Part of the SAC-2003

I Saw Three Ships

Angyl and Rina

December 2003

Disclaimer: They belong to Disney, and weíre sure theyíd have a stroke if they knew what we did with Ďem.

Will hummed softly to himself and sipped slowly at the warmed rum as his turn at the middle watch wound down. He was at the helm while Cotton and his parrot were on the forecastle keeping an eye out for passing ships. Christmas was fast approaching, and the pickings had become far richer as loved ones sent expensive trinkets to those far away while others imported items of great worth for their yuletide treasures.

His first Christmas as a pirate, Will thought as he continued to hum softly, did they even celebrate the sacred event on board the Pearl? Was it marked with anything out of the ordinary, a day of rest? An extra mug of grog? A kiss under the mistletoe? he mused, remembering the kisses he and Elizabeth had stolen during their growing up years.

Elizabeth. Even now, after almost a year at sea, his heart still ached from the loss of her. Sheíd died giving birth to their first babe. The infant had been stillborn, and the delivery had been all wrong, the child turned the wrong way and Elizabethís body too small to handle it. He still couldnít quite remember the long days and weeks that followed or how, in fact, heíd ended up on the Pearl at all.

All he knew was that this was now his life and he would never again step foot on the shores of Port Royal. The day Elizabeth Turner and their unborn son William had died was the day that Will Turner the blacksmith had died as well. He was now Will Turner, Master Gunner of the Black Pearl, and was often referred to as Sparrowís shade because he never left his captainís side in battle, always watching Jackís back.

It was only fair as he owed the man his life and what little sanity he could now claim. He would have wasted away to a living corpse had he remained in Port Royal and would have eventually put a flintlock to his head and pulled the trigger. Of that he had no doubt. And yet here he was, a scarce ten months later, humming a Christmas carol heíd learned at his motherís knee.

"I saw three ships come sailing in,
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;
I saw three ships come sailing in,
On Christmas Day in the morning."

"And what was in those ships of three?" Jack half sang, half queried as he came up alongside Will and slung an arm over the younger manís shoulder. "Decent swag, I hope."

Will snorted. "Ever the pirate, Jack, even with Christmas approaching," he teased his captain and friend. Eyeing the older man carefully, he sized him up and then sniffed the air near the captainís mouth. "Nope, canít smell too much rum so youíre not soused. Yet, anyway."

"I could say the same of you, William my lad," Jack answered, "both considering the rum and the swag. Itís my nature to ask what any ship holds, even one in a song."

"You really want to know?" Will smiled daringly as he sipped the watered down rum. "Okay you asked for it, Capín." And with that Will broke into the rest of the song.

Mary mild and Christ were there,
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;
Mary mild and Christ were there,
On Christmas Day in the morning.

And all the bells on earth did ring,
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;
And all the bells on earth did ring,
On Christmas Day in the morning.

When Jack rolled his eyes, Will burst into laughter. "Well, you did ask, Jack," he pointed out reasonably.

"Aye, and you had to answer." Jack cuffed Will on the back of the head and looked to the horizon. "Canít say I see any of those ships ahead of us. Weíre for more earthly plunder, savvy?"

"But of course Captain Sparrow," Will grinned, rubbing his sore head. "However, considering itís four in the morning, I doubt weíll be plundering any ships. Anyway Iím for bed soon; my watch is almost over. Unless you invite me to share a drink with my good friend and captain?" Will hinted.

He still hated being alone in those quiet moments between activity and sleep, and heíd come to depend on Jackís company more and more. Besides, despite the ratís nest hair, beads and straggly clothes, Jack was a handsome man and pleasant company.

"Iíd have to be damn thick-headed not to take that hint, Will. Fine, fine, once yer watch is done, weíll lift a bottle and perhaps sing some more of those songs. Remind me of being a lad, they do, though the whores had different lyrics to Ďem."

"I donít want to know," Will laughed. "I prefer to remember the songs my mother taught me and the ones Iíd sing... Iíd sing with Elizabeth," he said with a wobbly smile. "But I will share a bottle with you and sing some more songs."

Jack tightened his hand on Willís shoulder in a gesture of support that seemed at odds with his devil-may-care attitude. "And after I get you good and snockered, Iíll give you yer present." Winking as he said that, the pirate captain leapt agilely over the railing to the main deck, pausing to check the lines before heading to his cabin.

"Present? You actually got me a present? Wait a minute, come back here! You canít just say that and take off on me!" the master gunner yelled at his captain and then glared at the shipís bell. How much longer until shift change dammit?

"Iím the captain, I can do whatever the hell I want, savvy?" Jack called back before closing his cabin door behind him. He doubted the late Elizabeth Turner would have recognized the place from the time sheíd spent with Barbossa here. After he and the crew had cleaned the Pearl from stem to stern, Jack had outfitted his cabin in his favorite style Ė magpie - and now the place was heavy with gilt, velvet and gems.

Will rolled his eyes, laughing. Heíd been doing that more and more of late, no longer the somber shadow that followed his captain around like the shade heíd been dubbed. Life was slowly creeping back, and it was all thanks to Jack.

Finally the shipís bell was sounded, and the new shift clambered on deck ready to take their turn manning the Pearl. Handing the helm over to Gibbs with a nod and a friendly slap on the back, Will headed not to Jackís cabin but to his own smaller one adjacent to it. His scallywag of a captain wasnít the only one with a gift to give, although his was a little more macabre, of that he had no doubt.

Hearing the door open, Jack looked up and grinned. "There you are, Will. Címon, have a drink." He pressed a bottle into the younger manís hand and urged him toward a chair. "Yíknow, weíll be puttiní into port for Christmas; even Captain Jack Sparrow wonít plunder on the Christ childís birthday."

"Why, Jack, Iím shocked. So what port are we putting into? Tortuga? Will I be defending you from Scarlet and Giselle again?" he teased the older man. "Maybe Iíd better strap on a set of knives to go with my sword, baldric and flintlock."

"Nah." Jack took a swallow from his bottle and motioned for Will to do the same. "Weíre headed to smoother waters, a little island where the natives are friendly, fair to look at and damn good cooks. Think of me as some kind of god or somethiní so they throw a big to-do when the Pearl shows up. Canít think of a better way to spend Christmas myself."

"Sounds like paradise to me," Will agreed. "And a god, hunh? What will that make me since theyíve never met me before?" he laughed, taking a healthy swig of rum. "I canít be your virgin sacrifice. Iím a widower after all."

"Virgins are over-rated. Give me a partner with experience and Iím a happy man." Jack dropped to his bed, pushing up on one elbow to study Will. "And perhaps theyíll think youíre my consort."

Will snorted. "Oh please, Iím too pretty to be your consort, Jack. After all you wouldnít want them to worship me instead of you, now would you?" the younger man teased. "Besides Iím too much man for you to handle. Why you can barely keep up with me when we cross swords let alone if we ever crossed swords."

"I hope ye arenít insinuating that Iím losing my skills, young William," Jack purred. "Youíre learning fast, but Iím still Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Have I ever said otherwise?" Will smirked. Ten months aboard ship had definitely broadened his sexual horizons even if it was only vicariously. He was no longer the prudish young master that had first sailed with Jack. Heíd seen, and heard, men take pleasure with one another and had even had a few invitations into Anamariaís bed, but he still wasnít ready for that and began to wonder if he ever would be.

"Iím well aware that youíre the captain, Jack, but seeing as how Iíve only ever crossed one set of swords with you, Iím in no position to judge how you handle yer other one, am I?"

"Care to test my skill?" Jack asked, looking amused at Willís line of conversation and somewhat intrigued by it.

"Well, I donít know if Iím ready for that, Jack. After all, Iím an innocent sort of lad when it comes to that, and youíve never even kissed me!" Will teased, taking another mouthful of rum.

Sobering slightly, the younger man decided to give Jack his present while he still had the Dutch courage of the rum swimming through his veins. Handing Jack the ornate flintlock with the single shot loaded into it, Will watched the older man carefully. "Remember how you kept the one Barbossa gave you to use on him? I loaded this the day Elizabeth and our baby died... except the shot was meant for me. I donít need it anymore, Jack. Thanks to you," he said seriously.

Jackís eyebrows rose to vanish beneath the scarf he had tied around his head, and he looked from the somber expression in Willís eyes to the pistol weighing heavy in his hand. "Glad I could be of service," he answered before setting the pistol aside and rising from the bed. "Though there are other ways I can be of service as well," he added, sliding a hand around the back of Willís neck and pulling him in for a kiss.

Willís eyes widened even as his lips softened. Jackís moustache tickled, and the braided beard rubbed against Willís own chin scruff maddeningly. Definitely not like kissing Elizabeth, who had been soft, round curves, pliable lips and sweet breath, but wonderful nonetheless.

There was something to be said for a mouth that tasted of rum, salt and the briny flavor of the sea turtle stew theyíd had for dinner. Will found his lips opening wider and his tongue darting out to duel with his captainís even as a purring moan rumbled through his throat.

"So, does this mean youíre going to letting me take ye to my bed tonight?" Jack murmured, nipping his way along Willís jaw to suck on his earlobe.

"A bit of Christmas cheer, so to speak?" Will asked with a nearly silent moan, his head falling back a bit and his eyes closing to better experience the older manís wicked mouth. "But will you still respect me in the morning?"

"Youíll just have to wait for the morning to find out, savvy?" Jack chuckled, pulling Willís shirt from his trousers and sliding his hands beneath it, feeling the sun-warmed skin and the hardened muscles beneath it.

"Guess I will," Will replied with a moan, not really caring enough to worry about it. He was vaguely aware of the fact that in the ten months heíd been on board heíd never heard of Jack taking another crewmember to his bed, not even Anamaria, but saving his desires for those times they went ashore. He didnít really think beyond it though as he was more interested in having Jack continue what he was doing. "Donít stop, whatever you do. Please," he moaned. "It feels too good."

"Now why would I be doing that?" Jack asked, even as he stripped Will of his shirt and tumbled the younger man down onto his bed. "Iím thinking this is a present for the both of us, one Iíve been wanting for quite some time."

"Have you really now?" Will gasped, arching up against his captain. "I never knew. Was I blind or were you a better actor than I thought you could be?" Willís hands fumbled, still a bit chilled from his hours in the night air, as they tried to strip Jack of his shirt and sash. "How long have you been after me bum, Capín?" he slurred in a halfhearted imitation of Jackís speech patterns.

Twisting to assist Will in his actions, Jack nipped his other ear before answering. "Are we counting since we first met or since you joined me crew?"

"Oh ho, now my curiosity is piqued. Do tell, Captain Sparrow, how long have you had your scurrilous, lust-filled gaze trained on my sweet and innocent self?" Will purred, bucking upwards slightly to rub his member, which was at three quarters mast, against Jackís hip.

Sliding a hand between them to grope Willís crotch, Jack smirked. "From the first moment we met, lad," he murmured. "Ye were quite oblivious to it."

"I was oblivious to pretty much everything but Elizabeth back then and even then... Well, our wedding night was probably the most terrifying night of my life, even after facing death by Barbossaís sword," the younger man laughed, a sound which turned into a louder, chest rumbling purr as Jackís hand trailed over his stiffening cock, causing it to spring completely to life.

"Iím sure ye did just fine," Jack said, not quite listening to the conversation any longer as he found one of Willís nipples and suckled on it, at the same time undoing the buttons at the fly of Willís pants and finding the bare flesh beneath.

"Hrmm?" Will moaned, writhing underneath the older man as Jack continued to ply his body with new and interesting sensations. "What the devil are you going on about, Sparrow?" he muttered. "Will you shut your rambling and concentrate on more important things, like me?"

Jack chuckled softly at the demand in Willís voice and nodded, feeling the younger man shiver when the beads and dice braided into his hair rubbed against his skin. "Whatever ye say, young Will." He closed his hand around Willís prick and began stroking.

"Jack, oh God!" Will writhed under his captainís touch, head tossing from side to side as his own hands fell uselessly to the bed as he forget all about stripping Jack in his pleasure. Groaning loudly, he realized that the watch outside might be able to hear him, so he stuffed his fist in his mouth to keep the moans muffled.

Soon, however, just the feel of a hand stroking him wasnít enough. Will needed more. So very much more. "Jack, please, youíre driving me as mad as you are!"

Jack raised his head, his dark eyes gleaming in the starlight shining in through the windows behind the bed. "So itís mad I am, is it?" he asked curiously. "Ah well, Iíve been called worse." Chuckling, he licked his way down the flat plane of Willís stomach, shoving his trousers out of the way so that he could find and devour the younger manís prick, sighing at the musky taste.

Willís back arched, and he bit down hard on his fist to swallow the cry that threatened to burst forth from his lips. Wet, slick heat surrounded him, and a velvet rough tongue licked along his cock, making him gasp for breath. He may have called Jack many things in the course of their friendship, but if mad the older man was, it was a brilliant sort of madness to produce such glorious feelings inside him.

Jack chuckled again, the vibrations moving over Willís cock, causing the other man to moan beneath him. His own erection was throbbing against his belly, but he wanted Will relaxed the first time he took him, and what better way than by sucking him off?

"Jack, you keep that up and Iím going to spend," Will panted, his fingers diving into the ratís nest hair and trying to pull the older man off of him. "Do you really want me to do that?"

Giving Willís shaft a final lick, Jack looked up, grinning devilishly. "Youíre a young man, Will, surely youíre up for more than once a night?"

"So is this a test of my stamina now? Do your worst, Captain. After all, Iím but your humble servant and lowly mate. I live to serve you, Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Humility doesnít become you, Will," Jack chuckled. "Itís not a test at all. I was just wanting ye to be relaxed the first time I took ye."

"Perhaps I am your virgin sacrifice after all, as thatís one virginity I still have intact. Very well, my pirate, plunder and pillage me. Iím yours for the taking," the master gunner purred, running his tongue around Jackís mouth in invitation.

Jack chuckled after releasing Willís tongue from his mouth. "Cooperative plunder, itís a wonderful thing." That said, he worked his way back down to Willís groin and bent to his task again, sucking hard on the firm flesh.

Will moaned and lay back, enjoying the pirateís mouth on his cock. "Youíre really very good at this, Jack. Had a lot of experience doing this sort of thing, have you?"

"Thatís not something Iíll be talking about right now if you donít mind. Iíll just let my actions speak for themselves," Jack said somewhat curtly. He lapped at the head of Willís cock and cupped his balls, kneading them in rhythm with his sucking.

Will half chuckled, half moaned. He was truly enjoying his captainís attentions, but he wasnít a simpleton. He knew damn well Jack would have had previous lovers to him, so why wouldnít Jack want to talk...

An old conversation sprang into his head at that moment, causing Will to gasp and his eyes to light with knowledge.

_Iím not a simpleton, Jack. You knew my father.

I knew him. Probably one of the few who knew him as William Turner. Everyone else just called him Bootstrap or Bootstrap Bill.


Good man. Good pirate. I swear you look just like him._

"So do I live up to my father in more than just looks, Jack?" Will chuckled after the realization hit.

Jack paused and looked at Will before grinning almost sheepishly. "Caught me out, eh? Iíd have to say that yer kissing does; for the rest..." he stroked a hand over Willís erection, "It shows great promise."

"Well, in that case Iím going to have to surpass the memory so that there wonít be any more comparisons between father and son. I intend to have him become a fond but distant memory."

"Iím always one for living in the moment," Jack said agreeably. "Now can we stop with the talking and get back to more pleasurable things?"

"Youíre the one whoís supposed to have a full mouth, not me. Iím supposed to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors so you can enjoy the fruit of my loins. Isnít that how it works, Captain?" Will grinned, pressing his cock against Jackís lips and smearing his precum against the lush, slightly swollen lips.

"Weíll see just how well you can talk when this is over," Jack chuckled, taking Willís cock into his mouth once again, determined to taste him this time.

"You can give it your best shot, Captain Sparrow, sir," Will moaned, his back arching and his fingers scrabbling and then clutching hard at the sheets. "Yes, oh yes, thatís... itísÖ Jack, God, your mouth is as close to heaven as Iím ever likely to get."

The thought of himself being compared to heaven made Jack chuckle again, and he slipped a finger between Willís thighs, teasing the thin skin at the junction of his leg and body.

"Jack, oh Jesus wept!" Will writhed wantonly on the bed, his legs spreading a little wider in order to give his lover better access and continue this glorious debauching of his person.

"Poor boy, and on his birthday too," Jack rasped, pulling back to blow on the head of Willís cock while teasing at the tight entrance to the other manís body.

Willís cock jerked and danced as Jackís hot breath wafted over him, sending shivers racing up his spine. He clenched automatically at the stroking finger but soon relaxed and began to enjoy the strange touch. "Bollocks, youíre really very good at this, arenít you?"

"Years of practice, my boy," Jack murmured, smirking. "Not quite three hours a day, but close."

"Mmm, their loss is my gain. God, Jack, Iím so close to spending, stop talking and get back to it, will you? Iím desperate here!" Will ordered with a tone of command that would have put even Norrington to shame.

"Youíre the one who keeps asking questions that I need answer," Jack reminded Will before licking at him again, circling his fingertip around the tight entrance to his body as he sucked on the other manís cock once again.

Moaning, Will wisely kept his questions and comments to himself, knowing what a popinjay Jack was and how his lover liked to use his mouth on any and everything. All too soon he felt the same tingling heíd felt before, and with a quiet gasp and an involuntary thrust of his hips the younger man was sending gout after gout of his seed down Jackís gullet.

Holding the last spurts of Willís seed in his mouth, Jack let it dribble out over his hand, slicking his finger which he then pushed into the younger manís body. "Youíve a fine taste there," he murmured, rotating his finger shallowly before leaning in to kiss Will again.

Letting his tongue scour the inside of Jackís mouth, Will had to agree. "Next time I get to taste you so I have something to compare it too, though. Fair enough?" Will gasped, shooting up to his elbows to look down at what Jack was doing to him. "Bloody hell," he breathed as he watched Jackís hand move back and forth between his legs, feeling the motion that he could see. "Thatís... Jack," he sighed, his head falling back on his shoulders.

"Fair enough," Jack answered, nodding obligingly. "And, yer right, that is me, though not quite the part Iím wanting there."

"Iíve never... I canít imagine it would fit but... it feels very good. Sinfully good," Will purred, clenching and unclenching his cheeks to increase the feelings coursing through his body. "How much longer before you get to spear me with that pike of yours, my captain?"

"Patience, young Will," Jack answered, adding a second finger and pushing up to his knees to look down at Will sprawled out on his bed, panting for breath. "If yer in such a hurry though, you can help me out of my pants as Iím somewhat busy at the moment."

"And how am I supposed to do that?" Will wondered out loud, looking from his position to Jackís and back again. "Bend myself into a pretzel? Iím not sure I can bend that way. Youíre gonna have to help me out here, Jack. Iím not sure how to do this."

Jack chuckled and let his fingers slip from Willís body. "Weíll just work on that later. This time Iíll do it myself." That said, he unbuttoned the waist of his trousers and pushed them down to his hips, then off.

Will lay back and propped his arms behind his head, enjoying the show in front of him. "Mmm, very nice. I can see why my father was so easy for you. Even as old as you are, youíre still something to look at, Sparrow!"

"Insolent pup," Jack murmured fondly. "So, is all youíre going to do look, or do you want to touch as well?"

Growling, Will lunged off the bed and slammed into Jack, who in turn landed on the mattress so that Will was covering him entirely. Slamming his mouth down onto the older manís hungrily, Will ground his prick into Jackís, feeling the slick slide of hard cock against softened one.

Jack groaned and bucked up under Willís weight, digging his hands into the other manís back as they shared something that was as much battle as kiss "Hmmm, definitely a Turner," he rasped, grinding up against Willís weight.

"I thought weíd established that youíre not to be thinking of Bootstrap while swiving me?" Will growled, nipping hard at Jackís lower lip. "Now what was this about you showing me how well it would fit, Sparrow? Youíre not holding out on me, are you? You really do know how to do this?"

"Do ye want details of how many Iíve had?" At Willís growl, Jack laughed and flipped them over so that he was staring down at the younger man, his braids framing their faces. "Just you stay where you are." He pushed back and went to rummage in a desk, pulling out a small flagon of oil.

"Now, then, where was I?"

"Damned if I know, Iím the one whoís never done this before, remember?" Will growled, pulling Jack down on top of him. "And no more rum for you before we do this again. It slows you down, Jack. Canít have that, now can we?"

"íTis a sad thing when the master gunner starts ordering the captain about," Jack sighed before opening the flagon and spilling a puddle of the oil onto Willís stomach. Running his fingers through it, he trailed them back between the other manís legs, grinning when they spread for him. "Ahhh, I do believe I recall where I was now."

"íBout bloody time," Will muttered under his breath and then gasped as an oiled finger slid inside him. "Damn thatís..." the younger man trailed off, his eyes closing as he tried to figure out if he liked the sensation of something up his arse. Deciding that one finger wasnít enough to make a decision on, Will wriggled his ass, relaxing his muscles and silently inviting Jack to add a second.

"Insolent pup," Jack laughed again before silencing Will with a kiss as he added another finger, driving them inward to stretch the other manís opening. Once he was fairly certain that Will was ready, he pulled back, and, after dragging his fingers through the oil glistening on Willís stomach again, slicked up his erection.

"Now then, I think this is what you were wantiní," he murmured, positioning himself and pressing inside, not stopping until he was fully sheathed in Willís body.

Willís breath hitched as he was penetrated for the first time. There was pain, to be sure, but it was the kind he found easy to work through, a mild sting, like being hit by sparks from his forge as opposed to the burning slice of, say, a cutlass down his thigh.

Eyes falling shut, Will groaned and worked through it until he came out the other side and began to enjoy the sensation of being so full. Clenching and unclenching his muscles experimentally, the younger manís lashes fluttered open to reveal lust-filled eyes of the darkest of chocolate. "Jack," he breathed, fingers coming to tangle in the older manís hair, "oh, God, Jack!"

"See? Told you I was a god," Jack murmured, his voice deep and raspy with need. Not letting his gaze leave Willís eyes, he began to move, pulling almost all the way out of Willís body before thrusting back in, searching for the pleasure spot he knew was hidden deep in the other manís body.

"Bloody pop..." Willís breath hitched on a moan as Jack touched something deep inside him that made him want to scream aloud with pleasure, "popinjay, what the hell was that, Jack?" he groaned, eyes wide and glazed. Wrapping his legs around the pirate captainís waist, the younger man pulled hard against Jackís lean hips, wanting to experience that again. "Do that again, bloody hell, Jack, I want that again!" he demanded hotly.

"Normally Iíd make you pay for that comment, young William," Jack paused, groaning as Will tightened around him, "but this time Iíll give you what you want." He canted his hips, driving inward to find the spot.

"Fine then, make me pay. After!" Will retorted, pushing upwards to bite down on one of Jackís nipples that had swayed before his eyes tauntingly for far too long. That same deep, rumbling purr worked its way out of his chest once more, and he fell back onto the bed, writhing under Jackís sensual onslaught. "Oh, aye, Captain, punish me as many times as you like for my insolence, if this be your punishment."

Jack gave a low-pitched chuckle and dipped his head down to bite at Willís lower lip. "Aye, itís a punishment thatís pleasurable for me as well." He worked a hand between them and began stroking Willís cock, noting with pleasure that it was already rising once again.

"Of that I have no doubt, Captain Sparrow," Will groaned as he writhed between hand and cock, being spitted and petted at the same time. "And I take back everything I ever said questioning your skill. Youíre definitely a master with," Willís voice shuddered, and his eyes closed involuntarily as Jack once again found and began to hammer at that sweet spot, "a master with your blade."

Purring in answer, Jack kept at it, wanting to feel Will come apart under him before he spent.

Feeling the vibrations travel from the other manís body, through his cock and into Willís own was nearly his undoing. He was on fire, burning, writhing underneath his captain and making the most outrageous sex noises. He couldnít care less if the rest of the crew was at the door listening in; all he cared about was Jack and the way the older man was making him feel. It was heaven and hell combined. It was paradise.

Moaning loudly, Will bucked upwards, his long legs wrapping even more firmly around Jackís hips and his arms twined around the older manís shoulders. So close, he was so very close. "Jack, oh Jack," the younger man whispered, never so alive as he was at this very moment. With a tiny, shuddering mewl, his body quaked once, twice and then spent, warm seed flooding between their slapping stomachs and coating the pirate captainís hand.

"Ah yes," Jack groaned, feeling the heat of Willís seed gush over his hand and the exquisite tremors of his body caressing his cock. He rode out the tempest of Willís climax as he would any storm, then allowed himself respite, burying his face in Willís neck as he drove inward, his whole body quaking as he climaxed for long, soul-stealing moments.

Will held his captain tight as he felt the tremors race through Jack and then, tenderly brushing back the knotted hair, pressed his lips to the older manís throat with a quiet hum of approval. "Never let it be said that I wonít admit when I was wrong. You, Jack Sparrow, are definitely a god among men. A trickster god, mayhap, but a god nonetheless."

Jack lifted his head, sated pleasure shining in his dark eyes. "What better kind of god is there for a pirate to be, lad?" he asked, pushing the sweaty brown hair back off Willís brow.

"None that I can see," Will grinned then stretched and groaned as muscles heíd never known he had twinged in protest. "Thank the Maker that tomorrow is Christmas and weíll be on an island with soft sand and nothing to do. The last thing I need is the rest of the crew of the Pearl watching me totter around like an old man because our captain rode me hard and left me wet."

"So are ye complaining then?" Jack asked, amused. "If ye are, Iíll have to be keeping your present for myself then, savvy."

"Do I sound like Iím complaining?" Will retorted with a raised eyebrow. "And if you try, Iíll just have to loot the captainís quarters to find it. I want my present, Jack," the younger man laughed, reaching up to nip at Jackís hair-covered chin. "Iím greedy that way. Youíve made me a real pirate after all."

"And right proud I am of it," Jack grinned, tweaking Willís nipple before rolling off him to pull a cloth-shrouded bundle from a desk drawer. "It was your fatherís, found it in the swag on Isla de Muerta. Probably not as fine as the ones you make, but Iíd wager Bootstrap would like knowing his son carried his blade."

Will took the dagger reverently into his hands. "That cursed coin was the only thing of his I had when I came out here, and I lost it first to Elizabeth and then to end the curse. This... Jack, this means the world to me, thank you!" the younger man murmured, eyes glistening with moisture.

Jack grinned cockily though it was plain he was pleased with Willís reaction to the gift. "Heíd be proud of you, lad, just as I am. Youíve become a fine man and a fine pirate and, if I may add, a fine bed warmer."

"Bed warmer?" Will growled, reverently setting the dagger aside and then clambering out of bed, beginning to stalk the captain, naked as the day he was born. Soon he had Jack cornered and then pinned to the wall. "Iím the consort of a native god, if you please, Captain Sparrow, and donít you forget it!" he ordered, nipping at Jackís chin.

"Actually," Jack countered, twisting his hands under Willís to capture the younger manís wrists. "I consider you my Christmas present."

"Oh, do you now?" Will asked, his head cocking to one side and the beginnings of a truly contented smile playing across his lips. "Does this mean you intend to keep me, Jack?"

Jack chuckled. "Look over in the corner, young William," he murmured, nodding his head at the pile of Willís belongings stacked there. "Youíve been mine since you joined on as crew; you just didnít realize it."

Willís face lit up, and he pressed himself harder into the older manís body, kissing Jack hungrily. "Guess the only one who was fooled was me, eh?" he said at last. "Good thing you finally straightened me out, Captain. Iíll wager Gibbsíll be glad to have his cabin all to himself again since it seems Iíll be moving in here with you."

"Possibly gladder than me; he says you snore."

"The hell I do!" Will retorted, glaring and slightly put out. "And besides, heís even more pickled than you are most nights when he goes to sleep, so itís a miracle heíd hear anything at all!"

Jack laughed uproariously before kissing Will. "You do realize I was pulling your leg, donít you?"

"Humph," the younger man replied, pouting slightly. "God of insanity more like than the trickster god. Damn lucky that Iím crazy for you, Sparrow. No one else would have you!"

"íTis a good thing for both of us then," Jack said, trying to placate Willís annoyance. "Now then, are we going to stand here until the sun comes up, arguing, or do you want to try to get a little sleep in before we make anchor?"

"Sleep would be good, aye," Will admitted at last but then tugged on Jackís hand to make him stop as the older man turned and walked away.

"Iíd have been dead without you that first time we met and then dead again after Elizabeth died. Youíve saved my life and brought me back to life. I guess that means you own it. Iíve heard of a custom that says if you save a manís life, that life belongs to you. Iím saying it now, Jack Sparrow. Iím yours body, mind and... heart."

Jack smiled and tightened his fingers around Willís. "I never doubted that for a moment, young William."

"Good, I just wanted to make sure we were square on that fact," Will grinned and allowed himself to be tugged forward to the bed and then on top of Jack as the older man sprawled back on to the bed.

"That we are," Jack agreed, squirming enough to get himself comfortable and Will situated half next to, half on him. "Now get some sleep, Will, because I intend to keep you busy once we reach the island."

"Oh really and how do you plan on doing that?" Will asked, grinning as he pressed a kiss to Jackís tattooed shoulder. "I thought the whole point of going there was to rest, not to keep busy."

"You can combine the two, you know. Activity undertaken in bed counts toward rest."

"Do they even have beds on this island paradise?" Will asked laughing. "And I begin to see I have been demoted by this move into your cabin. Iím no longer master gunner or consort or even bedwarmer. Iím now a glorified cabin boy, am I?"

Jack snorted out a laugh. "Hammocks, and as for your work, youíll do every bit what you were before, youíll just have some added benefits is all." The captain arched his hips to emphasize the point.

"Oh, is that what youíre calling it now?" Will chuckled, nipping at a spare patch of flesh. "And how am I supposed to get to sleep if you keep yammering at me, Captain Sparrow?" the younger man asked archly, an eyebrow raised and mischief dancing in his eyes. "Keep it up and Iíll be too tired to service you in any way, shape or form."

"So sleep," Jack shrugged. "Iíll be as quiet as the grave, savvy?"

"I somehow doubt that but Iíll try nonetheless. Good night, my captain, and merry Christmas," Will sighed, kissing Jackís chest.

"Gínight, Will Turner, and a merry Christmas to you." Jack settled his arms around Willís waist, holding him tight as any treasure, and closed his eyes.

Quietly Will began to sing again, caroling his captain to sleep with words that took on a whole new meaning now that he and Jack had finally become lovers.

And all the Angels in Heavín did sing,
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;
And all the Angels in Heavín did sing,
On Christmas Day in the morning.

Then let us all rejoice again,
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;
Then let us all rejoice again,
On Christmas Day in the morning!


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