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Heroes 6:
Norman, Meet Rockwell

Angyl & Rina

December 2003

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Dick Graysonís jaw hit his chest as the Bentley pulled up in front of the Kentís farmhouse. "Itís a freakiní Norman Rockwell Christmas card, Bruce!" he groaned, looking at his friend, mentor and adoptive father.

Tim Drake, his adoptive brother and the third person to wear the mantle of Robin, his mantle, had a completely different reaction. "Cool! Itís like an old fashioned Christmas! You think weíll get to go out and chop down a Christmas tree?"

Indeed, the Kent farmhouse was festooned with pine bough garlands and red bows and wreaths on all the doors. Even the barn doors had wreaths, and Dick was pretty sure Clark had floated up at night to string all the lights he could see along the lightning rod and barn roof.

Speaking of his lover, Dick felt the familiar ache of longing and loneliness bite him once more. It had been the hardest thing to do, flying back to Gotham so he could accompany Bruce, Alfred and Tim here while letting Clark head home by himself. Oh, it wasnít worry for his lover that made him reluctant; after all, when oneís lover was a Ďsuperí man from another planet, there really wasnít much to be concerned about.

It was the fact that Clark would be back in Smallville with his friends and family for three days without him. Three days where maybe, just maybe, Clark would be convinced that living with the rich playboy adoptive son of an even richer playboy philanthropist wasnít the best choice for a small town farm boy with an alien heritage, especially considering the last billionaire playboy Clark had associated with. Dick was, quite frankly, scared senseless.

"Relax, Dick, heís not going to change his mind," Bruce murmured for the umpteenth time after finally having dragged his eldestís fear from him after a grueling night on the town with Batman, Robin and Nightwing chasing down perps and Nightwing taking his fears out on said perps so they were a good deal more complacent (read unconscious and bleeding) for the Gotham police when Commissioner Gordonís people came to round them up.

Tim just shook his head. "Youíre pathetic, bro, you know that? Why wouldnít he want you? Gorgeous, rich, dangerous, a bad boy with a heart of gold, and already preconditioned to lust after hot aliens with the ability to wipe the floor with your scrawny ass!"

"I think Dickís here, Clark," Marth Kent barely had out before a red and blue blur raced by her and was out the door.

"Finally!" Clark crowed, restraining himself from ripping the door off the old and expensive car by the slimmest of margins. The minute Dick climbed out, Clark grabbed him in a rib creaking hug and kissed him, making up for three lonely days. "You were supposed to be here an hour ago," he grumbled.

"Sorry," Dick replied with a self-effacing grin. "There was an accident on the road between Metropolis and here, so it slowed things down." Throwing all restraint out the window, Dick fisted his hands in the inky black hair and held Clarkís head still for an even longer and more passionate kiss, rubbing up against Clark suggestively until the clearing of a throat behind him had him coloring slightly and backing up a bit. "Sorry, Bruce. Got carried away."

"Clark, itís good to see you again. Youíre looking a great deal more content than you were the last time I saw you. Made your peace with the life youíve chosen, I take it?" Bruce asked, holding out a hand in greeting and then pulling the Kryptonian into a one-armed hug.

"Yes, I have," Clark answered truthfully, returning Bruceís hug, then giving Tim one as well, picking up the younger man and noogieing him when he tried to escape.

The elder Kents joined them then, and Clark smiled as his parents and Bruce reacquainted themselves, having met over Thanksgiving. Moving back to Dickís side, Clark wound an arm around his loverís waist, feeling whole again. "So, how was Gotham?"

"It was Gotham," Dick grinned. "You know, same old, same old."

"Except Nightwing was really on a rampage for the past week. He was taking down the baddies so fast and furious the cops started picking them up in ambulances instead of police cars."

"TIM!" Dick bellowed and lunged at the younger man.

Jonathan Kent frowned mightily, but Martha laughed when Clark caught Dick and lifted him off his feet while Tim hid behind Bruce.

"Frustrated were we, Dick?" Clark murmured into the older manís ear before nibbling on it. "I can take you out to the barn while my folks are getting everyone settled in and help with that."

"Mmmm, okay, twist my rubber arm," Dick laughed, leaning back into his loverís strong frame even though his glare still promised retribution to Tim when Dick got him alone. "And it wasnít frustration so much as... nerves," he admitted quietly. "I thought you, or your dad, would change your mind."

Clark frowned mightily at this. "Mom, Dad, I donít want to be rude, but mind if Dick and I go have a talk while you get everyone settled in?" He smiled his thanks when his mother agreed and set Dick on the ground again so they could walk toward the barn. Once they were out of earshot, he looked hard at Dick. "What would make you think that?"

"Nerves?" Dick replied, slightly embarrassed. "Well, that and your dadís made no bones about the fact that Iím not his first choice as a mate for his son. I guess being away from you and knowing that you were here and I was in Gotham... well, it made banging heads really easy, you know?"

"Just so long as yours wasnít the one getting banged in return," Clark sighed, drawing Dick into the barn and up the stairs to the loft. "And next time you start worrying about that, remember I love you, okay?"

"Hey, I never claimed to be a rocket scientist when it comes to relationships," Dick laughed quietly. "I guess I just let things go to my head. Forgive me?" he asked, pushing Clark onto the couch and crawling into his lap to kiss him hungrily.

"Always," Clark smiled, circling his arms around Dickís waist and holding him close. "Itís part of the package."

"Still want to marry me despite the fact that Iím a complete and total moron?" he grinned, wrapping his arms around Clarkís neck and stroking the ends of his loverís hair. "On the plus side we wonít be procreating, so itís not like Iíll be passing the moron gene on in any way, shape or form."

"You arenít a moron," Clark chuckled, sliding his hands under Dickís jacket and sighing when he found warm skin. "I wouldnít marry a moron, and I agreed to marry you, so case closed."

"Yes, sir, Clark Kent sir!" Dick laughed, shrugging out of the jacket and letting it slide to the floor before placing a hand on each side of Clarkís head and devouring his mouth hungrily. "Iíve missed you, God, Iíve missed you! I havenít been able to sleep without you, couldnít eat without you. Iím a total freakiní mess. Pathetic, donít you think?"

"Yeah, but youíre my pathetic mess, so itís good." Clark pulled back enough to nuzzle at Dickís throat, filling his senses with his loverís scent. "And if you want the truth, I didnít sleep well either; kept reaching for you and falling off the bed."

"Didnít dent the floor, did you?" Dick chuckled. "And at least it beats floating above it while having a wet dream about your ex-girlfriend," the older man teased lightly, reminding Clark of the story heíd told Dick one late night while they were swapping hormonally charged horror stories.

"But enough about that stuff, I thought you were going to relax me. Iíve yet to see any relaxation happening. Care to start?"

"Sure you wonít freeze?" Clark chuckled, arching up under Dickís weight.

"With a Clark-sized thermal heater?" the older man laughed, I seriously doubt it! Youíve got enough body heat to warm up a city, babe. And itís all mine!"

"Yup, and I suppose Iíd better get us naked so you can take advantage of me." That said, Clark stripped them both and had Dick on top of him on the sofa with both of them covered by an old blanket in a flash.

"Damn, there really is something to be said for a lover with super speed," the crime fighter grinned, bending to take a taut nipple into his mouth and suckling it hungrily. "Mmm, better than chocolate," he purred, before dragging his tongue lower and disappearing below the blanket.

"Hey, whereíre you going? Want you up here," Clark whined, reaching for Dick but not using his strength yet.

"Following your treasure trail," came the muffled reply from beneath the blankets before Dick wrapped his lips around the weeping shaft that beckoned him, almost bent double.

"Dick..." Clark pouted, "fuck me, donít blow me. I want you now!"

"But what if I wanna do both?" Dick smirked, surfacing to smirk down at Clark. "Itís your own fault, you know; you taste far too delicious for me to resist."

Clark groaned. "Iíll do what I always do; let you have your way."

"You really do love me, donít you?" Dick grinned, diving in to suck on Clarkís tongue even as he groped around under the couch for the tube of extremely cold lubricant stashed there. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Care to heat this up for me, babe?" he grimaced, holding it out for Clark.

Snickering at Dickís expression, Clark aimed a quick blast of heat vision at the tube, then heard Dick complain that it was too hot. "Wonít hurt me," he commented with a grin, "but donít burn your dick off."

"Thatís what Iím afraid of," Dick laughed and put the tube on top of the couch for a few minutes to cool it back down again. "Well, since we have to wait..." he purred, before disappearing beneath the cover yet again to return to his favorite lollipop to lick for a few minutes.

"I - I hope Bruce and Tim take a while to get settled in," Clark moaned, threading his fingers through Dickís hair and arching his hips toward his loverís talented mouth.

"Iím pretty sure Bruce will make sure they do, if only because he probably knows just what weíre doing," Dick replied, crawling back up Clarkís body to smirk down at the younger man. Grabbing the lube, which had sufficiently cooled, Dick quickly slicked his cock and, pulling the younger manís legs up, slid home into his loverís body. "Missed, you, God, how I missed you!" he groaned.

"Fuck, Dick, yes," Clark rasped, lurching up to kiss Dick again. "Nothing better than this, love you, missed you."

Growling quietly, Dick began to pound into Clark even as the sound of Christmas carols wafted up from the house. It was by far the strangest and hottest Christmas heíd had to date, and it wasnít even December 25th yet. Grinning down at his lover, Dick stopped his pounding to rotate his hips, circling round and round inside of Clark in order to tease and then returned to his pounding.

"Clark, oh yeah, babe, thatís so good, just..." Dick groaned, sweat beginning to pour as he worked both of them higher and harder and hotter.

"God, yes!" Clark buried his face against Dickís shoulder to keep from screaming as the older man hit his prostate again and again. Forcing one hand off Dickís shoulder, he worked it between them, jacking himself off as Dick slammed into him and howling against Dickís damp flesh as he came.

The feel of Clarkís muscles milking his cock was enough to cause Dick to come as well, and with a muted groan he collapsed on top of the younger man, chest heaving and body vibrating with pleasure. "Damn, now thatís what I call a Ďhello honeyí," he chuckled when he could at last lift his head to look at Clark, a smug grin plastered on his face.

"Doesnít mean I want to be spending tons of nights apart to have more of them," Clark murmured, giving a dopey grin.

"Hell no, Iím not planning to do this any more if I can help it," Dick agreed. "As it is, itís gonna be hard enough actually knowing youíre in the same house and I canít sleep with you. I never thought Iíd say this, but I miss Metropolis."

"Now thereís something I never thought Iíd hear," Clark smiled, running a hand over Dickís back. "I think the holiday season has gotten to you."

"Let me rephrase. I miss being in our home, in our bed, sleeping together in a city which happens to be Metropolis," Dick conceded. "And thatís got nothing to do with the holiday season and everything to do with having you in my arms and in our bed."

"That sounds more like the Dick Grayson I know and love," Clark chuckled. "So, feel like getting cleaned up and sneaking back into the house?"

Dick had to laugh at the younger man. "Clark, lover, youíve currently got Batman and Robin spending Christmas with your family. Do you honestly expect weíll be able to sneak anything, at any time, in any location?" he teased.

"Dick, baby, this is my parentsí house; I didnít think that was going to be the case anyway," Clark laughed.

"Good point," Dick laughed as well as he reached for his t-shirt to wipe them off so that at least their clothes wouldnít stick to them when they made it into the house. "But at least your mom and dad pretend to turn a blind eye. Tim is gonna crucify us every chance he gets."

Clark shrugged. "Then Iíll hang him out of a window by one ankle."

"Ooh! Youíll have to let me get the video camera first. Thatís great blackmail footage for when he starts talking about the laaay-dees," Dick laughed. "Heís such a little horndog itís disgusting."

Levering himself up off his lover, Dick quickly stepped into the now chilled clothes with a moan of discomfort. "Good thing weíd already finished up Ďcause after that ice bath, Iím not going to be getting it up any time soon again!"

"Wimp," Clark laughed. "Want me to warm them up for you?"

"Iím already in the pants, so please donít start cooking my wiener, okay?" Dick teased. "After all, I prefer that particular slab of meat raw."

"And I prefer it nice and firm," Clark nodded, shrugging into his own clothes and wrapping his arms around Dickís waist. "So, ready for a good old-fashioned country Christmas?"

"I have no idea; I donít think Iíve ever had an old-fashioned country Christmas. Grew up in the circus and then Wayne Manor, remember?" he grinned, kissing the cleft in Clarkís chin. "Besides, any Christmas with you is bound to be the best Iíve ever had."

"Same here, though having your family here with the folks just makes it better."

"One big alien-filled, batty Christmas for us all?"

Clark laughed. "And to all a good night?"

"Cornball, címon, I need something other than a hot piece of Clark to keep me warm, and I can hear Marthaís hot chocolate calling my name," Dick replied, tugging on his shirt and pulling Clark down the stairs towards the farmhouse.


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