is through the red door to the left of the coat check. If you step to your left, we have a brief security scan for you to go through, and then you can continue on through."

Sam nodded and tugged on his leash then strode forward without a backward glance, going through the security procedures and on to the coat check where he calmly set the cuffs on the tray offered up by the coat check servant and then waited for Alec to remove Samís coat and then his own.

The younger man quickly performed that task, offering the coats over and handing Sam the chit heíd been given before falling still again, waiting for his next order.

"Hands in front, Kitten," Sam ordered as he took off his gloves and then picked up the cuffs from the tray. They were simple leather cuffs that he quickly buckled into place; their only adornment besides the buckle was a thick D ring that Sam planned to put to good use. "Good boy," he purred, picking up the gloves from the tray and taking up the leash heíd let drop to put on Alecís cuffs. Giving it a slight tug, Sam coaxed Alec into moving forward.

"Letís go, Iím ready to take a look around the club and then decide where I want us to play first. Maybe take in a floor show or have you participate in one."

They passed through the door the bouncer held open for them and stepped into the open space of the clubís public viewing area. Soft jazz music was punctuated by groans, cries of pleasure and pain, and the slap of leather, wood, and flesh on flesh. Alecís eyes dilated, and he felt himself harden at the musky smell around them. Allowing himself to drop even further into his Ďpetí persona, he followed after Sam, maintaining the correct distance between them so he could feel the tug of the leash at his collar, but not allowing it to become uncomfortable.

Sam automatically took in all the exits and entrances, the number of security people and all other important information with one quick look and then took a second, more thorough look to take in the six stages, each with a different and highly arousing show. There were a number of bars scattered throughout, and serving slaves slinked through the crowd bearing trays not of drink but of lube, condoms, motion lotions, heat gels, flavored dust and sex toys. Sam even saw tiny bottles of poppers and a few other drugs meant to enhance the libido. Every sexual proclivity was catered to, every type of coupling of the human or mechanized variety allowed, and everyone looked to be having an erotic time of it.

Spotting a comfortable leather club chair by one of the stages with a satin pillow on the floor next to it, Sam tugged on Alecís leash, made his way over, and sat down. Tugging Alecís head down, he licked a stripe up his loverís neck and bit on his jawbone playfully before letting go of the leash. "Scotch on the rocks, Kitten, you have," Sam gauged the distance to the bar and the size of the crowd before continuing, "three minutes to be back here, kneeling on your cushion and offering my drink or I add to your punishment count. And no cheating either, if I see you blur, the punishment quintuples."

"Yes, sir," Alec murmured, the corners of his mouth quirking as he fought a grin at Samís explicit order. He straightened sinuously, turned, and walked toward the bar, feline grace apparent in every move of his body. There was no rushing; he slid through the crowd as if it was nonexistent, returning well within his time limit with the drink held carefully between his hands.

Dropping to his knees on the pillow, Alec shifted his hands so that they cupped the bottom of the heavy crystal glass and bowed his head.

Samís eyebrow quirked, and then he grinned. "Five more, just because youíre being too smug about it," he said casually as he took his glass from Alec and took a sip. The aged whiskey slid down his throat like liquid fire, and he savored the expensive burn. Definitely pre-Pulse, he thought to himself as he stroked Alecís head and turned his attention to the performance that was taking place on stage.

It was... inventive. And a little bit disturbing. The woman bore a vague resemblance to Max, long, straight black hair, black cat suit, Maxís trademark shades and every once in a while you caught a glimpse of a barcode on the back of her neck. Fortunately for Sam, that was where the resemblance ended as the woman was definitely of Asian descent as evidenced by her skin tone and facial features. Then there was the matter of the elephant cock-sized strap-on she was wearing. Sam hoped that the man, currently strapped to and spread open on the pommel horse-like apparatus, had been seriously stretched earlier or really liked pain because no matter how much oil she applied to that thing, it was gonna hurt without a massive amount of prep work.

Slapping a hand against the manís ass, the Max look-alike positioned herself and began to push in, eliciting groans from both her partner and several audience members. Though he kept his eyes on the floor, Alec cocked his head to the side, enjoying the aural show as much as others were the visual one.

"Damn, thatís impressive," Sam murmured as he watched the gargantuan cock cling and hitch as it haltingly slid into the manís ass. One hand trailed over Alecís head, petting him lightly while the other casually unzipped the Ďcodpieceí section of the black rubber pants he wore and reached inside to stroke his cock.

"Imagine thatís you up there, Kitten, and Max, or some other faceless X5, and sheís pounding into you with that monster with all her strength. You can take me, but could you take her slamming into you, blurring sheís going so fast?" Sam murmured as he brought his now sticky hand out and held it up to Alecís mouth for him to lick clean.

Alec purred around Samís fingers, his tongue curving around each digit, lapping at the salty, musky precome and leaning against Samís leg as the woman on the stage fucked her partner harder and harder.

Sam felt the almost feline rumble of vocal chords against his finger and shivered in delight. His cock, that was already well on its way to being completely hard, became granite-like in an instant.

The hand in Alecís hair dropped down to the leash, and he yanked Alec up off the cushion so that he could attack the fastenings on the younger manís pants. "Next time you dress for ease of access," he snarled as he reached out telekinetically and latched on to the plug in Alecís ass. As Alecís pants came down, the plug was yanked out, and then Sam was taking hold of his cock at the same time as he pulled Alec down, spearing into him like a hot knife sliding into butter.

"Gonna fuck you raw tonight," he growled, teeth clamping on Alecís neck as he forced both himself and Alec not to move, making them, instead, continue to watch the show as it unfolded on the stage in front of them. Muscles tensed as Alec clamped down around him, his legs spread wide as he balanced himself in Samís lap with his thighs alone, his hands resting on his own thighs.

Sam rested his chin on Alecís shoulder and took the opportunity to slip one of his gloves back on. His ungloved hand he wrapped around Alecís cock and began stroking, the gloved one he used to run across his loverís chest, constantly applying mild abrasion to both of the transgenicís nipples, one after the other, and back again.

"Look at them, Kitten," Sam growled, nodding towards the couple on stage. "Look at the pleasure-pain on his face as she stretches him almost to his tearing point. I bet you can hear every little whimper and gasp. Can you smell them? His cock is red and dripping like a faucet, but that cock ring heís wearing wonít let him come despite the abuse his prostate is taking. Heís gonna get desperate soon, start to struggle with his bonds, try to break out, free his cock and strip it until he comes.

"What do you think heíd do if I played Ďghostí and wrapped imaginary lips around his cock? Do you think heís so far gone that heíll think itís his imagination? Better yet, do you want me to wrap my ghost lips around you?" On and on Sam spilled an endless stream of filth, all the while feeling his cock throb and twitch in his loverís ass while he continued to play with other areas, never letting up, never stopping.

A husky groan escaped from Alecís throat, vibrating his chest beneath the hand that dragged the dully abrasive pinpricks over his skin, sensitizing his nipples, bringing them to hardened nubs and continuing to torment them. His cock would have been pulled tight against his body except for the hand circling it, dragging at the soft skin, moving up to rub over the fleshy head, then down to drag over his length.

"Tell me, Kitten," Sam continued, switching topics without warning. "Have you ever thought about getting pierced? I haveÖ thought of you pierced, that is. Iíve thought about it a lot. Where Iíd want you pierced, what Iíd do to the piercings, how youíd get them done. When youíd get them done. Tonight, by me, right over there," Sam indicated with his head to one of the side Ďdisplaysí that had caught his attention almost immediatelyóa place where masters and mistresses were piercing their pets. Sam tweaked one of Alecís nipples especially hard, driving the slender metal spikes into his flesh almost to the point of puncturing the delicate flesh.

The sudden jerking of Alecís body at the suggestion drove Sam deeper into him and almost overbalanced them, sending them out of the chair Sam was sprawled in. He corrected quickly, swaying as he centered himself back on his precarious perch, a shudder running through him as if he knew what was to come.

Sam chuckled darkly in Alecís ear and bit down on it lightly. "Like that idea, do you?" he whispered. "Both of them, I think, barsónot hoopsóI want to be able to playÖ oh how Iím going to play."

Alecís whole body tightened in response to the comment, and he circled his hips, goading Sam on.

"Question isóshould I fuck you now, or later?" Sam mused aloud. "Or more appropriately, should I let you come or not? Whatís your opinion on the subject, Kitten?"

"Whatever you want, Sam," Alec rasped, repeating the motion.

"Smart answer," Sam purred, motioning to one of the serving slaves walking around with trays of toys. Perusing the items on the chased silver platter, Sam picked out a simple snap-close cock ring, unadorned and effective. The decorative ones were pretty, but for his Kitten Sam wanted substance.

Holding it up in front of Alec, Sam grinned. "Like it? Put it on, make sure itís snug, wouldnít want you to have any Ďaccidentsí before youíre pierced," he ordered before turning to the slave. "Mark me in for the next slot on the piercing stage. Two bars, one in each nipple, no restraints. I want him to be able to hold perfectly still while I pierce him."

"As the master wishes," the slave murmured, bowing and backing away to do as Sam bid.

Taking a deep breath, his back brushing against Samís chest, Alec eased the ring open and snugged it around the base of his cock and balls. Another sharply indrawn breath heralded the closure of the ring, and a fine tremor ran through him before he relaxed again, leaning back against Sam.

Samís expression was one of pure satisfaction. Leaning back further into the chair, he dug his fingers into Alecís hips and began to pound into the younger man while he enjoyed the transgenic wannabes up on the stage finishing off their little pegging session. "Look at him, so desperate to come, just like youíre gonna be. What would you say if I told you that you donít get to come until weíre home again?"

"If thatís what you want, of course," Alec said roughly, tilting his head back to rest his cheek against Samís.

"So obedient," Sam sighed, "I could get used to this, you being so accommodating all the time. Oh, the things I could get you to doÖ" he panted as he slammed into his lover over and over until with an almost pained grunt he came, flooding Alecís ass with come.

The delicate clearing of a throat had Samís head coming up off Alecís back and opening his eyes to look at the flushed face of the woman whoíd gone to get them a session on the piercing stage. "You have the next time slot, Master, and may I humbly beg to offer my assistance for anything you should need?"

Samís eyebrow quirked at that but he took a moment to ponder the answerópartly to try and find a polite way to turn the woman down and partly to see how, if at all, Alec would react.

Alecís head turned slowly so that he could focus on the woman, and his whole body stiffened though he kept quiet.

Sam chuckled quietly. "Thank you for your offer but I donít share my pet with anyone, and I humor him by not sharing myself. Iím insanely possessive, and itís only fair that I show him the same respect," Sam finally replied to the waiting woman.

Sighing almost worshipfully, the woman made a deep obeisance to Sam. "Such a fortunate pet to have so noble a Master," she murmured. "If he is a truly appreciative slave, he will realize how blessed he is to have such a one as you."

"Iím the fortunate one," Sam answered before Alec could. "My Kitten is just that--mine, body, heart and soul. How can I not be the same for him?" he murmured, nuzzling Alecís neck and petting his stomach lightly, Alecís expression changing to a self-satisfied smile as he melted back against him, even daring to turn his head and brush his lips over Samís cheek.

"Never going to let anyone touch you," Sam promised, shutting everyone else out and concentrating on Alec. "They can watch, see how magnificent you are, how gorgeous and perfect and mine butÖ no one gets to touch unless less they want to lose more than a hand," he growled, hand stilling and then digging into Alecís stomach in unconscious reaction.

For a second, Alec broke his persona, and his teeth grazed Samís face. "Damn right, remember that," he murmured before relaxing again.

Sam chuckled at the real Alec coming out to play. "Naughty," he purred, "After we get you pierced, I think I owe you a warmed ass. Then Iím going to fuck you again, and while I slide in and out of those fiery cheeks, Iím going to play with your piercings. Now the only question is do I get a private room for that or do I let people watchÖ because youíll be center attraction, my love, no question of that."

One of Alecís hands eased back to stroke Samís thigh and hip, each breath he took pressing his abdomen against Samís gloved hand, pricking his skin with the tiny lancets in the leather.

"Someone apparently likes that idea," Sam laughed as he gently pushed Alec up into a half standing position, picked up the butt plug, and then gently reinserted it. "Wouldnít want you to leak all over your pretty leather pants now would we, Kitten?" he murmured as Alec groaned and shook when the plug came to rest against his prostate, Samís face a picture of evil delight.

Straightening Alec up, Sam turned him and tugged up the younger manís pants himself, leaving the zipper undone and Alecís cock peeking out. Unable to resist Sam dipped his head and wrapped his lips around the sticky, oozing head, suckling lightly for a moment before releasing Alec and smacking his lips obscenely. "Delicious," he sighed as he zipped his codpiece and stood. "But the night isnít over, and weíve got an appointment to keep."

"Yes, Sam." Alecís voice was tight with frustrated desire and barely leashed control, and the panting breaths that gusted from his lips were loud to his hearing. He felt, rather than saw, Samís humor at his start and restrained himself from dragging the older manís head back to where it had been only by remembering that for tonight, he was Samís to do with as he pleased.

A tug on his leash had him following Sam through the patrons, their pets, and the serving slaves toward a black vinyl-covered, padded table. A quick glance around the area showed him autoclaved pouches that contained piercing implements and a variety of hoops, spirals, and bars from which Sam could choose what appealed to him.

When Sam turned back toward him, Alec groaned deep in his throat and felt a drop of precome ooze down his cock at the blatant look of want and possession in the older manís dark eyes, and he knew that this was going to be worth it.

Feeling his blood heat even more as he turned at the sound of Alecís groan, Sam saw the naked want in his loverís eyes. "So beautiful," he whispered, a thumb tracing over Alecís lower lip. "And so very mine." Sam almost said screw it, they were leaving because he didnít want to share Alec with anyone, even in only visual waysóAlec was his, dammit, and none of these people were worthy of him. Closing his eyes, he took a great, shuddering breath and reminded himself to stick with the game plan.

Turning back to the selection Sam chose one set of piercings for the evening and another for Alec to change into when finally healed completely and a third, more elaborate set for when they could be changed. He then moved to stand over his lover. "Get on the table and lie down," he ordered and then ratcheted the Frankensteinís lab type table up so that Alec lay at a 75 degree angle and was visible to the audience.

"No restraints and no moving," he ordered loudly as he reached over to the table for the alcohol swabs and cleaned Alecís nipples and the surrounding skin one at a time, blowing on the alcohol-cooled skin to make them peak invitingly. Sam had to resist the temptation to bite but couldnít swallow the groan as he watched the little nubs of flesh taunt him.

"Gonna have to fuck you again when this is over," he growled just before he claimed Alecís mouth in a desperate kiss then released him. Picking up the long metal lancet Sam held it up so it glinted in the spotlight that was highlighting the stage. "Letís begin."

Alec drew in a deep breath and released it, the muscles in his whole body growing lax as he prepared himself for what was to come. His hands pressed flat against the vinyl surface of the table, and he closed his eyes for a moment before opening them, focusing on Sam, his face betraying not even a flicker of pain when the long needle pushed through his left nipple, then continued on its path, bringing the bar of the piercing with it. He felt a small grating as a tiny ball was screwed on to hold it in place.

Once it was done, he let out another deep breath and, when Sam looked at him, smiled lazily.

"One down," Sam murmured before lowering his head to lap up the droplets of blood that now peppered Alecís naked chest and continued to ooze from the fresh wound. "Taste so good," the older man moaned, suckling a little harder in concession to the fact that he knew he couldnít bite downÖ yet. "One to go."

The sharp bite of pleasured pain as Sam sucked on his newly pierced flesh tightened the flesh around Alecís eyes even as his cock throbbed in its constricting ring. He filed the thought that Sam seemed to be getting off on tasting his blood, figuring it was some kink having to do with the demon blood in him and took a deep breath, wondering if the second piercing would be easier or harder than the first since he knew what was coming.

Lining up the needle with the tiny marks heíd made to indicate entry and exit points, Sam decided to be kind to his lover despite his earlier words. As the needle slowly lanced its way through Alecís flesh, Sam used a psychic Ďtug,í and the snaps holding Alecís cock ring popped loose even as Sam threaded the other bar piercing with its steel circlet through Alecís flesh in the wake of the needle, sealing everything into place.

A broken cry escaped Alecís throat, and his stomach muscles clenched though the upper half of his body remained still. His orgasm was there, so close he could feel it gnawing at his nerves, but he was determined not to come until it was allowed.

"Come for me, Alec," Sam ordered, eyes drinking in the sight of his loverís iron clad control and feeling a shiver of arousal chase down his spine at the thoughts of what that could mean for him when the tables were finally turned.

Lambent green eyes snapped to meet golden brown, and Alecís back arched up off the table as come gouted over his clean-shaven groin to pool around his navel. Alecís body shook with pleasure though he stayed in place on the table and his gaze stayed locked with Samís.

Sam finished screwing on the final ball that held the nipple piercing in place, his eyes dark and hungry as he took in Alecís orgasm. "Never gonna let you go," he whispered as he pressed his hand over Alecís heart. "Youíll never be rid of me now."

"Yours," Alec whispered, feeling the warm pressure of Samís chest against his chest, the sensation more clear than the ache of his nipples or the cooling semen dripping down his hips.

The clearing of a throat made Sam bite back a curse as he turned. Club Ďslavesí waited to clean up after them and dispose of the instruments. Not wanting to take the chance, Sam motioned to one. "I want the instruments we used bagged and waiting for me when we leave. Iíll dispose of them myself."

"As the Master wishes," the slave acknowledged and stepped back so that Sam could finish cleaning Alec up and help him up off the platform.

"Oh, your cock ring seems to be defective. This one just came undone at a mostÖ inopportune time," he grinned toothily. The slave promised to have it replaced by end of night with one of better quality, and Sam nodded in approval, patting Alecís ass playfully. "Wouldnít want him to lose control like that again tonight. I havenít finished playing yet!"

"As the Master wishes," the slave repeated, stepping gracefully out of the way as the pair left the stage.

Sam picked up Alecís leash and tugged on it lightly, pulling him forward by his collar. "I think we need to find you something to drink and eat, pet, wouldnít want you passing out on me before the main event."

Alec let his steps lag just enough to put some drag on the leash and chuckled just loudly enough so that he knew Sam would hear.

"What are we up to now, pet?" Sam asked, tugging hard at the leash. "Forty at least. Now I just need to decide if I want a paddle, a crop, my hand or a combination of all threeÖ or," Sam paused, eyes turning up in amused delight. "A cat. Yes, I think a cat would be the perfect thing to use on you," he chuckled to himself.

Alecís laughter this time was for his own ears, and he followed Sam meekly, his head bowed, his wrists pressed together behind him. The position pulled at his fresh piercings, and he felt droplets of blood slide down his chest.

Finding another chair in another part of the club, Sam pulled Alec down onto his lap and wrapped his arm around the younger manís waist possessively. Heíd been noticing the looks Alec was drawing, and who could blame people for looking? Alec was perfectóbut he was Samís, and they could look, admire and want, but Alec was his, he thought as he almost bared his teeth at another blatant glance from an appreciative Master towards his Kitten.

"How may I serve the Master?" a serving slave asked, snapping Sam out of his reverie.

"Club soda with lime for me andÖ something creamy for my Kitten," he said after a pause, knowing he was going to catch shit for this come morning but enjoying the subtle goads while he had the chance.

"Alcoholic or non-alcoholic?" she asked innocently, her eyes locked on the bulge of Samís codpiece.

"Non," Sam said with a chuckle. "I want him riding endorphins and me, nothing else."

"Oh course," she said quietly, bowing and hurrying toward the bar as Alec relaxed back against Samís chest, his eyelids falling closed, though he kept them open enough so that he could survey their surroundings, watching for threats even in his languid state.

"Having fun, babe?" Sam whispered into Alecís ear as he continued to run his fingers up and down the baby smooth skin of Alecís waist. "Youíre gonna have to tell me how you knew about this place, well, only if you want to. Donít want to bring up bad memories for you," he continued as he let the role of Dom drop for a moment while they waited for their drinks.

"Iím good," Alec murmured, a raspy purr cutting through his voice as he reached back with one hand to play with Samís hair.

"Not gonna save your ass tonight though," Sam chuckled, deliberately misunderstanding Alec. "Fifty with the cat, and who knows what else. Now that youíre all silky smooth, I need to take advantage of that. If it werenít for the fact that theyíre brand new," Samís fingers ghosted over Alecís still red and angry nipples. "Iíd be playing with them butÖ fuck, they look good on you!"

"Damn good thing," Alec chuckled, his voice barely audible and his lips hardly moving as he spoke though he squirmed on Samís lap at his touch.

The serving slave came back with Sam and Alecís drinks. Sam took his and placed it on the small table next to where he was sitting before taking Alecís and taking a sip, a huge smile breaking out on his face. "Pleasure or pain?" he asked the hovering slave.

"M...master?" she stammered.

"How do you want to be rewarded for such exceptional service? Pleasure or pain?" Seeing as how sheíd brought his Kitten fresh cream, how could he not reward her?

"Whatever Master feels appropriate?" the woman began only to stop at the sharp shake of Samís head.

"Thatís not what I asked. I asked you your preferenceópleasure or pain?"

"I prefer pain, Master," the slave stammered and blushed hotly.

"So be it. You will received equal number of lashings that my Kitten does, now bring me one of the managers so I may discuss this with them," he ordered as he held the glass of fresh cream up to Alecís lips for him to taste. Sam planned to lick the residue off Alecís lips for him.

Alec tilted his head back, swallowing down the cool, creamy liquid, his gaze flicking to the woman who was looking at Sam adoringly, and the minute narrowing of his eyes had her taking a step back.

"It wonít be me, sweetheart," Sam whispered as he tilted Alecís head back, severing the younger manís stare, and began to lap at Alecís lower lip. "You have the manager to go fetch," he reminded the girl, with a flick of his wrist. "Be quick or Iíll change my mind." The threat seemed to work, and Sam bit back a chuckle as he watched her scamper away out of the corner of his eye.

Raising Alecís glass, Sam let some of the cool cream flow silky smooth into his mouth and then sealed his lips over his loverís and let the liquid dribble inside. He could feel Alecís throat muscles work to swallow and shivered minutely at the memory of what that throat could do around his cockóGod bless transgenic muscle control. Sliding his hand down, Sam palmed Alecís leather covered cock and then slipped a hand into the still unbuttoned pants to cup warm, damp flesh.

The clearing of a throat had Sam growling in frustration, but he broke off the kiss and turned his head to see who was interrupting him with barely controlled hostility.

"Pretty as a picture and twice as fuckable," the woman standing beside their chair grinned. It was the Max lookĖa-like from earlier, and she was giving the two of them an overtly lascivious once over.

"The manager, I presume?" Sam replied stand-offishly, not yet sure if she was simply showing aesthetic appreciation of Alec or actual interest.

Inclining her head in assent, the woman snapped her fingers, and Samís serving slave dropped to her hands and knees, creating the perfect bench for ĎMistress Maxí to sit upon. "I understand you wanted to speak to me?"

Sam hid his grin and mimicked her imperious nod. "Your current chair pleased me with her astute service, and so Iíd like to reward her. Iíd like her to get the same Ďrewardí as my petófifty lashes with the instrument of your choice, although I think she may need something softer than what Iíll be using. However, I only play with my Kitten, so I was wondering what the protocol was for finding another Dom to administer the punishment."

Mistress Maxís lips curled up into a wicked grin. "Well, this is your lucky day," she purred. "Iíve wanted to warm this pert little posterior," her hand came down to swat the slaveís ass hard as she spoke, "all night. Iíll only be too happy to assist you; after all, itís my job to help fulfill our guests' every wish."

"And I can tell you are a true professional, absolutely dedicated to your job," Sam replied seriously, eyes dancing in amusement.

"Exactly," Mistress Max nodded. "Now if you would permit me, Iíll take this most fortunate slave and warm up the equipment for you and yourÖ Kitten. How cute," she murmured, eyeing the engraved barcode on the collar. "All he needs is those contacts, and he might even be able to pull off passing as a transgen. Heís certainly pretty enough to be one of the later models."

Alex kept his gaze on the floor, which, he supposed, was a good thing because the woman would take offense at the humor she would see there.

"If she only knew," Sam whispered in Alecís ear. "I donít settle for cheap knock-offs; why have dross when you can have gold?" Placing a soft kiss on the delicate skin behind Alecís ear, Sam jogged his knee, bouncing Alec slightly and causing the butt plug to push deeper into the younger manís ass. "Now watch, youíre next."

Drawing in a hissed breath, Alec raised his head to watch the manager leading the serving slave to the stage. After securing the blonde-haired woman in manacles, she selected a soft velvet flogger from a rack, tested it a few times, and then began to work the other woman over from the curve of her ass to the top of her shoulder blades. The strengths of the mistressís bows never varied, even when the slave began to cry out in pleasured pain; it was a masterful performance, Sam had to admit.

"Iím not using velvet on you," he murmured as he watched. "Because I know you can take more. Velvet is for a reward, and youíve been naughty. I know I promised you a cat, but a paddleís caught my eye; a nice, sturdy, heavy leather one. I think it should warm that perky little ass of yours quite nicely. And it has a hidden surprise. Oh yes, thatís the perfect one for you, Kitten," Sam murmured, his hand fondling and kneading one of Alecís cheeks in anticipation of things to come, Alec squirming in his lap, his eyes going unfocused as he concentrated on Samís voice and the gasps and cries from the woman being flogged on the stage.

"Can you smell her?" Sam purred, his hand sliding around Alecís waist and into his opened pants, petting Alecís sticky cock with soft strokes of his fingers. "Is she wet? Dripping? Can you taste her pussy juices in the air, Alec?

"How does it feel knowing thatís going to be you up there, writhing and moaning as I warm your ass while all around the stage people watch and salivate either wanting to be you or to be punishing you? Theyíll be hard for you, wet for you, Alec; desperately wanting to touch this perfect flesh, to bury themselves inside it, but only I can do that, only I can have that. Isnít that right?" Sam growled, his other hand fisting Alecís hair and pulling his head back so that the younger manís taut neck was exposed for the takingÖ and Sam took, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh then soothing the stinging flesh with soft kisses.

"Only you," Alec whispered, a needy edge riding his voice and his cock twitching under Samís caress. The woman on stage screamed as she came, and he moaned, imagining what was to come when he was the one up there.

"Damn straight," Sam muttered. "And only you, just so weíre clear on that. Next time we come here itíll be your turn, although I doubt theyíll want to see an old man like me up there when they can look at you instead," Sam laughed self deprecatingly. "But itís not about them, itís about us, and if you want to ride me hard, I canít wait to be ridden."

"Giving me permission?" Alec whispered, his voice barely audible but full of wry amusement.

Sam buried his face in Alecís neck to hide his laughter. It would have looked completely out of place and a little odd for a Master to lose control like that, not that he really gave a shit, but appearances needed to be kept. "Nah, just saying that Iím quite happy to switch things up if you want to," he answered, his reply muffled by Alecís skin. "As much as I like being in control, the idea of youÖ" A full body shiver raced through Sam, and he had no doubt Alec could feel his cock harden under the younger manís hip, that Alec could smell Samís heat at the thought of submitting to Alec as Alec had done to him.

"Have to say though; donít know if I could be as good as you. Iíve been hardwired for rebellion since before I could even walk," he chuckled. "You might just want to put me out to pasture instead of putting me through my paces."

"Just would make it more fun." Alecís words were a rumble in his back against Samís chest, and then he fell silent when the manager returned, a satisfied smile on her face.

"I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did giving it," she chuckled. "And the stage is yours."

"Youíre an artist with a flogger," Sam replied, raising his head from where it had been buried. "And Iíd say your girl enjoyed it most of all," he grinned looking at the serving girl, who was staring at the manager with almost slavish devotion. "Iíd say you have a new pet."

ĎMaxí looked back at the girl and smiled wickedly. "I have a stable of pets, but sheíll make a pretty addition, I agree. And now, as they say, Iíve shown you mine, time for you to show me yours," the managerís hand made a sweeping arc, indicating Sam and Alec should avail themselves of the stage.

"Apparently thatís our cue," Sam grinned. "Up you get, Kitten, I want you facing the rack, not facing me, arms by your sides and feet apart. Like I said, itís going to be a surprise."

"No support?" ĎMaxí mused, her eyebrows rising. "Iím looking forward to this."

"He doesnít need it," Sam replied with a smug grin. "My Kitten is uniqueóone of a kind. Perfect," he murmured, stroking a hand down the long, lean line of Alecís back, which was marred only by the leather of the chest harness.

Alec flowed to his feet, waiting for Sam to take his leash and lead him to the stage, the manager claiming Samís seat after he vacated it, the serving slave crouched at her feet as close to the chair as was possible. Once they reached the stage, he walked over to the rack, settling himself as Sam had requested, his pants hitching lower on his hips as he balanced himself, took a deep breath, and let it out, releasing any tension in his back and shoulders.

Sam traced a long, narrow finger over Alecís shoulders and down the younger manís back before deftly unbuckling the harness. Any damage would be inflicted by him and him alone, not by things getting in the way. Sliding a hand around to grasp the leather that barely covered Alecís erection, his other hand tugged the back of the leather pants down, exposing sweet curves and tucking the leather into the underside of Alecís ass. Sam trailed a finger over the butt plug just before he turned away to pick out the instrument he wanted to use.

Walking back to Alec, Sam pressed a kiss against one shoulder and then whispered softly. "I can use the cuffs, attach them to the top of the frame if you want, or you can just brace against it, but I want you stabilized and leaning slightly forward. What do you prefer?"

"You told her I didnít need the support," Alec murmured in return. "Give Ďem a show." He leaned forward, resting his hand on the rackís frame, rolling his shoulders and flexing the muscles in his back as he moved, the show purely for Samís benefit.

"Show it is," Sam murmured as he stepped back and ordered Alec to close his eyes then pressed the leather side of the leather Ďspankingí paddle to his loverís lips for him to kiss. "I want you to count them out. You lose track, Iíll add on. Do you understand?" he said loud enough for their audience to hear.

Bringing his arm back Sam let fly with a firm but not overly hard blow, wanting to warm Alec up, not hurt him. Fiftyóhis arm was gonna be tired by the time they were done!

"One." Alecís voice was calm and firm, and he kept his eyes closed, also forcing himself not to listen to Samís movements so he wouldnít anticipate the blows. It stung, but not terribly, though he knew by the end of fifty strikes, he wasnít going to feel like sitting down any time soon.

Sam soon fell into a rhythm, varying the speed and the strength of the hits, and when Alec got to fourteen, he decided it was time for surprise number one. Reversing the paddle he let the soft, wool-lined side strike for the fifteenth blow, the soft merino padding the blow and turning it into almost a caress instead.

"Fifófifteen," Alec stuttered, surprised by the sudden change and arching into the blow instead of holding himself still as he had been.

Sam delivered two more blows with the soft side of the paddle and then three sharp and then picked up the candle that had been provided as per his earlier request. Holding the candle aloft, Sam let the black wax fall like molten rain over the already sizzling flesh of Alecís ass.

A hissed out breath and the rapid rise and fall of Alecís back as the wax hit, cooled, and solidified was all the reaction he showed, though his erection bobbed against his stomach as the pain transmuted into pleasure.

Sam groaned softly and was forced to take some deep breaths in order to rein himself in. The trouble was, the more stoically Alec took what Sam was dishing out, the more Sam wanted to shatter that iron self control. It was a dangerously addictive desire, and it was making him do things heíd never normally do, even in this environment. And there was the fact that Alec could take it, take so much more than a Ďnormalí partner. Fuck.

Picking up the paddle again, Sam ran the soft woolen side over the wax-seared skin of Alecís ass. "Do you remember what number weíre on?" he asked, "or do I start adding?"

"Twenty, sir," Alec rasped, his hands flexing against the rack, his breaths coming deep and even as he looked straight ahead.

"Oh my, he is impressive," ĎMaxí called from the chair as she watched Sam and Alec perform. "Iím somewhat in awe of your training technique. Heís quite the showpiece, isnít he?"

Sam ignored the manager, concentrating instead on laying another ten strokes, varying them between hard and soft before taking up the candle again, this time dripping a trail all the way up Alecís back to the bottom of his collar and leaving his ass untouched, wanting nothing more than to draw a reaction out of the younger man, any reaction.

"Th... irty," Alec gasped, his hips twisting as the wax dripped down the center of his back, hardening before it reached his waist, His fingers closed over the edge of the rack, and his head dropped for a moment before his neck straightened again.

"So fucking beautiful," Sam groaned, putting the candle back on its holder and dipping his fingers into the bowl of ice water next to it. Sam traced the wax patterns with icy cold fingers before sliding them down, in between Alecís ass cheeks to wrap around the base of the butt plug as he dropped to his knees behind the younger man.

Tugging on the plug, Sam watched avidly as it came out with a soft, squelching pop and then sealed his lips over his loverís hole and began to tongue fuck him, tasting his own spunk as it dribbled out.

A low, broken moan escaped Alecís lips, and his knees buckled before he caught himself, slowly straightening as much as possible given his current position and his desire not to lose the pressure of Samís tongue in his ass.

Sam moaned, thrilled beyond belief that heíd broken through Alecís almost soldier-like behavior to make his lover react. The rest of the punishment could be forgone; heíd gotten what he wanted. A few more licks of his tongue, and he backed off reluctantly, replacing the plug with a soft pat on Alecís ass. "Time to go home babe, the restÖ the rest is for us alone," Sam murmured as he got to his feet and pulled Alec in against him, tucking him back into the leather pants and zipped him up, covering Alec from everyoneís view.

"You promised him fifty," an anonymous voice called from the watchers.

"But I didnít promise that youíd get to watch, did I?" Sam snarled, glaring at the audience. "Masterís discretion and this Master no longer wants to share with the rest of the fucking world."

Alec tensed at the tone of Samís voice, and his eyes opened so that his gaze could roam over the crowd, searching for the speaker, barely restrained violence visible in the tightening of his muscles and the flash of his eyes in the spotlight.

"Holy shit, heís for real," another patron gasped.

ĎMaxí looked even more impressed, if that was possible. "Youíve tamed a transgenic," she murmured. "How did you manage that?"

Sam, whoíd stepped off the platform, shot the woman a look of pure disgust. "I didnít tame him," he informed her quietly. "I gave him the respect he deserves and loved him for who he isóthe man Iím spending the rest of my life with. If you think anyone could ever tame a transgenic, you need to start living in the real world, sister, because if thereís one thing Iíve learned loving him is that their spirits are untamable, and I wouldnít want him any other way."

"You realize what kind of a club this is, right?" she asked mockingly.

"You really donít get it, do you? He trusts me enough to give this to me when one or both of us needs it, and I trust him enough to tell me to stop when I canít do it on my own. This isnít who we are; this is just how we play sometimes. Whoís to say that the next time we come here, I wonít be the slave and he the Master? I can do that too."

ĎMaxísí eyebrow went up at that. "Now that would be worth seeing. In fact," ĎMaxí snapped her fingers, and one of the major domos whoíd been hovering in the shadows in case things got out of hand came forward. "Provide these gentlemen with an open ended membership, on me. Iím looking forward to their return. They make thingsÖ interesting," she laughed.

The man nodded crisply and backed away to ready the paperwork, and ĎMaxí turned her gaze back to where the pair was making their way off the stage and through the seating area. Now that she knew the truth behind the charade, it was easy to see that the submissive didnít fit the description at all. What the older man had said was true; they might play at it, but this was a match made of equals, and heaven help the person who tried to get between them.


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