WARNING: Adult Content

Chapter 16

Draco stalked out of the great hall after the meeting was over, swearing in several different languages. He understood all to well why he would be under suspicion but having that fat toad cast aspersions on Harry just because, because heíd been linked to a Death Eater.

Dracoís shoulderís sagged. If this was the kind of reception Harry was going to get because heíd become romantically involved with a Death Eater then perhaps it was best for all concerned for the Death Eater in question to just fade into the woodwork. Draco had it on good authority that Bermuda was lovely this time of year.

"So, going to Switzerland are you? Better pack your heavy robes." Harry attempted a smile, though he felt exhausted and knew he looked it too. "And donít bring back any dairy maids."

"Donít want any dairy maids. Some Swiss chocolate maybe, if I was going, but Iím not. Iíve just decided, Iím running away to Bermuda. Iíd invite you to come but being linked with a, oooooh say a Death Eater, would be rather bad for your golden boy reputation. I promise to send you a postcard though," Draco muttered, wanting to kick something rather badly right now.

Harryís eyes narrowed slightly. "Hope you have a good time. Donít burn your arse while youíre tanning."

Draco sighed. "Harry, Iím no good for you. Look at those lunkheads in there and the things they were saying and these are people who work with you. What will the general wizarding world say, what will the Daily Prophet and rags like that print? Iím not worth what theyíll do to you."

"What did you say?" Harry drew himself up, for the moment throwing off the constant aches of the curses that still clung to him to stare at Draco in shock and growing anger. "Do you think I give a flying fuck what any of the think? Hell, theyíve crucified me before, what do I care if they do it again."

"Potter, be reasonable, youíve got your whole life ahead of you now, you can be an auror, a teacher, hell you could be the minister of magic or an international quidditch star if you wanted. But not if youíre linked to me. Iíd only bring you down. I mean, well Iím not suggesting that you lose me completely. I could be your bit of fluff on the side and Iíd be a perfect bit of fluff too," Draco finished at an attempt at humor.

"Just like you were reasonable when you snuck off on me, right?" Harry snarled, pushing forward into Dracoís personal space. "If thatís what you think of me, of us, then fuck you, Malfoy."

Snapping his jaw closed before he said something he really regretted, Harry spun on his heel and stalked down the hallway, wanting to find some kind of privacy before he collapsed.

"What? Potter, Harry! Wait up will you? You prat!" Draco yelled and took off down the hall after his lover. He finally caught up to Potter just as the Gryffindor collapsed and barely managed to get close enough to catch him. As it was Dracoís knees hit the cold stone floor with a rather bone jarring, and painful, thud.

"Stupid bloody git," Draco moaned, gently picking Harry up and carrying him to the set of rooms Dumbledore had provided Draco with upon his release from the infirmary. For though still technically Slytherin it was decided that it would be safer for Draco to live Ďhouselessí until graduation. Therefore he had been assigned a small set of rooms near Minerva McGonagallís and therefore close to the Gryffindor tower.

Striding to his door portrait where a seductive Morgana le Fey purred and licked her lips as he came into view, Draco smiled at the lovely enchantress. "Password, mílord Dragon?" she leered.

"Carpe Noctum, Morgana," he grinned and she swung herself open. Carrying Harry in past the sitting room and straight to the bedroom, he ignored the Gryffindorís struggles and dumped him unceremoniously on his bed. "Stay put you stupid sodding Gryffindor, unless you want Madame Pomfrey to slap you back under a soporis!" he growled.

"What the hell were you thinking, Harry? You were dead for fuckís sake; do you want to end up in that state again?"

"Donít worry, I wonít cut short your little trip to Bermuda," Harry panted, struggling to a sitting position and glaring at Draco.

"Fuck you, Potter, I was just trying to protect you," Draco snarled, glaring down at his lover. "I figured youíd been through enough you didnít need to watch the persecution of Draco Malfoy while you were at it. Forgive me for worrying about the person I love more than my own fucking life!"

"For someone who says that youíre trying pretty damn hard to push me away! Has it ever occurred to you that I donít give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks? Iím worried about you, Malfoy. You. I almost hexed McNair back to the Stone Ages when he went after you and why do you think I did that? Not because Iím ashamed of you but because I fucking love you!"

Dracoís posture softened and then with a sigh he removed his poor and jostled occamy from about his neck and put her into her nest on the night table, then lay down on the bed next to his lover. "We seem to be at cross purposes here. Iím trying to protect you and youíre trying to protect me and weíre both miserably unhappy. Iím not quite sure why you do love me, but thank you," he replied solemnly, his fingers trembling as they ghosted over Harryís cheekbones.

"You scared ten years off of my life when you collapsed, you know that donít you?"

Harry closed his eyes and leaned into Dracoís touch, at the same time bringing up his hand and holding the blondís fingers against his face. "Thatís the first time youíve let me touch you since weíve been back," he murmured. "And if it scared ten years off your life, theyíre off mine too, so weíre even."

"Youíve been so weak and there was that whole being in the infirmary thing," Draco murmured. "Iíve been worried to death about you. Hellfires, Potter, you died. Heart stopped beating, blood and hexes everywhere; it was the worst moments of my life.

"I donít even remember half the things everyone tells me I did, all I remember is holding your lifeless body in my arms and praying for death. If that bloody spell hadnít of worked I would have, I would have," Draco couldnít finish the sentence and knew he didnít have to, that Harry would know what he meant.

"But it worked," Harry said quietly. "Thatís what matters. Donít they realize youíre the one who killed Voldemort? Why are they all being so pig-headed?"

"No, Harry, it was you, he was already dying, I just helped things along, thatís all," Draco replied, pulling the Gryffindor into his arms and gently brushing the messy mop of hair out of his loverís eyes. Tugging off Harryís glasses he placed them on the nightstand next to his pet and then levitated a blanket up over them.

"Iím never letting you go again, just so you know," Draco murmured, brushing a soft kiss against Harryís forehead and the now somewhat faded scar. "Youíre just stuck with me now."

"Planning on getting out the spellotape?" Harry mumbled, exhaustion hitting him hard once he began to calm down.

"Whatever it takes to keep you safe," Draco vowed, "now get some sleep. I promise not to go anywhere except maybe to the loo. Iíll have to tell Madame Pomfrey youíre here but Iím pretty sure I can present a good argument for keeping you overnight. Sleep, lover, let me look after you."

Harry yawned and nodded, his eyes already closing. "Doní forget to feed your occamy. Still have to name her ya know."

"I was thinking of calling her Artemis," Draco murmured pressing a soft kiss to each of Harryís eyelids. "Only fitting that something as lovely and as," Draco snickered, "perfect as she is should be named after a goddess. Now stop talking and sleep you stubborn Gryffindor. The longer it takes for you to get better, the longer it will be before we make love, got it?"

"Sodding nutcase," Harry murmured, turning toward Dracoís warmth and falling into a dreamless sleep for the first time in days.

"But Iím your nutcase, Potter," Draco grinned, kissing his loverís lush lips before snuggling in closer for a nap of his own. A put out hissing noise had Draco reaching his arm out to the nighttable so Artemis could slither herself across his arm for a quick trip up to the bed where she curled, content, above Draco and Harryís heads, guarding her master and his mate while they slept.

Harry woke some time later, he wasnít sure when as he couldnít read the clock. Draco was curled up against him, and the occamy snored lightly over both their heads, her quiet hiss a comforting addition to the room.

Grimacing as he twisted, realizing he had to use the toilet now, Harry slid off the bed and hobbled to the loo, leaning against the wall as he relieved himself then headed back to bed.

He climbed in under the quilt and gently stroked a finger over the image on Dracoís forearm, tracing the lines of the dark mark and hating the fact that it was his fault it was there at all.

"Youíre thinking so loud that Iím pretty sure they can hear you in the Hufflepuff common room... and their tower is on the other side of the castle," Draco murmured, his silver gray eyes sliding open to look at Harry. Bringing his other hand up, he caught Harryís in it and brought it up to his lips, kissing it.

"It was my choice, Potter, and I knew what I was getting myself into when I made it. I had no illusions; I went into Voldemortís camp knowing exactly what would happen and why. You couldnít have stopped me even had you tried. So stop blaming yourself, okay?"

"I will if you will," Harry answered calmly.

"And what exactly am I blaming myself for?" an eyebrow arched in mild curiosity as he sucked first one then another finger into his mouth, laving them hungrily before moving on to the next digit an the next.

"Apparently, ruining my life." Harryís voice was growing rougher, and he closed his eyes, concentrating on the way Draco was teasing him.

"Ahhh," Draco drawled, "but itís easier to say than do, besides, it was my choice to go and itís apparently my choice again thatís ruining your life," the Slytherin pointed out logically, "therefore it stands to reason that I should blame myself for both events as both events have been caused by my decisions," Dracoís tongue finally finished with Harryís fingers and began to wend itís way down his loverís palm, teasing the soft skin of Harryís inner wrist with his wicked tongue.

"And are you going to blame yourself for me being alive?" Harry asked, finally giving into his need and tugging Draco in for a kiss the likes of which they hadnít shared in a month.

"Never," Draco moaned breathlessly. "Iíll never feel guilty about that. Of all the things Iíve done itís perhaps my most selfish but itís also the best thing Iíve ever done. Youíre a rare and wonderful thing, Harry Potter, and the world would be a much darker place without you in it."

"And they say Slytherinís arenít romantic." Harry smiled, reaching up to trace Dracoís lips, wishing they could do more, but already feeling sleep creeping up on him again. "Youíre my sun, Draco. There wouldnít be a world without you."

"Funny, I think thatís what everyone is saying about you right now," Draco chuckled. "Go back to sleep, you delusional Gryffindor, Iíll be here when you wake up," the blond promised, drawing Harry into the circle of his arms once more and petting him until he felt Harryís breathing deepen into true slumber.

Looking over at the clock, Draco slid out from beneath his lover and sighed. Stroking Artemisí plumes lightly until she woke up he whispered. "Come and get me when he begins to wake up, will you? I need to get some work done in the sitting room." A hiss of assent and a flick of a tongue across his palm in affection and Artemis wound her serpentine body on the pillow to watch and wait.

Walking into the sitting room, Draco closed the door enough to allow Harry to rest without being disturbed but left a gap for Artemis to get through. Walking directly to the fireplace, he put a pinch of floo powder into it and contacted Madam Pomfrey first to let her know that Harry was with him and was sleeping soundly. Next he contacted Dumbledore and asked if the Headmaster could arrange to have a floo network opened from his fireplace at Hogwarts to the one in his bedroom at Malfoy Manor so that he could retrieve the journals that the Order needed.

Draco had no concerns that those accused of working for the Death Eaters would be able to find them as the Headmaster and Professor Snape had both placed wards and obscurity spells on the Manor making it impossible to detect or find before Draco had gone over to Voldemort. Draco had wanted his mother protected no matter what and this was just part of it. There was also a piece of paper from the Ministry of Magic expressly stating that the Malfoy Manor was clean of all Dark Arts paraphernalia and as the heir Draco now inherited everything under wizarding law.

Which meant no one could enter the manor without his consent and nothing could be confiscated without his knowledge. And even better, since Draco was still a student at Hogwarts all requests must first go through Albus Dumbledore.

After Dumbledore agreed to have the floo connection set up momentarily, Draco summoned his wand and did a quick search and summon spell aimed at Weasley and Hermione. All that done, Draco turned to look at Morgana, his door portrait. "Let me know when Weasley and Hermione Granger arrive, would you? Iím expecting them.

"Of course, Sir Draco," the sorceress smiled coyly.

And then Draco waited.

"Mmm, pretty. Time for a party?" the portrait outside Dracoís door purred at Ron and Hermione when they arrived. "Iíll let mílord Dragon know youíre here."

When Draco opened the door, Hermione smiled, though her expression was strained. "I think the lot of those ministry officials need to be taken out and switched." She shot a worried look at Ron who seemed unaware of what was going on, then leaned over to give Draco a hug, whispering in his ear. "Percy isnít doing well at all."

Dracoís face fell. Though he may have lived to insult the Weasley clan for a long time, he and Ron and eventually the rest of the Weasleyís had found a strange sort of dťtente with Harry as the reason. They all wanted Harry to be happy so therefore if Draco made Harry happy and the Weasleys made Harry happy then Draco and the Weasleys would have to learn to get along. Which they did.

Having no siblings of his own, he could only imagine how Ron must feel and being the one whoíd not so long ago been a constant thorn in the collective Weasley childrenís side, Draco felt he had no place to say anything, not even condolences. Squeezing Hermioneís arm lightly he nodded and then motioned to the other seats in the living room.

"Sorry about Morgana, sheís a dreadful flirt. Iíve even caught her flirting with McGonagall when your house head walks by," he grinned. "Harryís asleep in the other room with Artemis, would you mind staying here in case he needs someone? Iíll have to introduce you both to Artemis; sheís in full Ďprotect her eggsí mode even though sheís only a hatchling herself. I guess she figures Harry and I need protecting," he said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I need to floo to Malfoy Manor to retrieve some things. I shouldnít be gone long. Damnation, I forgot to contact Uncle Sev to come with me. Dumbledore figures I shouldnít be going anywhere on my own right now," Draco grumbled. "This is a pain in the arse."

"Having you dead would be an even bigger pain in the arse," Ron answered, trying to act more like his normal self. "If you canít get a hold of him, Iíll go with you. Might do me some good to get away, and Ďmione can let us know if - if anything changes here."

"Of course," she agreed, praying there wouldnít be a need.

"I always knew you Weasleys wanted to get a good look inside Malfoy Manor," Draco smirked, wanting to provide a distraction, if nothing else. "But I donít know if you could handle it, I mean all that elegance and grace and shiny sparkly things, I donít know if youíd be able to survive the shock. And thereís not a single knitted thing in sight!"

Hermione opened her mouth to chastise Draco but then saw the gleam in his eyes and the subtle quirk of an eyebrow and subsided. There was color back in Ronís cheeks and he seemed more... alive, then he had since visiting Percy. Maybe Draco had the right idea. "You two, if youíre going to wake Harry up Iím hexing you both. Now introduce me to Artemis and then go, and thatís an order!"

Chuckling silently as Hermione caught on and joined the game, Draco went and fetched Artemis from the bedroom, stating he didnít want to offend Ronís delicate sensibilities by making the redhead see his best mate lying sound asleep in Dracoís bed with a look of contentment on his face.

Ron snorted at that. "Sod off, Malfoy. As if youíd be doing anything considering the condition heís in. Now introduce us to your snake so I can take you to go get your sparkly shoes or whatever it is you need from the palace."

Silently thanking Draco again, Hermione held her hand out for the occamy to smell. Sheíd been there when Artemis hatched, but she wanted to be sure the winged snake remembered her, though small, the occamy had a dangerous bite.

Artemis flicked her tongue over the hand and remembered the scent-taste of Hermione. This one was a friend. She did the same for the male who had hair the color of some of her plumes and memorized his scent-taste as well. These were both friends, they could touch her hatchlings.

"Bollocks," Ron breathed looking down at the silvery serpentine like creature. "And sheís gonna get to be bigger than Nagini? Iím glad Iím being introduced as a friend so she wonít decide to have me for lunch!"

"Oh please, she has better taste than to eat a Weasley," Draco sniffed. "She wouldnít want to get indigestion for eating something too commonplace. She is a rare and magical creature, after all," he continued as he went back into the room to replace Artemis on the bed, forgetting to draw the door shut behind him so that the two occupants of the sitting room had a birdís eye view of Harry asleep on the bed.

Tenderly brushing the black shag out of Harryís face, Draco ran a soft finger down his cheek. "Sweet dreams, Potter. Dream of you and I and all the things we have time for now. I love you." Brushing his lips across the lightening bolt scar and then his loverís lips, Draco made sure that the covers were pulled up and Harryís glasses were within reaching distance before turning. And saw Ron and Hermione staring unabashedly at he and Harry. "Oh bollocks," he groaned. "Not a word. Not one infernal word, got it?"

Ron gave Hermione a Ďwould I say anythingí look, and then winced when she stepped on his foot. Hard.

Making a shooing motion with her hands, Hermione gestured them both over to the urn that held the floo powder. "Go on, the two of you. I donít want to have to explain to Harry what youíre up to if he wakes while youíre gone."

She waited until theyíd both taken a pinch of the powder. "Now be safe and no fighting! I want the two of you back here in the same condition you left."

"In Malfoyís case, that would be sickly sweet, right?" Ron grinned, unable to control himself any longer.

Draco backhanded the redhead in the stomach without malice and then grinned at Hermione. "Yes Mother Ďmione, may we leave now?" he grinned at the Gryffindor, throwing his floo powder down and saying "Malfoy Manor, Dracoís bedroom," quite distinctly before she could get in a parting shot.

Ron groaned. "Should have known this was all a ploy to get me in his bedroom," he muttered before tossing his powder in and repeating Malfoyís words.

"Youíre not my type, Weasley," Draco said dryly as Ron stepped out of the fireplace. "Besides, would you want to cheat on Harry, knowing what he can do?" he continued, arching an eyebrow.

"The reason I wanted my bedroom is because I know the wards placed here intimately and Iíd know immediately if someone had tried to breach them other than my mother or the house elves, all of whom are keyed to be allowed in." Heading for the door, Draco looked back over his shoulder and had to chuckle at the way Ron was looking around at the opulence of his Ďchildísí room. "If you think this is bad you should see my parentsí," he casually informed the Gryffindor. "So, are you coming or not. And I donít mean that sexually either."

"Oh, like I was going to take it that way, crazy git," Ron mumbled, following Draco out of the bedroom, trying to hide his awe at the wealth that surrounded him. Mind, he preferred the homey clutter of the burrow, but Malfoyís home was grand, he had to give it that.

"So, whereís this stuff of your fatherís you have to get?" he asked, fingering his wand as if expecting a hoard of renegade Death Eaters to come charging out of every shadow. "And is your mum around?"

"Weíre here to get the papers I was telling Dumbledore about. As for my mother, the minute it was socially acceptable for mother to give up mourning, she was apparating to our villa in the Cote díAzur in the south of France. Mother has never been fond of English weather. Sheís decided to move to France permanently. I may see her from time to time here but Malfoy Manor is simply mine now. I had planned on redecorating and renovating once I graduated but thatís still a few months and my N.E.W.Tís away."

Leading Ron down the grand staircase to the main level Draco turned down one of the many corridors and after a few more turns led Ron into his fatherís study. "Do us both a favor and donít touch anything. My fatherís posessions wouldnít react well. A couple of aurors nearly lost a hand. Just make sure no one surprises us. And donít Avada the house elves," he admonished as he muttered the appropriate unlocking spell and sat at his fatherís desk in order to find the papers and evidence Dumbledore required to substantiate Dracoís claims from the meeting that afternoon.

"Not a problem," Ron mumbled, looking around the office with an expression that combined disgust and trepidation. Merlyn, if Lucius didnít keep his really bad stuff here, just how bad was his hidey-hole? As he thought that, Ron recalled the spell Malfoy had performed to bring Harry back to life. Necromancy - oh yeah, it was some bad shite all right.

"So is uh, everything okay? With you and Harry?" he asked, distracting himself from dark corners where horrid things such as Weasley-eating spiders could hide.

Draco looked up from where he was sorting through ledgers and papers for a moment. "Itís better than it was, weíre working on it. We have guilt issues," Draco said with a shrug before going back to what he was doing. "So, when are you going to work up the nerve to ask Hermione to marry you?" he rejoined without missing a beat. "Sheís just waiting for the question you know, but she wonít wait forever."

Ron turned red, then white. "Whot? Did she say something to you?"

Draco looked up in disbelief and blinked. "Are you for real? No, donít answer that, of course you are. Weasley, have you even told her you love her yet?"

"Yes! Of course! Ďmione knows how I feel about her..." Ron sputtered to a stop. "I mean, she should. Weíve been together, I mean..."

Draco shook his head despairingly. "Before we leave here weíre going to take a trip into my motherís rose garden, youíre going to pick Hermione a dozen roses and when you get back you will tell her, do you hear me, Ronald Weasley, TELL her that you love her. Bloody hell man, Iím probably the last person in the world who likes to vocalize his emotions and I have told Harry I love him. Repeatedly. They like to hear it as much as say it. Git."

Ron narrowed his eyes and glared at Draco, but stopped short of actually throttling the bugger, if only because he had a point. Of course, having Malfoy order him to tell Hermione he loved her grated, but this was one case where he could swallow his pride as he didnít want it to cost him her love.

"Fine, weíll do that. Oh, and youíre the git if youíre including Harry with the female gender when youíre saying Ďthey like to hear ití."

"Oh believe me, Weasley I am very aware that Harry is completely male," Draco smirked with a knowing smile. "You could say Iím intimately acquainted with the knowledge."

Now Ronís nauseous look was for another reason entirely. "No details, Malfoy, not a single one. Got it?"

Draco mimed sealing his lips while his eyes danced with unholy glee. A few more seconds of rummaging and he had what he wanted, the rest he sent back into his fatherís safe and resealed it and added a great number of wards, alarms, hexes and sealing spells to keep it safe.

"Now then, the rose garden for you and the hothouse for me. I think Iíll bring Harry something back as well, to cheer him up. Shall we, Weasley?"

"Best we go together. Donít want both Harry and Hermione brassed off at me because something happened to you."

"Very well, roses first as theyíre heartier and then lilies from the hothouse. You wouldnít happen to know if he had a favorite species of them would you?" Draco asked as he led the way outside to his motherís rose garden.

Ron shook his head as they walked out of the office. "No, not that heís ever mentioned. Why lilies... Ah, never mind, even the dumbest bloke gets the picture sometimes."

"Great Merlyn, thereís hope for you yet!" Draco laughed, clapping Ron on the back. "Now if only I had time to teach you about etiquette, the proper way to woo your loved one and other essentials. Although with Hermione, books would work better than chocolates and sheíd probably take a trip to some place bookish over sharing an ice cream at Florian Fortesques. But baby steps are good. Baby steps will keep a dazed look in her eyes while you learn how to walk upright."

"Oi, give the man an inch and he thinks heís bloody Cupid," Ron sighed. "You tend to your romance and let me tend to mine." He paused, then managed a smile. "But thanks for the advice."

Draco shrugged. "I just donít want to see you let the best thing thatís ever happened to you slip away. Take it from me, I know of which I speak," the blond shuddered as he remembered those moments in between reaching Harry and when the spell worked only too damned clearly. "Now shall we?"

Chapter 17

It had taken Draco a rather long time to approve every rose that Ron picked and he even took the time to explain why some colors of roses were bad to choose while others were good. Ron had looked at him as if heíd lost his marbles when he explained that one could carry on an entire conversation with nothing but flowers but Draco nonetheless persevered and soon Ron had a very impressive courtship bouquet in his hands.

It had been much easier with Harry, Draco had just picked one of every kind of lily he could until the bunch was almost too big to hold in one hand. That done the pair quickly returned to Dracoís room after re-warding the house and Draco motioned for Ron to go first so he could reset the wards on his fireplace. "And make sure you tell her you love her when you give her the flowers because if you donít Iím turning you into a toad!"

"In front of you and Harry?" Ron looked horrified at the prospect. "Canít I at least wait until weíve got some privacy?"

"Youíll have my sitting room. Iíll take the lilies in to Harry, but Iím leaving the door open to make sure you do it," Draco growled. "Now floo." "Bastard," Ron growled without heat before dropping the powder into the fire and heading back to Hogwarts, well aware his knees were shaking inside his trousers.

Arriving back at Hogwarts a few seconds later, Draco calmly dusted himself off and then threw some floo powder into the flames. "Iíve retrieved what you needed Headmaster, if you could have the floo network closed now?"

"Of course, my dear boy, of course. Come down to my office when youíre ready."

Shooting Weasley a pointed glance, Draco smiled at Hermione and took a lily out of his bouquet, presenting it to her with a flourish. "A small token of my appreciation for staying with Harry. Now if youíll excuse me, I have some lilies to deliver."

"Thank you, Draco!" Hermione exclaimed, smiling over the lily in a way that had Ron realizing maybe he hadnít been romantic enough.

"ímione... Iíve got something to tell you..."

Hearing the door, Harry stirred, opening his eyes and yawning, then smiling and reaching for his glasses when he saw a Draco-shaped blur approaching the bed. "Sorry, guess I dozed off there for a bit. Everything okay?"

"Everythingís fine," Draco assured his lover, bending to brush his lips against Harryís. "I brought you something," he continued, holding out the lilies for Harry. "I wasnít sure what you liked so I brought one of as many as I could carry."

"Flowers? Oh... lilies." Harry reached out to take the fragile blossoms and inhaled their scent. "Thank you." Not quit sure of what to say next, he caught Dracoís hand, pulling him in for a kiss that was interrupted by a yell from the next room.

"Ronald Weasley, it took you long enough!"

Draco chuckled. "Would it be bad form of me to say I told you so to the Weasel?" he asked, a smirk very visible on his lips while he continued to eavesdrop shamelessly.

"But I thought you knew? I mean I knew and there was no one else for me but you and..." Ron trailed off.

"Men!" Hermione sniffed before ordering Ron not to move one inch. Sticking her head around the cracked open door she looked radiantly happy and there were actually tears in her eyes. Looking at Draco she mouthed Thank you and blew him a kiss before saying out loud, "Ron and I are leaving now. Donít worry weíll be back to visit later, Harry, and keep you company while Draco goes to Diagon Alley but Iíve got some roses to put in water."

Draco waited until the portrait door shut before bursting into laughter. "Oh please tell me I can say I told you so, Potter, please!"

"Go ahead and say it, I have the feeling youíll burst otherwise. Might I ask what youíre so smug about other then the fact that Hermione is beaming?"

"The stupid sod still hadnít told Hermione that he loves her. So I made him pick a bouquet of roses from Motherís rose garden and told him he had to tell her before they left my sitting room," Draco beamed. "And I was right; she liked the flowers and the git saying the words too."

"But surely she knew... I mean theyíve been together forever..." Harry stopped at frowned when Draco burst into laughter. "What?"

"Thatís exactly what Weasley said," he sniggered, wiping the tears of mirth away. "People like to be told these things, Potter, not just assume itís true.

"For example, how do you feel when I tell you that I love you, I adore you, I would give up everything for you and never regret a single moment, that you are my life and Iíd be lost without you?" he murmured, putting the lilies in a water-filled pitcher on a small table nearby so that he could go and lie down next to his lover. "And itís true, you know, every blessed word."

"Itís a little over the top, but thatís you, Malfoy," Harry smiled, shifting over so that Draco had more room on the bed. "But it feels good. Just like it feels good when I tell you I love you."

"There you have it, now you see why I insisted he tell Hermione? People need to hear these things every so often, and not just have to assume them," Draco replied in lofty tones. "Now, I have half an hour before I need to report to Dumbledoreís office, wanna snog?" he asked, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

"You may want to say hello to Artemis first." Harry nodded at the serpent who was fluttering her tiny wings, raising half her length off the pillow. "After that, snog all you want."

"Now how could I ever forget my beautiful goddess," Draco smiled, stroking along the occamyís back and letting her tongue flick against his skin in welcome. Artemis moved to curl around Dracoís wrist for long moments and then released him and half fluttered half slithered off the bed to go explore her rooms again and maybe catch a mouse or two, leaving Draco and Harry alone.

"We should maybe introduce her to Hedwig while sheís still young enough she wonít try and eat her," Draco suggested as he snuggled down next to Harry, looking at him carefully.

"Your color is much better and there doesnít seem to be as many circles under your eyes. Shall I have Madam Pomfrey send your medicines up here and tell her youíre staying the night?" he suggested. Of course heíd prefer Harry to stay permanently; however, the teachers might frown upon such a thing as setting a bad example for the remaining students. Not that Draco cared a whit about them right now; all he wanted was for Harry to keep getting better.

"You may want to ask her, not tell her or sheís sure to say no," Harry commented wryly. "But if she says yes, Iím all for it. You can even promise her youíll make sure I drink all my potions. Merlyn, I swear Snape dipped his old socks into some of them just to spite me!" He grinned at the last.

"If he was trying to spite you, Potter, heíd have had Longbottom make them for you," Draco laughed. "Snape just doesnít believe in mollycoddling students by making things taste pleasant. A potion," Dracoís voice took on the imperious tones of Severus Snape, "is not a treat, it is a magical device meant for higher purposes then to tickle the taste buds. If you want to feed those sniveling little brats chocolate to make them feel better than do so but do not think for a moment I will compromise the quality of my potions just to add a bit of sugar to make them taste better!" he finished with a decided sneer before collapsing on the bed in a fit of laughter.

"I love him very much but he really can be a pretentious and overbearing prick, canít he?"

"If you think Iím going to disagree with you on that subject, youíve got another think coming. Now hurry up and get permission so I can kiss you silly before you go need to meet Dumbledore or I fall asleep again."

Harry actually growled at the last. "Iím so ruddy tired of being tired all the time. I canít do anything and itís driving me starkers."

"Potter, you are the most stubborn git Iíve ever met," Draco sighed in fond exasperation. "You fought the most powerful dark wizard in who knows how long, matched him spell for spell, killed him, died, and then came back from the dead. The very fact youíre up and walking around is a miracle in and of itself. Personally, Iím just thankful that youíre breathing and not a vegetable! Now give your body and your magic a chance to recover, will you?"

Shaking his head, Draco went back into the sitting room to speak with Madam Pomfrey and then returned a short time later, potions in hand. "Apparently Dumbledore already told her where you were, she was just waiting for one of us to contact her to send the potions. Sheís included a dreamless sleep potion that she wants you to take before falling asleep tonight, but donít try and wait up for me. If you get tired, take it. Iíll be here when you wake up, all right?"

Harry eyes the various bottles with distaste. "Yes, Nanny Draco," he sighed. "Iíll be a good little wizard and drink all my potions before bed." He paused, then smiled wickedly. "If you tell me a bedtime story."

Draco groaned. "Youíre trying to kill me, arenít you? Despite my supporting Dumbledore and you lot, I am not a good wizard, Potter. Iím a very, very bad wizard. I want to do very, very bad things to you and youíre still recovering and Iím trying to be noble but thatís like expecting a Gryffindor to think first and then leap into the fray."

"Compliments like that will get you nowhere. Fine, Malfoy, Iíll behave so you donít have to strain your conscience with worry about injuring me or some such rot. We can have a civilized conversation - to whit; did you find everything you needed to at the Manor?"

"Why as a matter of fact, Harry, I did. Thank you for asking. Conversation done, shut up now," Draco growled as he lowered his head to ravage the idiot Gryffindorís mouth thoroughly, leaving them both panting and breathless when he was done.

"And if I tell you a story I wonít be in any respectable condition to go meet with Dumbledore. Can you just picture it, Ďum, no, Headmaster, that isnít a firecracker in my robe, I just spent the past half hour telling erotic night time stories to my boyfriend and now Iíve got a woody.í"

Harry snickered at that description and slid a hand between them to cup Dracoís groin. "Well, I could make sure you were... exploded before you left. Wouldnít want Dumbledore offering you a mint to relieve your state, right?"

"Potter, I adore you, truly I do, but if you dare speak of Dumbledore and sex in the same sentence ever again I will be moving directly to Bermuda, alone!" Draco groaned and then groaned for another reason as Harry began to massage his rapidly responding prick.

"Harry should you be... oh thatís bloody brilliant! But you really shouldnít... oi, whatíre you... oh bollocks!" Draco cried out as Harryís mouth wrapped around his cock, making him lose all coherent thought.

Harry grinned around the thick flesh, shifting downward to get comfortable and not strain anything. He wanted to concentrate on Draco, not his own aches and pains. Pulling back, he smirked and placed a kiss on the head of Malfoyís cock. "Itíll give my throat a good coating so those potions taste better," he murmured before diving in again, taking up a slow rhythm of sucking and licking.

"Merlyn, Iím reduced to a pre-potions chaser," Draco muttered but nonetheless fell back on his elbows to enjoy the sensations that Harry was providing.

"And you have a problem with this?" Harry muttered, letting his lips slide over the head of Dracoís erection.

Draco gurgled unintelligibly and managed to shake his head in the negative before he was reduced to mindless whimpers of need. His hips began to thrust up and down of their own accord and he tried desperately not to slam into Harryís mouth but it had been so long and, well, he was a horny teenager.

Closing his eyes and relaxing as much as possible, Harry rocked with the motion of Dracoís hips, stroking his hands along the Slytherinís thighs as he felt the tension growing in him.

Dracoís hands reached to card through Harryís hair and he stroked his fingers over his loverís cheek, feeling his erection moving in and out of Harryís mouth through the soft skin he found there. It was by far the most erotic thing heíd felt in an age.

"Soon, when youíre better, Iím going to make slow love to you, Potter. Itís going to take all day. Iíll start with kisses, and then nibbles and then touches and I wonít leave an inch of you unexplored. I mean it, all bloody day!" Draco groaned, fighting the urge to buck his hips upwards.

Harry shuddered at the thought and murmured his assent around the thin skin under his lips. He felt a tremor of desire shoot through him, but either Madame Pomfreyís potions or lingering exhaustion caused his cock to do little more then twitch.

The tiny murmur against him was more than enough and with a hoarse cry Draco was filling Harryís mouth with his seed as his fists clenched a little tighter and his body arched a little higher off the bed. "Harry, oh merciful maker," he gasped before sagging back into the mattress, his hands releasing their death grip on raven hair in order to take Harry by the shoulders and pull him upwards.

Kissing him hungrily and tasting himself in Harryís mouth, Draco sighed and softened the kiss until he was simply nibbling on his loverís lips. "Soon, love, when youíre better," he finally whispered, holding Harry tight.

Harry smiled and nipped at Dracoís jaw line. "Tell Snape if this is a side-effect of one of his potions, Iím going to strangle him."

Draco chuckled but wisely kept his mouth shut on the subject of Harryís, umm, lack of wood. "Iíd best shower before heading to the headmasterís office," he sighed, looking down at a warm and sleepy Harry in his bed. "Who the hell needs sleeping beauty when Iíve already got the prince in my bed?" he murmured, brushing his lips across Harryís forehead. "Sleep, love. Iíll be home as soon as I can."

"Fool," Harry murmured, smiling.

"Iím better, I donít need any more potions and Iím not going to lie around any more while everyone else is out there risking their lives! Itís been a month; Iím recovered. Now you can give me something to do or Iím going to go out and find something to do and you know how that usually ends up!"

Draco sat, sprawled, in one of Dumbledoreís chairs watching the scene with some amusement. Heíd known this day was coming, what with Harry becoming more and more restless while he, Ron, Hermione and the others worked on the clean up and aftermath of the battle.

Most of the Death Eaters had been rounded up but there were still a few out there. The corruption in the ministry had been rooted out and purged and the Dementors had been done away with. And Harry had been left on the sidelines, growing more and more frustrated and annoyed all the while the others did something.

"My dear boy," Dumbledore began, looking at Draco for help and then sighing as the Slytherin sat there, gray eyes dancing with unholy mirth and a definite ĎI told you soí expression on his face. "Havenít you done enough, Harry? You killed Voldemort, you died in order to do so, and you lived for years under his shadow. The wizarding world owes you a great debt; why not let them pay it?"

When he saw the stubborn set to Harryís jaw and the ever widening smirk on Dracoís face, he knew he was beaten. "Very well then, Harry, you may study for your N.E.W.Tís and pass them with flying colors and," he continued, holding up a hand to forestall any protest, "you may assist Draco, Ron and Hermione in the dismantling of a number of Death Eater strongholds we have captured. There are curses to be removed, hexes to be destroyed and wards to be brought down. Leave the rest of the Death Eaters to the aurors and Remus. For now at least. Does this satisfy you?"

Harry started to grouse about the word Ďassistí, but bit his tongue, deciding it was better then being stuck back in Gryffindor or worse, in the infirmary again. "Yes, sir. So does this mean classes are going to start up again?" What with many students still at home with their parents and part of Hogwarts being used as a sort of command central for the Order, there hadnít been any regular classes for over a month, and Merlyn knew when the N.E.W.Tís were going to be held.

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes, most of the younger students should be coming back this weekend, so regular classes will begin again on Monday." He looked at the two boys sharply. "Which you both will be required to attend as well as Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger if you would pass the word onto them. Your Ďextraí activities will be confined to the hours after class."

Draco groaned, earning a sharp glance from Dumbledore. "Not to be rude or anything, Headmaster, but when exactly does that leave us time for such minor things as, oh, eating, sleeping and homework?" he asked ever so politely, not to mention shagging my boyfriend! he thought morosely.

"You are intelligent young men," Dumbledore twinkled, "Iím sure you can figure something out."

Once theyíd been excused and were back in the hall outside the now closed stairway to Dumbledoreís office, Harry groaned. "He tells me to take it easy, then piles all that on us. What is the man thinking? Maybe we can find that Time Turner Ďmione had in third year..."

"The man is thinking if weíre exhausted enough we wonít be shagging every five seconds like the horny teenagers we are. Heís trying to curtail our sex life," Draco sulked. "Itís a conspiracy, I tell you! If itís not Weasley and Hermione stopping in for a friendly visit, itís Pomfrey checking up on you, or McGonagall making sure my wards are safe, or Snape wanting to discuss my fatherís other library, or you having to be in Gryffindor for a meeting. Itís a bloody conspiracy!"

Harry would have laughed at Dracoís put out expression if the blondís words hadnít matched his own thoughts exactly. "And I expect Iíll be back in Gryffindor this weekend along with everyone else." Honestly, he had been surprised that the headmaster had let him stay with Draco as long as he had.

"You know what we both need?" Dracoís leer spoke volumes, and Harry chuckled. "Well, other then that. Letís grab our brooms and a snitch and go at it. Might not be quite what we want, but I doubt itíll get interrupted."

"And maybe we can spot a place where we can hide out and go at it in a whole different manner!" Draco grinned happily. "And you know what the worst part is? I just know that the Weasel is getting more action than either of us. There is something so wrong with that, really!"

Grabbing Harryís hand Draco tugged his lover along as he walked extremely briskly along the hallways, making sure to take the lesser-used corridors to avoid teachers and students and other busybodies intent on interfering in his and Harryís lives.

"And how do you know that?" Harry asked as they scooted outside and toward the broom shed. "Have you been spying?"

"Oh please, Weasley howls like the hound of the Baskervilles in heat when he comes, Iím surprised you and McGonagall slept through it!" Draco snorted.

"Aha! You have been spying!" Harry gloated. "And of course I can sleep through it; I sleep through his snoring, donít I?"

"I was merely passing by the Gryffindor tower on my way to the kitchen for a late night snack," Draco replied haughtily before grabbing his broom. "Last one to the quidditch pitch has to be the bottom for a week when we get our sex lives back," he laughed as he hopped on and bolted out the door, racing skyward.

Cursing, but realizing it didnít really matter who won, Harry snagged his Firebolt and threw himself aboard, hurtling after Draco and joining in an impromptu game of tag in the sky.

Draco lay in the middle of the quidditch pitch, his head pillowed on Harryís stomach, laughing breathlessly. "I canít remember the last time that quidditch was this much fun. Itís rather a pleasant change not to have it all be a deadly game of house loyalties and what not. I suppose Slytherin will have to forfeit the remainder of its matches. We donít have much of a team left after... well weíve lost two chasers, two beaters and who knows if theyíll want a traitor for a seeker and captain."

"You arenít a traitor," Harry said quietly, stroking Dracoís white-blond hair back off his forehead. "Sad to say, but I doubt anyone who would think that will be back at all."

Trying to cheer Draco, he chuckled. "Well, at least youíll have a reason for Slytherin losing the rest of their games, not excuses like usual."

Draco flipped on to his stomach and growled before crawling up Harryís body. "You only won the last game by ten points, Potter, and the only reason you did is because I took a swan dive into the ground."

Harry winced at the memory. "Yeah, there was that."

"Oh, donít be such a drama queen, Potter, I only had a few cracked ribs, a broken wrist and a mild concussion. It wasnít like it was anything serious," Draco laughed bending to kiss Harryís lips.

"You wouldnít happen to have your invisibility cloak anywhere where it would be easy to accio it would you?" he purred after long moments. "After all, they canít interrupt us if they canít see us."

"We hope," Harry sighed, squirming under Dracoís weight to reach his wand before spelling his cloak to the pitch and flipping it open over both of them. "So," he murmured, sliding his hands downward to cup and knead Dracoís arse, "who won that race over here?"

"Iíd say it was a bloody tie," Draco groaned, burying his face in Harryís neck. Kissing his way to his loverís mouth he grinned down at the Gryffindor. "Seeing as how itís your first time since recovering Iíll do an uncharacteristic thing and let you decide. Tonight is Gryffindorís choice."

"Mmm, I seem to recall you saying something about making love all day long, but we really donít have the time for that now, so perhaps I could have you?" Harry suggested, rolling them over so that he was looking down at Draco. "You see, Iíve got a lot of energy stored up."

"Well, that sounds promising!" Draco laughed, tugging Harry down for a long kiss even as his hands began to strip his loverís clothes from his body. "An energetic Gryffindor, what a novel concept, I wonder if Iíll survive it?" he teased.

Harry smirked; his hands busy undoing the buttons of Dracoís shirt and pushing it open. "Not if I have anything to say about it." He leaned in, licking at the sharp nubbin of Dracoís nipple through the white fabric of his undershirt, then nipping at it when the Slytherin groaned.

"At least Iíll go with a smile on my face," Draco chuckled, his hips bucking up against Harryís even as he tugged off the Gryffindorís now loose tie and put it around his own neck while he slid the white dress shirt off of Harryís shoulders. "Bloody hell, you look good enough to eat!" he groaned.

"Ah ah ah," Harry murmured, transferring his attentions to Dracoís other nipple as he worked to undo the other boyís belt and trousers. "Iím the one who gets to do any eating tonight, Malfoy, and I must say, you look good in red and gold."

"Just wait until I get you in green and silver. The green will bring out your eyes and the sliver will look stunning against your hair," Draco replied with a moan, arching up into Harryís ministrations. "Oh Salazarís ghost, itís been so long, donít tease too much or I wonít last," he admitted at last.

"Mmm, canít have that." Harry pulled back to tug off Dracoís undershirt, then his own clothes and finally the ĎSlytherinís pants and boxers, leaving him clad only in Harryís tie. "Did I ever tell you the Sorting Hat tried to put me in Slytherin?"

"No, you never did. Obviously it changed its mind since youíre the golden child of Gryffindor," he sneered, his eyes dancing, "leader of the wonder trio and savior of the world, not to mention the youngest seeker in a century," the Slytherin continued, his eyes dancing. "I must remember to thank the worthless rag the next time I see it, at least this way I got to be a seeker as well, not to mention the fact that I got to spend six years making your life miserable instead of having to put up with you," he teased.

"Actually," Harry murmured, rocking down against Dracoís bare body and feeling the blond wrap his legs around his hips, "it didnít put me there because I begged it not to. The thought of spending all that time with you made me positively ill, but look at us now."

"Indeed, youíve turned a pureblood Slytherin Prince into Harry Potterís personal love slave, and I wouldnít have it any other way. So why donít you stop remembering the bad times and remember to take me instead?" Draco grinned, using his legs to tug Harry forward against him even as his hands tangled in raven black hair to pull his lover down for another kiss.

"And see if I can make you yell as loudly as you say Ron does?" Harry murmured, licking his way over Dracoís mouth before pulling back, remaining hunched over the blond to keep the cloak over them both.

He grabbed his wand and Ďaccioed some lubricant, warming it in his palm before sliding his fingers back between Dracoís arse cheeks and pressing one inside the tight entrance to his body.

Moaning, Draco stuffed some of the cloth of his robe in his mouth and bit down on it hard. When Harry quirked an eye at this he spat it out and groaned. "If you make me wail like a banshee on the quidditch pitch weíll either have the teachers come running or people will swear itís haunted and never play another game here again. Personally I really donít want people to see me with your prick up my arse. We might make Weasley lose his supper," Draco grinned.

"You donít want to be known as Moaning Malfoy?" Harry snickered, adding another finger to the loosening muscle and kissing Draco hard to keep from being bitten.

"And be compared to your last girlfriend? I donít think so," Draco sniffed, referring to the fact that Moaning Myrtle still seemed to have a crush on Harry, even after all this time. "She was probably quite upset with me for bringing you back so you couldnít be her ghostly boyfriend," Draco continued, jealousy creeping into his voice.

"Even if Iíd stayed dead and become a ghost, I would hope I found somewhere other then the girlsí loo to haunt," Harry grinned, twisting his fingers and shivering when Draco writhed beneath him.

"Oh Hades! Enough talk about girlsí loos. Itís been bloody forever Potter! Do something other than stick your fingers up my bum will you?" Draco whined, his body on fire and needing more, so much more.

"Greedy git," Harry whispered, drawing his hand back and coating his own shaft before settling between Dracoís thighs and pressing inward, biting his lip to keep from groaning in pleasure as he sank deep within the blondís body.

"Heaven, itís bloody heaven," he whispered, beginning to move, wanting to make this last for both of them.

"Oh Merlyn and Morgana!" Draco moaned, his eyes falling shut as Harry slid inside him and then started to move. "Oh bloody hell, itís, missed this, missed you!" he muttered, his head tossing on the ground and his hips thrusting up into his loverís body.

"Harry, Salazar, please!"

"Love you," Harry breathed, leaning in to bite and suck at Dracoís exposed throat, needing to mark the pale skin there as a reminder that they were both alive. Reaching between them, he found and circled the Slytherinís erection, knowing he wasnít going to last long as he needed too much, and wanting to bring Draco over as well.

Moaning constantly, his eyes glazing over, Draco thrust up into Harryís hand which in turn drove the Gryffindorís cock even deeper into him which set of more sparks of arousal in him. "Oh Merlyn, oh hells, oh HARRY!" Draco screamed as his hips bucked upwards one last time and his cock spat gout after gout of semen in between their writhing bodies.

"Yes..." Harry gasped, the feel of Draco spasming around him bringing him to the edge and hurtling him over into sweet oblivion.

Once his vision cleared and he could breathe again, he lifted his head, shifting just enough to get his hand from between them. "I was wrong, you can be known as Draco Malfoy, the Screaming Slytherin - it has a nice ring to it donít you think?"

"Youíre such a prat, Potter," Draco sighed but without any heat, before nuzzling at Harryís neck. "And do you really want the rest of the school to know that I can be made to scream by nothing more than a cock up my arse? You might have to share me if that ever got out."

"No." Harry answered calmly, though the heat in his eyes at the notion of it was sudden and fierce.

"Mmm, good answer," Draco purred, pulling Harry down for another kiss. "I love it when you get jealous and possessive like that, its one hell of a turn on. Too bad even I canít spring back this quickly or Iíd have to take you and remind you that we belong only to each other."

Harry pulled back, the pendant he always wore dangling from his neck and resting on Dracoís chest. "I donít need any reminding of that, but when you decide to do it, letís try it in a bed - I donít have the wardrobe you do to stand the grass stains."

"Remind me to take you shopping for clothes when Iím finally allowed out of my jail cell again," Draco replied, reaching for his wand and muttering a quick cleaning spell. "I suppose weíd best head inside before they send out the search parties. Do you really have to go back to Gryffindor tower tonight? I donít know if Iíll be able to fall asleep without you next to me now."

"Well," Harry said as he eyed his loverís appearance, kissing Draco a final time before starting to set his clothes to rights, "you could always come back to Gryffindor with me. I still owe you those forfeits."

"I donít think Weasley would appreciate coming down to the common room and finding you arse up in the air and me plowing a field, so to speak," Draco smirked. "But it would be amusing to see his reaction."

"Oi, like Iíd do that right out in front of God and everyone." Harry shook his head, tempted to wallop Draco for saying it. "The offer still goes though - to stay in Gryffindor."

"That would be rather like venturing into enemy territory but, Iíd rather sleep with you than without you so lead the way, Potter," Draco replied, smirking inwardly. He really did have to get Potter over the back of the Gryffindor couch at least once, just to be able to say heíd done it.

"You faced Voldemort, you can face Neville in the morning," Harry chuckled, waiting until Draco was dressed before flipping his cloak back off of them, neglecting to bring up the fact that Malfoy was still wearing his tie.

"We need to collect the brooms, then I promise you a good nightís rest."

Draco snorted. "Dream on, I might not be able to get it up now but give me a few minutes and Iíll return the favor. Besides I rather fancy the idea of making a dorm full of brave and fearless Gryffindors stammer and blush like Hufflepuffs caught in the nude."

"Merlyn, Iíll need silencing and motion concealing charms on my bed, wonít I?"

"Ruin all my fun, why donít you?" Draco pouted.

Harry snorted and smacked the blond on the arse. "Saving my house matesí sanity more likely."

"Well then, problem solved! Gryffindors are anything but sane so you have nothing to worry about do you?" Draco smiled beatifically and then took off at a run, wanting to distance himself from Harryís wicked hand.

"Prat!" Harry yelled, grabbing his broom and hopping aboard, towing Dracoís after it and flying leisurely circles around the Slytherin. "A bit slow there, are we, Malfoy? Need a lift?"

"Oi! Thatís cheating, Potter," Draco growled, accioing his broom back from the Gryffindor and hopping onto it. "And here I thought you Gryfís were supposed to be noble and brave and honest and all that drivel!"

"We are, this is what happens when we pal around with Slytherins too much," Harry laughed, shooting forward and executing a showy turn around the broom shed before landing.

Not to be outdone, Draco shot in after him and matched the turn and landed directly in front of the shed. "At least youíre finally associating with a better breed of people, I was beginning to despair of you," Draco replied with an airy wave of his hand.

"Just beginning? I thought that happened first year," Harry said, opening the door and hanging his broom up with the rest of the Gryffindor teamís. "And look whoís talking, Mr. Nobility himself."

Draco chuckled. "No need to get insulting now, besides youíre just sore because Iím more gorgeous than you are and can get away with so many things."

Harry leaned over and patted Dracoís arse as he put away his broom. "You sure you arenít the sore one?"

Draco purred and leaned back into the touch. "Hells no! Iím the well-used one. Something you Gryfís can actually do well, sodomize a Slytherin," he teased.

"Iíll ask Dumbledore to change the house motto," Harry snickered, sliding his arm around Dracoís waist as they walked back to the castle.

"Oh Iím sure your house mates will love that one! Weasley might puke his guts up, not to mention the rest of your house. And McGonagall, can you imagine her face when she hears of the proposed change in motto?" Draco began to laugh.

"Be a true Gryffindor, sodomize a Snake. I like it."

"I can see the parents reactions now when their precious little eleven year olds write home for the first time, ĎDear Mom and Dad, I got sorted into Gryffindor, we have to sodomize snakes!í" Draco rejoined dryly.

Harry stopped walking and leaned against Dracoís side, laughing o hard his legs became week. "Well better that then the new Slytherins, ĎDear Mom and Dad. I got sodomized today!í"

"Oh please, if youíre going to do it, do it right, ĎDear Mother and Father, was sorted into Slytherin as per your life plan for me. Underwent my first rite of initiation into Slytherin house. Please send lubrication charm as I foresee many such initiations to follow, your dutiful little Slytherin.í"

By now Harry was laughing so hard he was on the ground again, his eyes welling with tears.

Draco looked down at his lover with a superior smirk on his face, an eyebrow quirking much like Snapeís had done from time to time. "Really, Potter, do you have any idea how ridiculous you look down there. Perhaps someone hit you with a jinx and you didnít know it."

Still giggling, Harry swiped out an arm and tumbled Draco to the ground beside him. "I think itís called the Malfoy jinx; lots of sex and then riotous laughter."

"So glad to be of assistance," Draco sniffed and then proceeded to dust himself off. "And look, youíve made me all dirty!"

Slowly regaining his composure, Harry clambered back to his feet beside Draco. "I hate to tell you, Malfoy, you were dirty before this, you just hadnít noticed."

Draco looked at Harry in mock horror. "You mean I was about to walk into Hogwarts looking like a strumpet whoíd just been tumbled in a field," Draco grinned even as he cast a quick cleaning charm on his clothes and tried to straighten his hair as best he could. "Well at least be a gentleman and let me borrow your cloakí", will you?"

"You donít like looking as if youíve been well-shagged?" Harry asked innocently. "I think its quite endearing."

"You would," Draco chuckled. "Itís not your arse thatís got dirt permanently embedded into it ."

Harry sighed. "Fine, here you are, take it." He held out the cloak and looked toward the school. "No need to worry about anyone seeing you looking less then perfect."

"You seemed bloody intent on getting me to walk in all dirty, donít tell me grime turns you on?" Draco laughed falling in step with Harry.

Tipping Dracoís chin up to kiss him again, Harry pressed the cloak into hi hands. "When I look at you and can remember how it got there, it ruddy well does. I was just looking forward to seeing everyoneís expression when you showed up in the common room wearing my tie."

"Oh. Oh! Well then how about we go back to my room so I can shower and change and you can put your tie back on me and then we can go to your common room." Draco suggested with a smile. "After all itís not your tie Iím objecting to; itís the grass in my bum."

Harry waggled his eyebrows. "Size queen, are you, Malfoy?" he asked, catching Dracoís hand again so they could walk inside together.

"You know what they say, once youíve tried Pot..ter you can never go back!" Draco laughed.

"If youíre smart."

"You make it sound like a question!"

Chapter 18

Draco sauntered into the Gryffindor common room behind Harry, wearing a loose dress shirt and the Gryffindor tie hanging around his neck, looking for all the world as if he werenít entering the hallowed ground of his former enemies.

"Nice couch, Potter," he smirked, looking pointedly at Harry.

Harry felt himself blush, though any response he might have made was cut off by the whispered comments of the other Gryffindors.

"Malfoy," Ron asked, his voice squeaking up an octave as it hadnít for several years, "do you know you have a Gryffindor tie on?"

"Why yes, Mr. Weasley, I do know I have a Gryffindor tie on, but thank you ever so much for pointing it out to everyone else present," Draco smirked, turning to Ďmodelí his new apparel before sprawling on the couch and crooking a finger at Harry. "Ooh, and itís a comfy couch, too, Potter. Springy and bouncy with lots of padding. I think itíd damned near perfect for... sitting on."

Seeing Ginny turn away so as not to laugh in his face, Harry groaned. "And I thought this was a good idea?"

"Why my darling, dearest love, you practically pulled me all the way to Gryffindor in the need to show off my new apparel to your housemates," Draco smirked as he reached up and pulled his lover down onto his lap, wrapping his arms around Harryís waist.

Turning to the other Gryffindor males in the room Draco positively beamed. "So, Weasley, Longbottom, Finnegan. Do you think gold and red suit me as well as they do Harry?"

Ron backed away, shaking his head wildly. "I donít believe it. I simply donít believe it," he muttered before finally hiding his face against Hermioneís shoulder."

Harry was tempted to do the same, but instead grabbed his tie and mimed throttling Draco with it.

"Well, Harry, itís not that much different from seeing the two of you in one bed in the infirmary," Neville piped up, causing most of the rest of the common room to gawp at him.

"Mr. Longbottom, I do believe that my godfather seriously underestimated you for the past six years. You have really come into you own. Kudos to you," Draco said with a sincere smile. "I have a feeling that heís not going to be the only one set on his arse once classes resume."

Hermione placidly patted Ron on the head and tried desperately not to snigger at the remaining Gryffindors. Nothing like putting a fox in a henhouse to liven things up, she thought with amusement.

Neville straightened his shoulders and looked around. "I figure whatís Professor Snape after seeing you-know - Voldemort in action - but donít tell him that!"

Unnoticed by the others, Colin Creevy pulled his camera out and snapped a shot of Hogwarts most infamous enemies sitting with each other.

"Oi, Colin, I want that film!" Harry called, finally relaxing and slinging an arm around Dracoís shoulders.

"Why you dirty perv you, if I had known you were into that I could have cast a spell I know," Draco said loud enough to have most of Harryís male chums squirming in repulsed agony and some actually squealing in disgust.

"Donít worry, Longbottom, I wouldnít dream of telling him that. Besides, why do you think that he never fazed the Slytherins? We figured that out back in first year. Heís all talk and detention but as he said about someone near and dear to my Slytherin green heart, if he had really despised you, you would have been dead a long time ago and none would be the wiser."

Neville paled slightly, but nodded.

"Any more questions?" Harry called. "I mean, how often do we have a tame Slytherin in our midst?" He canted his head to the side and flipped the tie he was wearing out of his jumper so everyone could see it was silver and green.

"Tame, my arse, Potter," Draco snorted, "Iíve just been lulled into a good mood by hordes and hordes of mind blowing nookie is all."

"Hmmm, and here we heard Potter was too weak to do much of anything this past month. Giving your hand a workout were you?" Seamus called.

"Who said anything about this past month, Finnegan? I was talking about tonight," Draco replied with a blasť tone. "Isnít that right my little Gryffindor love god," Draco purred, nipping on Harryís ear and wrapping his arms around his loverís stomach, holding him tight.

By now most all of the males in the common room were gagging and Harry wondered if slapping a silencing charm on Draco was out of the question. Finally, deciding that groaning would just egg Malfoy on more, he squirmed and looked back at Draco adoringly. "You were magnificent my silvery sex monster."

"Damn straight I was, you Slytherin sodomizer you."

At that point there was a mass rush as the majority of the Gryffindors decided it was safer anywhere else then their common room.

Harry looked around at the few who were left and shook his head. "Never say Draco Malfoy doesnít know how to play to an audience."

Draco burst into laughter and hugged Harry close. "Oh, that was bloody brilliant! It was better than Christmas and Halloween and summer break all rolled into one. They scurried, Potter, scurried like scared little rabbits about to get thrown into a stew pot! Oh I think this has been one of the most perfect days in recent memory!"

"Oi, youíre delusional, both of you," Ron whimpered, still hiding behind Hermione while at the same time trying to cover Ginnyís eyes.

Draco laughed all the harder to the point where tears actually rolled down his cheeks and he had to bury his face in Harryís neck to try and calm down.

Ginny swatted at Ronís hands. "Hey, leggo! Itís not like I havenít seen guys snogging before, Ron, I mean I walked in on Charlie and his significant other in the bathroom the last time they were home for Godricís sake. I saw my brother naked and doing things to another naked man, canít get much more traumatic than that!"

"I dunno, you could have walked in on Ron and Hermione..." Harry began only to give a shout of surprise when Hermione levitated a pillow straight into his face.

"Really, Hermione, we should be awarded sainthood for putting up with these two, donít you think?" Draco smirked and then chuckled at Hermioneís immediate agreement.

"Harry James Potter, you have a filthy mind. What makes you think that Ronís even..." Hermione huffed.

"Even what?" Harry asked innocently, jabbing backward with an elbow to hit Dracoís ribs when he started to answer.

"Even seen me naked," Hermione finished in a rush, her face turning red.

Everyone else in the room turned and looked at Ron who was as red as his hair.

Draco couldnít help himself. "You know, itís a funny thing, I was taking a walk one night a few weeks ago and I happened to pass by the fat lady and I swear to Merlyn, I heard the hound of the Baskervilles howl. The fat lady jumped about a foot in the air and looked quite put out sheíd been woken out of a sound sleep."

Somehow, Ron turned even redder and Hermione looked as if sheíd swallowed a pickle.

"Enough, Draco," Harry murmured, looking back at the blond, "or Iíll tell them about the screaming ghost of the quidditch pitch."

"You ruin all my fun, Potter pooper," Draco sulked and then pointed to Ginny who was on the floor howling in glee. "She finds it funny!"

"I think sheís laughing at Harryís comment," Ron grated out.

"Now, now everyone play nicely, weíre all heroes of the war," Harry sighed. "And if you donít, Iím going to have an immediate relapse."

"Ooh, does that mean I get to pamper you in bed again?" Draco cooed, nibbling on Harryís ear. "Which reminds me, early day tomorrow which means early to bed. Lead the way love of my life."

"Iím going to die of sugar shock," Ron moaned. "I think I liked it better when they were sniping at each other!"

"Itís sweet!" both Ginny and Hermione shot back.

"And on that happy note, weíre off," Harry added, getting up from Dracoís lap and pulling the Slytherin to his feet as well. "Tell Dean, Seamus and Neville not to worry, Iíll stuff a rag in Malfoyís mouth so he doesnít get too loud."

"Oh please, Potter, youíre the screamer, Iím the groaner, remember? Draco snarked back, his hand going to fondle his loverís arse as they climbed up the stairs, knowing full well that Weasley was watching.

"Yeeuuuuch! Harry, making him stop playing with your bum, will you? Itís indecent," Ron whined.

"Oh wait, is that the hound of the Baskervilles I hear whimpering?" Draco purred, looking over his shoulder straight at Ron.

"Iím going to Baskerville his arse if he keeps it up!" Ron growled under his breath, sending Hermione and Ginny into torrents of laughter again.

Once theyíd made it to the safety of the seventh year dorm, Harry wagged his finger in Dracoís face. "Terrorizing innocent little Gryffindors, Mr. Malfoy, shame on you."

"Why Mr. Potter, havenít you figured it out by now? I have no shame," Draco smirked as he quickly stripped out of his shoes, socks, pants and y-fronts, leaving him clad only in his school shirt and Harryís tie.

"I want to fuck you on your up until now chaste Gryffindor bed while the rest of Gryffindor hides in terror of ĎDragoní Malfoy in their midst," Draco purred, stalking towards Harry with a predatory gleam in his eye. "I want the bed to shake and I want them to hear you moan and scream and beg for it, however to protect your delicate sensibilities I will cast a silencing charm around the bed just for you."

"How considerate of you," Harry rasped, his mouth going dry at the hunger in Dracoís eyes and the sight of his nearly nude body. "Thatís the first time Iíve heard my bed described as hallowed before though."

"Oh, please, itís where the legendary Harry Potter rests his golden head, how could it not be considered hallowed ground?" Draco teased, moving in closer. "Bed, now, Potter, and since they all look alike youíd best point out the right one or Finnegan might come back to find us shagging on his sheets."

"Then youíd be responsible for his heart attack," Harry laughed, stripping off except for Dracoís tie and dropping his clothes on the trunk at the foot of his bed. "And itís this one, note the golden glow around it."

"Shall I prostrate myself before I climb into it?" Draco retorted though his eyes were busily devouring the body laid bare before him.

"Naw, but you can kiss my foot if it makes you feel more worthy."

"Prat," Draco snarled without heat before tackling the raven-haired teen to the bed. "And Iíd rather kiss your arse anyhow. You made the most interesting noises when I stuck my tongue into you the last time. Now make yourself useful and cast your little silencing spell before Iíve got you so mindless with lust you forget to. Wouldnít want to shock tender little Gryffindor ears with your potty mouth would we, Potter?"

Harry growled without heat before reaching for his wand and casting every silencing and obscuring charm he knew on the curtains. "And what about Artemis?" he asked, nodding at the occamy who had slithered down from her usual perch around Dracoís shoulders to curl on the pillow beside them. "What about her tender ears?"

Artemis propped herself up on her forearms and cocked her head to one side making Draco laugh. "Well you could always ask her yourself, you are a parselmouth, after all. Or have you forgot you can speak to serpents and serpent-like creatures?"

"Sheís your pet," Harry pointed out before sighing and asking the occamy to curl up on his trunk for the time being, enjoying watching Dracoís eyes darken as he hissed out the words.

"But she listens to her other Ďpapaí as well, Potter, and oh Salazar, do that again," Draco shivered, reaching out to pet his way along his occamyís spine. "I know youíre in a strange place with strange people, lovely but itís best if you donít bite anyone. You know Ron, if you feel overwhelmed you might want to go say hello to him, all right?" the blond suggested, slightly worried at what the other Gryffindors might do upon spying an occamy in their room.

"They wonít try to hurt her, will they?" he whispered to his lover. "Maybe we should ask Hermione to watch her or..."

"Draco, theyíve seen her with you, I think they know sheís fine - and youíre more dangerous," Harry smiled, tickling Artemis under the chin and ruffling her feathers while listening to her answer.

"She says sheíll be fine." Harry pushed open the curtains so that Artemis could slither off the end of the bed and onto his trunk. "It looks like Hermione sent Crookshanks to watch over her too.

"Now then, I think we were discussing how much parseltongue turns you on..." Sitting up, Harry brushed his lips over Dracoís ear, hissing out exactly how good the Slytherin made him feel.

"Harry!" Draco groaned, trying to be scandalized. "Our baby can hear you say those naughty things to mee... oh Merlyn," the blond shuddered. "Only one way to shut you up I guess," and with that Draco dove in, sealing his mouth over Harryís and, capturing the Gryffindorís hands, pinning him to the bed.

When he at last broke the kiss he looked down into Harryís passion flushed face and grinned. "Do you trust me?" he purred, rubbing his erection against Harryís.

"Silencing charm, remember?" Harry murmured, arching upward and sliding a leg up the back of Dracoís thigh. "And of course I trust you, are you planning on doing depraved, perverted things to me?"

"But of course," Draco purred, slowly pulling the Gryffindor tie off from around his neck. Taking his time, making sure Harry knew exactly what he was doing, the Slytherin bound his loverís hands together and then using his own school tie fastened the now bound hands to the headboard.

"Youíre at my mercy, now, Potter," Draco smirked as he peeled his dress shirt off and draped it over a bedpost. "I can do whatever I want to you and no one will hear you scream. But where to begin?" the blond mused, surveying his Ďplaying fieldí.

Harry squirmed, tugging experimentally at the bonds before stilling and licking his lips. "Why do I think Iím going to enjoy this?" he asked.

"Because youíre a gorgeous slut of a man and youíre all mine," Draco replied promptly before bringing one of Harryís feet up to his mouth and beginning to kiss his way up Harryís instep, his tongue tracing patterns on the sensitive flesh as he passed over it.

Leg muscles quivering as he struggled not to pull his ankle out of Dracoís grasp, Harry moaned, discovering erogenous zones he never knew he possessed. "Oi, Iím gonna end up back in the infirmary after this, I know it."

"But what a way to get there," Draco purred, the vibrations of his words transmitting through his lips to Harryís flesh making the Gryffindor squirm and giggle. Moving further up, Draco laved at Harryís ankle, nipping it and then soothing the sting with his tongue. He slowly worked his way up as much of Harryís leg as he could in this position and then switched legs and did the same thing to the other one, making sure to take his time and explore every ounce of flesh he could.

"Didnít I promise you Iíd spend all day making love to you? Well okay, itís all night but still, plan on taking some pepper up potion in the morning to get you through the day, Potter. Youíre not getting any sleep tonight," Draco smirked.

Harry actually whimpered as he squirmed, trying to get Draco closer to his cock. "Forget the infirmary; itíll be straight to St. Mungoís for me."

"But I promise to come visit you every weekend and make sure you receive some of my very special treatments," Draco purred, nuzzling Harryís balls before laving them with his tongue.

"Are you trying to keep me in there for good?" Harry writhed on the bed, pulling his arms taut against the bindings holding them.

Draco raised his head and smirked at his lover. "I wouldnít want you to complain about our sex life becoming staid and boring, love of my life," Draco purred, lapping at one testicle before finally relenting and sucking first one and then both into his mouth, his eyes never leaving Harryís.

"Any - anything but," Harry laughed breathlessly, moaning loudly as Draco suckled on his balls, tugging and lapping at them while Harry twisted on the sheets, helpless.

Chuckling softly, Draco finally released his mouthful and began moving up Harryís torso again, nuzzling his way through raven pubic hair to lick and sample his loverís abs. Dipping his tongue into Harryís navel Draco spent long moments paying special attention to the indentation before once more moving upwards, this time stopping at Harryís nipples to bite and lick and suckle and tease.

"Draaaacoooo..." Harry moaned, twisting upwards, trying to rub his erection against the blondís stomach or leg or anywhere. "Evil man..."

"Did I ever claim to be anything but?" Draco asked, quirking an eyebrow and smiling wickedly. "I may have chosen Dumbledoreís side but that doesnít make me a nice person, Potter. Not even the love of the savior of the wizarding world could do that," he continued, pinning Harryís body down with a leg lock spell and his thigh.

"And youíre the one who said you trusted me. Foolish, foolish Gryffindor. We Slytherins know just how to torture you lot."

"You love me," Harry said confidently. "Your torture is the good kind."

Dracoís eyes softened and he slithered up Harryís body long enough to kiss his lover senseless before working his way back down Harryís neck, leaving no less than three hickeyís on the Gryffindorís neck for the world to see.

Deciding to cut the begging teen some slack, Draco abruptly changed positions, kneeling above Harryís head and then, supporting his weight on his arms, taking his loverís cock into his mouth while his own dangled enticingly above Harryís lips.

Craning his neck, Harry strove to get a taste of Dracoís shaft, growling when he missed because the Slytherin was driving him insane with lust. Wrenching his shoulders but not caring in the least, he managed to close his lips around the head of Dracoís cock, humming at the taste as he fell back to the bed.

Chuckling, Draco lowered his hips slightly, allowing Harry better control and continued to suckle on the Gryffindorís shaft, wanting to taste him again and then fuck him so hard that Harry would be walking funny and sitting gingerly the entire next day, constantly reminded of Dracoís claiming.

It was frustrating not to be able to hold onto Dracoís hips or touch him at all, but Harry made the best of it, when his loverís skill allowed him to think at all that was. Their earlier lovemaking had taken the edge off his need, but Dracoís skills soon had him feeling it again, whining around the flesh he serviced.

Feeling his own need building again, Draco slipped his cock from out between Harryís lips and, shifting, moved around so that he was once more lying between Harryís legs staring up at his Gryffindor while he nursed.

"Draco!" Harry protested, trying to sit up, but once again foiled by the knots binding his wrists. "Want to touch you too..."

Draco shook his head in negative and kept nursing, wanting to watch Harry come apart from just his mouth on the Gryffindorís cock. Perhaps then he would consider releasing his lover but until then... Dracoís eyes lit with unholy glee and he redoubled his efforts to make Harry come.

"Bastard." Giving in to the sensations, Harry threw his head back and closed his eyes, bucking up into Dracoís mouth and letting himself ride the pleasure, the need drawing knife-sharp along his veins.

Draco couldnít help but chuckle at Harryís disgruntlement. Did the Gryffindor honestly think that Draco was anything but? True heíd been sappier than usual and had been all sweetness and light for a while but that was out of worry for Harry and the first thrill of loving. While he was willing to admit he had changed, and for the better, he was still sarcastic, snide and, as Harry said, a bastard by times.

Shuddering when Draco chuckled around his erection, Harry twisted upwards, and, with a low shout, came, gasping for breath as he thrust into Dracoís mouth.

Drinking Harry down as rapidly as he could, Draco nevertheless couldnít retain all of the other studentís seed and rivulets ran down from the corner of his mouth as he continued to lap until Harry was soft. Finally releasing Harryís cock, Draco surged up and claimed his loverís mouth even as his fingers fumbled at the ties, releasing them at last.

"God, finally," Harry gasped, pulling Draco to him and kissing him hungrily. "Fuck me, Malfoy," he purred, nipping at Dracoís lower lip.

"With pleasure, Potter," Draco replied, returning the love bite even as he accioed the lubricant from the pocket of his trousers, thanking the deities that inanimate objects could pass through the wards on the bed.

Slicking himself up, Draco pulled back and then flipped Harry onto his stomach, pulling at his hips until the other youth got the message and knelt on the bed. Without so much as a finger up his arse to prepare Harry, Draco pushed himself inside, nipping along Harryís spine until he was suckling at the base of the raven-haired boyís neck. "Merlyn, Iíll never get enough of being buried balls deep inside of you. Youíre fucking amazing!"

Breathing through the abrupt claiming, Harry rested his forehead on his hands, willing himself to relax until he finally began to move back against Dracoís thrusts, groaning at the love bites and the pleasure-pain they caused.

"And youíre an amazing fucker," Harry laughed breathlessly, pushing up and back until he was splayed out on Dracoís lap, his head leaning back against the blondís shoulder.

"I aim to please," Draco growled, nipping at Harryís ear as he began to thrust up into the Gryffindor, his hands splayed on Harryís hips. "Whoíd have thought, Harry Potter, the best fucking lay I ever had," he muttered dirtily into Harryís ear before nibbling the lobe. "And the only person Iíve ever made love to in my entire sordid sexual life."

"Only one you ever will too," Harry answered, turning his head to capture Dracoís mouth and circling his hips in counterpoint to the blondís rhythm, clenching his muscles around Dracoís cock, wanting him out of control.

Groaning harshly, the movement of Dracoís hips sped up and one hand slid around to wrap itself around Harryís cock as he began to thrust harder and harder. Panting harshly in Harryís ear, he buried his face in the crook of his loverís neck as sweat poured and the bed rocked and creaked under the swaying of their bodies.

Amazed at finding himself getting hard again, Harry lowered a hand to cover Dracoís, twining their fingers together as they both jerked him off, his other fingers pinching and twisting his own nipple, making him whine and plead for Draco to give him more.

Biting down on Harryís neck hard enough to draw blood, Draco slammed up into the warm heat bearing down on him, fucking the Gryffindor for all he was worth. "So. Fucking. Amazing. Perfect. Love," Draco ground out as he pounded into his lover until with a last bellow he came, flooding Harry with his seed.

Howling as Draco marked him, Harry came as well, his nearly dry orgasm leaving him shaking and limp in the Slytherinís arms. "Love you," he sighed, shifting them both to their sides, not caring that he couldnít drum up enough energy for a cleaning spell.

"The feeling is very mutual, Potter. Now go to sleep, despite my teasing I want you well rested and healthy enough to return to class," Draco ordered, pressing a soft kiss onto the Gryffindorís shoulders before muttering a cleaning spell and a slight healing spell so that Harry wouldnít have difficulty sitting in the morning.

Chapter 19

"Harry. Harry! Oh shite... Finite Incantatum. Harry, you need to get up. You too, Malfoy."

"Huh?" Harry automatically reached for his glasses, but found his arm pinned by a still sleeping Draco Malfoy while outside the bed curtains Ron continued to hiss at him.

"Címon, Harry, Dumbledoreís called a meeting, all the seventh years are supposed to go."

"Now?" Harry asked plaintively before nudging Draco with his free arm. "Time to get up, sex god. Duty calls."

"Bugger, what time is it?" Draco yawned, scratching his head and slithering out of bed more asleep than awake to come face to face with a red-faced group of Gryffindors.

"Umm, Draco?" Ron squeaked in a high falsetto. "Youíre, um, well youíre..."

"Youíre bloody starkers is what you are!" Seamus yelped.

"And from the sounds of it youíre all having a grand old time staring at my bits and pieces. Like what you see, boys?" Draco smirked before sticking his head back between the curtains. "Harry, where are the Gryf showers? I donít care what Dumbledore wants, Iím not going anywhere without a shower first."

Scrambling for his glasses and accioing them both pajamas from his trunk, Harry thrust a pair at Draco before pulling on some himself. "Come on, Iíll show you so you donít frighten anyone else to death," he sighed; giving his dorm mates a pointed look when he climbed out of bed as well. "What?"

Dean snickered. "You look like someone tried to play connect-the-dots on your neck, Potter."

"No question as to who that someone was," Neville murmured.

"Ignore them, love, theyíre just jealous because youíre getting quality sex on a regular basis and all they have to relieve themselves in their own hands," Draco smirked, winking at Neville.

A short time later both were sitting in Dumbledoreís office showered and rather put out at being woken up after only a few brief hours of sleep. "What was so urgent, headmaster, that it couldnít wait until a decent hour of the morning?" Draco drawled, unaware of just how much he sounded like Snape at that particular moment.

Dumbledore smiled benignly. "Nothing life-threatening, Draco." He looked around the office at the seventh-years gathered there, then at the teachers. "Weíre simply concerned about all of you having enough time to study for your N.E.W.Tís, what with everything thatís occurred this year. Do drink your tea, all of you, and have a cinnamon bun."

"They arenít for another month though, right?" Harry asked, wondering with some trepidation if heíd gotten the dates wrong and they were tomorrow.

"Headmaster, with all due respect, N.E.W.Tís seem a little redundant right now, donít you think? I mean we fought in a war, performed as well, if not better than fully trained aurors and have had to learn things that none of the previous graduating classes have had to, simply in order to survive," Draco pointed, not caring that Hermione was trying to glare him into silence. ( "However, if you feel you must make us take the tests, what do you suggest we do? Delay them? Spend the summer at Hogwarts? I for one have plans for my summer that donít include classes and hours of study. Especially not towards the end of July. I donít even plan on being in England at that point in time."

A lively debate started at that point between the students as to which option was the best, but Harry had only heard Draco saying he wasnít planning on being in England - if not there, then where?

McGonagall cleared her throat, causing silence to fall in the room. "As it has been pointed out, the situation of this yearís graduating class is quite unique. To acknowledge this fact, your N.E.W.Tís have been modified. Many of you will find that in some cases, you will not have to take the exams at all. You have proven yourselves capable wizards and witches and the Ministry agrees."

She waved her wand and rolled up scrolls appeared before each student. "Here is a listing of the examinations you had elected to take and how your efforts in the war have modified them."

"Bet Potter doesnít have to take any at all now," a Ravenclaw grumbled.

Draco shot the Ravenclaw a deadly glare. "Tell you what, you have a dark wizard trying to kill you since you were an infant, have to live with disgusting muggles, have nearly everyone you love hurt or killed just because of who you are and then ultimately have to face off against said dark wizard and die in order to keep the world safe so gits like you can bitch and moan about your ĎN.E.W.Tís and then you can comment. Until then shut your hole." The Ďor elseí dangled precariously in the air like the sword of Damocles about to fall and Draco was just itching for the know-it-all to open his mouth again.

"Easy, Draco," Harry soothed, resting a hand on the Slytherinís arm, stroking his thumb over the inside of his elbow to calm him. "Heís just mouthing off is all, doesnít worry me." He quirked a sardonic smile. "And by the size of my scroll, I doubt I got out of anything at all."

"We are not spending the summer in school, Potter. I have plans for us that involve sun tan oil and a decided lack of clothing, neither of which is conducive to the Hogwarts environment," Draco informed his lover loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. Dumbledore looked amused, McGonagall faintly outraged, Snape resigned and from the variety of retching sounds, some of the students werenít pleased either. Draco didnít give a dragonís fart what they thought but the reactions amused him to no end.

Taking his own scroll he looked at it carefully. Apparently heíd be here for a bit himself. "Charms, Transfiguration and the History of Magic? Youíve got to be kidding me," he groaned, not at all impressed. "Well Iíd better bloody well be done by no later than the 15th of July."

"Wonder whatís so important that he has to be done by then?" Ron murmured to Hermione who just rolled her eyes.

"Harryís birthday, idiot!" she whispered. "Heís got the Malfoy millions at his disposal and he want to take Harry away and spoil him rotten I suspect. And about bloody time someone does that too!"

With a certain amount of trepidation, Harry opened his own scroll. "History of Magic and... Potions?" he groaned. "I didnít even want to take that one! "Hold on, whatís this about suntan oil and lack of clothing?"

"Youíll see," Draco smirked. "And Iíll help you with Potions and we can study History together. How are you at charms and transfiguration?" the blond asked, sighing.

"Do we have to wear robes and uniforms in the summer, Headmaster? After all weíve practically graduated except for the ĎN.E.W.Tís listed on our scrolls."

"I believe we can make some exceptions, within reason and decency. No running around with suntan oil and a distinct lack of clothing until youíve left Hogwarts, Mr. Malfoy. That goes for you as well Mr. Potter. Now if thatís everything?"

Hermione raised her hand. "Can I still take all my N.E.W.Tís even if Iíve been exempted from them?"

"Yes, you may, Miss Granger."

Harry leaned closer to Draco to answer his question. "Better get Ďmione to help with the Tranfiguration, and as for Charms... I beat Voldemort with one, didnít I?"

"Very true," Draco purred. "But I think I will need a great deal of personal, in depth tutoring. Just to make sure I pass, of course. I suggest we get started immediately. My room would be best, itís quiet and there would be no interruptions."

"And then people are going to wonder just why you failed abysmally at Charms but were grinning the whole time."

"But what a way to go!"

"Did you have to invite the whole of Gryffindor seventh year, Potter?" Draco whined, looking around his sitting room at the sprawled bodies. "Granger and Weasley I could have understood. I could even have understood Granger, Weasley and Longbottom but... this is your whole dormitory!"

"We wanted to make sure you two were studying and not shagging," Seamus called from where he was going over Herbology notes.

"And, as good friends, they were determined weíd pass our N.E.W.Tís," Harry sighed, shaking his head fondly. "So what first, Malfoy? Charms or Potions or..." He shuddered. "History of Magic."

"How about none of the above," Draco muttered. This was not how he had envisioned studying for his stupid NEWT finals. "I need to feed Artemis, does anyone have any live mice? She only likes them fresh."

Even the chorus of ewwws and Ďgrossí and retching sounds wasnít enough to make him crack a smile, however as he was suddenly reminded that this was a room full of Gryffindors and he was a Slytherin and had this been the year before it would have been...

"Excuse me," he muttered and as quickly as dignity would allow fled into the bedroom and shut the door firmly behind him.

"Oi, whatís up with the Slytherin Princess?" Ron sighed, only to be promptly hit on the head with a pillow by Hermione. And then by Parvati and Lavender. And finally by Ginny who was there to help them all with history.

"Iím surprised heís been able to do as well as he has up until now, I mean, considering..." Ginny trailed off.

"Thatís because heís had Harry and the Order to distract him but now itís business as usual," Parvati replied.

"Not that your business as usual, Harry, just that youíre comfortable now," Lavender chimed in.

"Do you think we should see if heís okay?"

"What the bloody hell are you bints babbling on about, now?" Seamus finally interrupted only to be elbowed in the solar plexus by Ron who was growling at Seamus and warning him not to call his girlfriend, his sister or their friends bints.

"Men," Hermione sniffed. "Youíre so bloody stupid by times. Look around, what do you see?"

"Umm, the lot of us studying?" Dean offered.

"A room full of Gryffindors whoíve been friends since the beginning of school and heís only here because Harry loves him while all his friends heís had since the beginning are dead or in Azkaban receiving the Dementorís kiss," Neville replied quietly.

"I take that back, Neville isnít stupid," Hermione beamed at the quiet Gryffindor.

Cursing himself roundly for his insensitivity, Harry looked around the room and made a decision. "All right, the lot of you, out of here. Take it to the library or somewhere else please, Iíve got some groveling to do."

"Mind you do it well," Parvati commented as the rest of the Gryffindors began gathering up their books and notes.

Once they were gone, Harry walked over to the closed bedroom door and knocked softly. "Everyoneís gone, mind if I come in?"

"Iím sorry, I didnít mean to ruin your study party," Draco replied in a hitched voice from where he lay on the bed, his back to the door. "I didnít want to spoil it, I just..." Dracoís breath caught in a sob and he angrily scrubbed at his eyes. "Iím being a bloody sodding idiot is what Iím being!"

Shaking his head and feeling like a total sod, Harry walked over to the bed, climbing in behind Draco and wrapping his arms around him. "Iím the idiot, not you. Itís just, itís so easy to forget how it was before. You lost a lot of friends and I was an idiot not to remember that." Heíd lost friends too, but not his entire year of housemates.

"Youíre a Gryffindor, what do you expect?" Draco tried to joke but failed miserably. "I know they were rotten Voldemort loving Death Eaters, well some of them. Others were just scared and others really believed but, well I may not have liked a lot of them but we were family, the only family any of us had while at school.

"Itís not like the other houses ever really paid us any mind other than to snipe at and ridicule us, and before you say it I know weíre part of the reason that the isolation existed but, they were all I really had until I found you, this year," the blond confessed, not even bothering to wipe away his tears anymore as he rolled over and curled into Harryís chest.

"Iím sorry," Harry whispered, stroking Dracoís hair and feeling the hitches in his back as he cried. He didnít know what else to say or what he could do, nothing would bring back the Slytherins or fix this.

"Nothing for you to be sorry about," Draco replied promptly, trying to wipe his tears and stop sniffling and bawling all at the same time. "They made their choices and so did I. All I can do is live with it now, and the memories. Sorry Iím being such a nancy-boy, itís bloody embarrassing really."

"I can be sorry if I want, Iím the savior of the wizarding world, remember?" Harry asked, trying to coax a smile from Draco. "And whoís calling you a nancy-boy? I know Iíve cried enough to qualify as one thatís for certain. Iím - Iím just glad you allow me to be here."

"I love you, you stupid git, as if Iíd want anyone else with me when I show an embarrassing lack of restraint and proper Malfoy manners. I mean Iíve got a reputation to uphold for everyone else but you. I donít have to pretend around you, do I?" Draco smiled. "And I thought weíd agreed, no more guilt-fests for the Boy who lived, then died, then lived again?"

Harry dipped his head to kiss Dracoís tear-stained face. "You donít have to pretend at all, not any longer. As for my guilt-fests, Iím allowed if thereís reason, and offending your sensibilities with a hoard of ravening Gryffindors is reason Iíd say."

"Slobbering horde maybe," Draco giggled, pressing a kiss to Harryís chest before getting up. "Címon, nervous breakdown avoided. Letís get this studying over with and get these bloody tests over and done with so we can get on with the rest of our lives, yes?"

"Gryffindors do not slobber," Harry stated, highly offended. "We swallow."

"Theyíre over, right?" Harry whimpered, collapsing on the common room couch and covering his eyes with his arm. The Potions N.E.W.T. had been nightmarish and he supposed he should be thankful heíd been given credit for Charms, Transfiguration, and DADA as just studying for two of the blasted tests had been enough to liquefy his brain.

The door to the common room swung open and Draco managed to stagger in before collapsing on the couch next to Harry. "Flitwick is a bloody dark lord in disguise!" the Slytherin grumbled. "That was beyond torturous and I donít even want to speak on Transfiguration. Why in the blazes did I agree to take six ĎN.E.W.Tís is beyond me!"

"Because you didnít want to let Hermione crow at you about her eight - which she took all of?" Harry offered, shuddering at the last.

"Thatís because sheís certifiable and a candidate for St. Mungoís while I plan on living a long and healthy life outside of padded walls," Draco groused.

"Well, at least itís over. Even better, Iíve talked all the house heads into allowing the graduating class to hold a party to celebrate end of exams. Without chaperones," the blond cackled evilly. "Apparently weíve been given permission to use Grimmauld Place in London? Dumbledore said youíd know exactly where it is, love."

Harry nodded, his expression turning forlorn for a moment. "It was Siriusí house, its mine now I suppose. The Order met there before things came to a head. I suppose we need to find a way to get Mrs. Blackís picture down off the wall or sheíll be shrieking at everyone all night long. She was your aunt or something, right? Maybe you can cajole her."

"The woman was a crotchety old bat. However if you want me to keep her quiet youíll have to let me do it my way," Draco grinned, looking forward to bullying the portrait into submission. "No interference, Harry, all right?"

"Thereís not much you can do to her. Sheís a bitch, but in some ways sheís all thatís left of Sirius.""í...

"No burning to a crisp. A little singeing maybe but thatís it, I promise," Draco grinned.

Harry sighed but it was combined with a laugh. "Weíll hear her screeching all the way at Hogwarts."

"Hey, you can take the boy out of Slytherin but you canít take the Slytherin out of the boy!" Draco laughed. "Címon itíll be fun!"

Draco drunkenly stumbled into the room he was sharing with Harry, ready to pass out on the bed, but stopped short when he realized his lover already occupied it.

"Bloody hell, that was one hell of a party!" he laughed, falling onto the bed next to Harry. "I really had fun!"

"Mmm?" Harry mumbled, opening his eyes and blinking owlishly as heíd already removed his glasses. "Mmmm, Malfoy. Come here and give us a snog." Saying that, he reached for the blond, pulling him close and giving him a sloppy kiss.

Draco laughed woozily. "Youíre really cute when you drunk, you know that?" he grinned, snuggling up against his lover. "Potter, when our grades are posted, you wanna go away together? You know, take a trip, maybe someplace warm and isolated, just the two of us?"

"Somewhere with suntan oil and not many clothes?" Harry asked, even as he pulled Draco up to eye level so he could kiss and lick and nip at the other youthís face. "With you? Sure."

"Good. Itís settled then," Draco grinned, and promptly fell into a drunken sleep.

"Draco. Draaaacooo..." Harry crooned, running his hands over the blondís back and sides, then down over his arse, trying to get some response from him. "Draco? Oh fuck."

"And you thought they wouldnít do it." Harry smirked as he tapped the Order of Merlyn First Class medal pinned to Dracoís dress robes, then looked over at the identical one Snape wore. "Never underestimate Gryffindor stubbornness."

Draco snorted. "Bloody silly piece of tin," he replied but nonetheless was rather pleased that it looked so good on him. He was more pleased to see one pinned on Harryís chest, however, as he deserved it more than anyone.

"Can you believe this is it? Weíre graduating. No more Hogwarts, no more classes with Snape and Flitwick, no more Slytherin vs. Gryffindor on the quidditch pitch, no more ghosts and no more Peeves. I canít believe it but I think Iím going to miss the bloody place."

Harry nodded, sobering. "Strange as it sounds, it was the first place that really felt like home to me, of course now I can say anywhere with you is home, or is that too mushy?"

"Of course it is, but I love you anyway," Draco smirked, bumping his hip against the Gryffindor. "Now shut up and listen to Dumbledorkís closing speech to us so we can matriculate and get on with the rest of our lives," he whispered.

"Oh, by the way, want to live together? Iíve got this whole big, moldering manor to renovate and redecorate. Besides, I kinda like the constant sex and Iím used to you sleeping beside me."

In answer, Harry caught Dracoís hand and squeezed it, smiling at the blond Slytherin before turning his attention back to the Headmasterís admittedly rambling speech.

Draco took the answer as a yes and grinned, turning back to the commencement ceremony. Resting his head on Harryís shoulder, he slowly tuned Dumbledore and the ceremony out, pulled by inner reflection. Memories flittered across the surface of his mind, the first time he and Harry met, the Sorting Hat, Potions, Quidditch, trolls in the dungeon, adventures in the dark forest, being an absolute prick, being a prefect. This school had wrought amazing changes on all who survived to see this day.

Those that had were the ones who had not merely followed the path carved out for them but who had forged their own. He looked around at his new friends, the lone Slytherin amidst a sea of Gryffindor red and gold. His father would be turning in his grave, but his mother beamed proudly from where she sat with the other parents. He couldnít wait to introduce Harry to the real Narcissa Malfoy, and have Narcissa meet the person he was planning on asking to marry.

Hogwarts had done that for him, had given him a real family, not the family heíd been born too. It had loved and nurtured him, put up with his temper tantrums and his nastiness and had slowly made him into a man that he was proud to be. And most importantly, Hogwarts had given him Harry.

"I love you, Harry James Potter," he murmured, knowing that he still didnít say it nearly enough for the Gryffindor, but deciding that right now, this moment, was the perfect time to say it again. "Iím going to love you forever, just so you know."

Wondering just what had brought on the seldom-heard words, but not minding in the least, Harry let go of Dracoís hand to slip his arm around the Slytherinís shoulders. "Love you too, Draconis," he murmured, turning his face to brush a kiss across Dracoís brow and almost toppling the other teenís pointed hat off his head. "Youíre my family now."

"Damn straight I am," Draco grinned. Forever was looking really good right now.


"Harry, are you ready yet? The portkeyís arrived," Draco shouted up the stairs as he shrank down the rest of the luggage and lightened it before shoving the tiny trunks into his haversack. Sticking his wand in his back pocket, he turned to look at himself in the mirror that hung over the fireplace in the hallway.

"Stop preening, you peacock, if he loves you all hot and sweaty heís gonna love you in that hideous shirt," the mirror sniped, sounding remarkably like a Snape ancestor.

"Keep it up and Iíll put you across from the portrait of Blackís mother in Grimmauld Place and then you can spend eternity listening to her shriek and shout obscenities," Draco threatened without heat.

"Who are you threatening now?" Harry laughed, brushing his still damp hair back off his forehead as he loped down the stairs. Seeing Draco, he stopped in his tracks and whistled. "Nice look for you there, Malfoy, tropical prince, I think itís a keeper.

"Now Remus is keeping Hedwig and Snape has Artemis, any thing else weíve forgotten?"

"Youíve owled the Weasleyís with our itinerary and threatened them within an inch of their lives if they actually interrupt us?" Draco replied and then stuck his tongue out.

"I was informing this pompous mirror that if it kept talking Iíd hang it across the hall from Mama Black, if you must know. I still have my fatherís dark arts library; you make a comment about my wardrobe again and Iíll use it, I swear!" Draco threatened without any real heat. The very fact that he was dressed up like this was proof that heíd do anything for Harry, even look like an arse.

"Sheíd probably get along well with the mirror," Harry sighed, "it being Ďqualityí and all. And I like the way you look." He bit his lip to keep from snickering at Dracoís bright flowered shirt. "Iím going to enjoy the way you look when I strip if off and fuck you through the mattress more though."

"Okay, we have to leave now," Draco whimpered, his blood heating and his cock filling. "That was bloody unfair, I want to say fuck the vacation now and have you fuck me over the hallway table."

"Oooh, baby! Does that mean I get a show?" the mirror crowed from where it hung. "Wahoo, I get to see Mahstah Draco get reamed literally as well as figuratively at long last!"

"Shut it or youíll find yourself hung in Azkaban," Harry growled to the mirror before kissing Draco lingeringly. "Portkey, Malfoy. Letís get out of here, Bermuda awaits."

Draco smiled and picked up the palm frond, which was on the table heíd mentioned being fucked on, and held it out to Harry. "Ready when you are, Potter!"

Leaning back on his hands and watching the sun vanishing into the turquoise waters of the ocean, Harry smiled. He was worn out, a bit sunburnt and waterlogged, but, on the whole he couldnít remember being happier.

Glancing up at Draco who was sitting on a rock nearby, he drank in the other teenís looks for a long moment, the hunger that had been banked since their arrival on the island and the flurry of discovery as they explored the house theyíd rented for their two weeks here and the beach beyond it flared to life again.

"Itís almost as if everything thatís happened is a dream," he murmured.

Draco turned and smiled at Harry, his whole face lighting up. "Would it be entirely too sappy and very Gryffindorish of me to say that every day with you is like a dream?" he asked, moving off the rock to sit down next to his lover and resting his head on Harryís shoulder. "Youíve always been my dream, even when I didnít think I could have one."

Harry slipped his arm around Dracoís shoulders, holding him close. "Funny, I would have thought I was your nightmare and have said likewise about you. Now though..." He smiled, and turned his head to kiss Dracoís temple. "I wonít tell the world you have Gryffindorish tendencies if you donít tell them I have Slytherin-like ones."

"Sod off," Draco replied affectionately with a slight push to his loverís chest. "Everyone knows that being Slytherin is what people should aspire to be, Gryffindors are just so... so... common," he continued with a fake sneer and a haughty sniff. "You should have been so lucky to get sorted Slytherin. But Iíve forgiven you that character flaw because youíre a wicked hot shag and damn hot in bed."

"The thought of being sorted Slytherin is what keeps little children awake in their beds at night, shaking with terror," Harry snickered, toppling Draco over so that his head was pillowed in Harryís lap. "Though from my experience they do have damn good sexual appetites."

"Actually itís the Slytherin sexual appetite that keeps parents awake at night which is why theyíre so terrified of their children being sorted into my house. They donít want their children to become sexual deviants and sex addicts... well unless oneís parents were in Slytherin themselves and understand full well the benefits of being sorted into Slytherin.

"This, of course, is why parents fill young childrenís heads with terror stories about being sorted into Slytherin. They donít want their innocent little wizards and witches to turn into raving sex gods and goddesses," Draco smirked. "But arenít you lucky that I lowered my standards and decided to shag a Gryffindork?" the blond continued, blowing on Harryís crotch before mouthing the twitching fabric teasingly before backing away to rest his head on the other youthís thigh again.

Harry snorted loudly, squirming a bit as the heat in his blood cranked up a notch. Taking a deep breath, he looked out at the setting sun, absently carding his fingers through Dracoís hair. "Believe what you want, Malfoy; I know the truth. Youíre a softhearted romantic and you know it. Donít worry though, I wonít tell a soul."

Dracoís eyes narrowed and with lightening reflexes honed by years of chasing after a snitch he was on top of Harry, pinning him down to the sand. "Malfoys do not do romantic crap, Potter, it goes against our nature as dark wizards. Donít think for a moment that this is anything more than me playacting and plotting to overthrow the boy who shagged when heís weak and vulnerable," the blond growled menacingly before diving in to attack Harryís mouth.

When he finally came up for air he smirked down at the dazed man beneath him. "Now that weíve got that settled... wanna have pervy sex on the beach?" he asked with a waggle of his eyebrows.

"Maybe once you admit that it isnít playacting and plotting," Harry answered, regaining his composure but not trying to fight his way out from under Draco.

"If you dare tell anyone..." Draco trailed off, mock-glaring at Harry before grinning like a fool. "Not that anyone would believe you if you told them. I mean really, me a softhearted romantic? Ha!" the blond laughed. "Theyíd lock you in St. Mungoís for sure. But Iíd be nice and arrange for conjugal visits so you could get shagged regularly. Arenít I nice?"

"Youíre a saint," Harry chuckled. "Though Gilderoy Lockhartís still there, he might be worth a try..."

"You do and Iíll castrate him," Draco growled possessively. "No one touches you but me. No one! Got it?"

"Got it," Harry nodded, surprised and aroused by Dracoís sudden jealousy, of Lockhart of all people!

"Good, because weíre bonded by blood and magic which means youíre as good as my husband anyhow and Iím bloody well not sharing you with anyone. Iíve never played well with others; you should know that better than anyone, well except with you. I play very well with you," Draco grinned. "Now get naked so I can spit you on my cock and fuck you until you squeal!"

"Spit me on your... Fuck me till I...?" Harry stared at Draco incredulously, then started to laugh, finally collapsing back onto the sand, holding his sides, tears of hilarity running down his cheeks.

"Fine," Draco harrumphed, pushing up off of the other boy and getting to his feet. "I guess the romance is dead, isnít it? Iím going for a swim," he sulked before stripping out of his shorts and running naked into the surf.

"Draco... Draco? Come on Malfoy, it was funny!" Harry hollered toward the blondís back before collapsing back on the sand. "And if you burn your bum, donít come running to me for an aloe charm!"

Watching Harry from the water, his nose and eyes above the surface, Draco Ďaccioed his wand to him with a bit of wandless magic when Harry wasnít looking and then, under water, muttered, Ďmobilicorpusí while pointing at his lover, causing Harryís body to stiffen and rise.

Standing up he floated Harry over the water near him with great glee and then released his lover and the charm before sending his wand flying back to bury itself under the pile of clothes on the beach. "Now that is funny!" he giggled happily.

Harry stood up, shaking water from his hair and feeling around for his glasses which had gotten knocked off his face when heíd gone under the water. "Real funny, Malfoy," he growled, finally finding them and putting them back on, ignoring the gritty feel to the plastic frames.

"Oh, but it is, it is!" Draco guffawed, falling over in the water he was laughing so hard and hitting bottom before he came back up for air. "Harry Potterís all wet! Literally! I love it!" he snickered and then squeaked and backpedaled as Harry made a dive for him.

"Better watch it or a fish might decide to snack on the Malfoy family jewels," Harry observed, catching Draco around the waist and tumbling him into the water again.

Spluttering in indignation, Draco growled and dove at Harry, enjoying the roughhousing and feeling himself becoming, unsurprisingly, aroused as he brushed constantly against his lover during their play. Finally giving into the urge he sealed his lips over the saltwater cool ones of Harry and feasted hungrily until he was forced to come up for air.

"You realize you have far too many clothes on, donít you, Potter?" he gasped at last, grinding his erection against the Gryffindorís thigh in obvious need.

"Well, youíre the one who tossed me in here without even a by your leave," Harry panted, winded by their play and aroused by the feel of Dracoís nude body sliding against his through his own clothes.

Managing to untangle himself from Draco for a moment, Harry skinned out of his bathing trunks and tossed them back toward shore, not caring if they made it to the sand or not. That done, he slid his arms around Dracoís waist and pulled him closer, their bodies aligning so that their erections slid against each other as they moved. "Mmm, want to feel you come like this," he murmured, closing his hands on Dracoís arse and grinding against him.

"Semantics," Draco groaned, his own hands going to cup Harryís arse as his mouth smashed against the raven-haired boyís. Sighing happily, Draco ground hard against Harry, wanting nothing more than to bring them both off. "Merlyn but youíre a hot piece of arse, Potter, thank Salazar youíre all mine," he managed to gasp out when the need for air made him break the kiss.

Spreading Harryís cheeks wider, a finger began to stroke Harryís hole and then gently slid inside all the while he continued to grind his cock against his loverís, the wet slide of salt water making everything slower and much more voluptuous.

Harry moaned, his own fingers tightening on Dracoís arse, his lips finding the blondís pulse and latching onto it so that he could leave a deep red mark in their wake.

Draco whimpered at the feel of Harryís mouth and redoubled his thrusting against the Gryffindorís cock while his finger began to pump in and out of Harryís arse. Moaning continuously he felt his balls begin to draw up and the telltale signs of orgasm race through him. "Harry, Merlyn, gonna, fuck!" he bellowed as his cock jumped and began to send shot after shot of semen into the warm wet space between their bodies while his whole body stiffened and spasmed.

"Yes!" The sudden heated stream in the water against him took Harry over the edge as well, and he bucked back against Dracoís fingers, then forward, into his body, muffling his cries of completion against the Slytherinís shoulder.

Sagging against his lover, Draco slowly removed his finger from Harryís arse and caressed the other youth gently. "Maybe we should get out of here before we do something stupid like drown due to supreme bliss and total post-orgasmic relaxation," he chuckled. "Wanna apparate to the hotel room?"

"Gotta get our stuff," Harry sighed, not caring if he moved for a year at least.

Draco snorted. "Youíre still such a muggle by times, Potter," he laughed, accioing his wand again and casting first a reduction spell and then a packing spell centered on the haversack heíd brought with him down to the beach. Levitating it over to him and then handing Harry his wand. "Címon lazybones, back to the room before your fall over and drown and kill us both."

"Yes, Draco darling," Harry chuckled, quickly stepping back away from Draco and disapparating before the other teen could get him.

ę Prat. Absolute, total prat. Why did I bind my life to his again?" Draco sighed and, glancing around, quickly disapparated after Harry, reappearing in the center of their hotel room.

Harry was reclining in the middle of the bed, both his glasses and his wand on the nightstand. "Come to bed, Malfoy," he murmured. "Iíll rub lotion on you after we wake up."

"Oooh that sounds kinky, why not rub it on me before we fall asleep?" Draco leered, waggling his eyebrows as he cast a quick drying charm and burrowed his way under the mosquito netting to finally make it onto the bed next to his lover.

"Because then we wouldnít fall asleep," Harry answered wryly.

"Spoilsport," Draco chuckled but nonetheless snuggled up against Harry before suddenly bounding off the bed again and hurrying over to his luggage to rummage around in it.

Finding what he wanted, Draco managed to get back under the netting without removing one hand from behind his back and sat cross-legged on the bed next to Harry, looking down at him.

"I canít believe I almost forgot this. And before you say anything Iím really not a hearts and flowers sort of person, despite my so-called romantic streak so I have no idea how to do this properly or anything. And another thing, if you tell a soul Iíll turn you into a mouse and feed you to Grangerís cat. I really, really will!

"Anyhow, this really isnít how I ever expected my life to be because I expected to follow daddy along blindly, become a Death Eater, marry Parkinson and eventually produce an heir as obnoxious as I was and then either get killed by the Ministry or become even more like my father. It would seem fate had other plans for me though, and Iím not complaining because on the whole I like my life ever so much better now than I would have the other way.

"That said, Happy Birthday Harry Potter, and..." Draco took a deep breath and brought out a little jewel box holding a ring. A ring that had two carved figures, a lion and a serpent, wrapped around one another, "will you marry me?"

"Determined to drape me in jewels, Malfoy. Arenít you?" Harry rasped, looking up from the ring to Dracoís too serious expression. "And what do you think the answer is? I died for you, you brought me back, Iíd say that was a damn permanent relationship. This..." He took the ring and ran a finger over it, "will just show everyone what we already know for a fact."

"Thatís just it, I want the world to know without a doubt that I plan on spending the rest of my life with you," Draco replied quickly. "I mean I know Iím not so great a catch, well I am gorgeous and fabulously wealthy and have great homes in any number of countries but, Iím still a Death Eaterís brat and a Malfoy. Those arenít any great shakes really. But if youíll let me, I want to be better than I was and I want to make you proud of me, Harry," he finally admitted in a choked voice.

"Stupid git," Harry muttered, setting the ring down and gathering Draco into his arms, kissing his temple as he did so. "I am proud of you. Of who you are, who youíve become, who youíve helped me become. Besides," he tried to lighten the mood with a bit of teasing, "you could always become Draco Potter. I think it has a nice ring to it."

"Like Hell! I was thinking more along the lines of Harry Malfoy. That way no one will associate you with Ďthe boy who livedí youíll be Ďthat gorgeous Dracoís husband,í" the blond smirked, ignoring the fluttery feeling in the pit of his stomach as he went over Harryís words again. Harry was proud. Of him, Draco Malfoy, Slytherin git and all round bad egg. Damn that sounded nice.

"Oh no," Harry laughed, tackling Draco to the bed and sitting on him. "Youíll be Draco Potter and thatís all there is to it!" He leaned in and blew a raspberry on the side of the blondís neck.

"The hell I will!" Draco giggled, trying to squirm away. "Okay how about we compromise, Iíll be Potter-Malfoy and you can be Malfoy-Potter?" he suggested while trying to dive off the bed. "Or better yet you stay Potter and I stay Malfoy and we just shag a lot and shock the neighbors into thinking weíre shacking up?"

"That sounds good to me," Harry said agreeably. "I always wanted to be known as a deviant and have neighbors whisper about me behind my back, oh wait, they do all the time when Iím at the Dursleys."

"Oooh! I just had the most wicked idea, Harry!" Draco crowed. "Are there any houses for sale near your muggle relatives? I could buy it, we could set up house and really stick it to em before informing the lot of them that theyíre too pathetic to actually live around and then we move away! Can we do it, please?"

Harryís eyes widened and he shook his head wildly. "No. Just... no. The last place I want to go on this earth is Privet Drive, even with you, even to Ďstick it to themí." In truth, he didnít want Draco to see what he had lived with and through his first ten years and every summer since.

Draco pouted outrageously but gave in. After all Harry hadnít said he couldnít send those nasty muggles anything which meant he could start playing evil tricks on them almost immediately. "Oh all right, we wonít move to Privet Drive, weíll just live in Malfoy Manor and make my father spin in his grave."

"So long as he doesnít decide to haunt us or anything," Harry said agreeably.

"Fuck, he bloody well better not or I swear Iíll hire an exorcist to get rid of him once and for all!" Draco groaned. "Although Iíd be rather amused to see his reaction to the remodeled master bedroom and his witnessing us fornicating like minks in heat on the old heirloom bed!" the blond snickered.

Recalling the things Lucius Malfoy had done to him and his friends, and to Draco, Harry shook his head. "Iíd as soon never see him again, thanks."

"Well yes, I would have to agree with that but it would still be fun to send him into his evil hereafter in the throws of an undead heart attack," Draco laughed. "But letís stop talking about my father. By the way, you never did say yes, you know."

"Sorry. Yes."

"Good answer, prat!" Draco replied, tackling Harry to the bed. "Now, I donít know about you but Iím wide awake and I think we need to consummate our engagement, donít you?"

"I dunno, Draco, Iím sort of tired," Harry sighed before grinning at the look of outrage on the blondís face.

"If you dare tell me you have a headache I swear Iím going to beat you bloody, Potter!" Draco growled, tumbling them both back on to the bed.

Harry laughed aloud before flipping them both over so that he was looking down at Draco. "No pains in my head, but I believe Iím feeling an ache lower in my body," he mused, arching his hips against Dracoís and feeling the other teen respond.

"Then I would strongly suggest you do something about relieving said ache," Draco gasped, arching up against Harry and wrapping his legs around the other manís hips. "After all we wouldnít want you to feel too much pain now would we?" the blond continued, writhing underneath his lover, no his fiancť, with a definite glint in his eyes.

"Something like, as I believe you said earlier, Ďspitting you on my cock and making you squealí?" Harry asked, grinning evilly.

"Funny, I recall it being the other way around but if you think you can make me Ďsquealí," Draco replied with a distasteful snort, "by all means give it your best shot. Personally I think youíre just jealous because itís a proven fact that Slytherins are much more sexual creatures than you Gryffindors," he continued with a smirk.

"Um hmmm," Harry said, his eyebrows winging upward. Reaching for his glasses and wand, he cast a quick petrificus, backed up, and flipped Draco onto his stomach, his bent knees and spread legs canting his arse up into the air nicely.

Before setting his wand aside for the moment, he relaxed part of the spell, allowing Draco to speak, but nothing else. That done, he leaned in and ran his hands over the blondís buttocks, admiring their taut curve before smacking first the left, then the right sharply, liking the way his palm print stood out in stark relief against the pale skin.

"OW! Bloody hell, Potter! What the devil do you think youíre doing?" Draco bellowed, not even able to jerk in reaction under Harryís hand. "Owowowowowowowow! No one has ever dared not even my parents, you are so gonna pay for this! When I get out of this petrificus Iím gonna show you just what a dark wizard can do!" the blond threatened without any true heat to his words.

Biting down on the pillow, he tried not to moan as Harryís hand connected once more and the heat started to rise in his flesh, causing other parts of him to rise up as well.

"Whinge, whinge, whinge," Harry chuckled, continuing to spank Draco until the other boyís arse was pink and he was whimpering continually into the pillow. "But damn, youíre hot when you whimper like that," he added, lowering himself to lick at the tender flesh between Dracoís legs, mouthing his testicles. Ď Draco arched up against Harryís tongue, his back bowing and the tendons in his neck stretching as far as the could go as he mewled and writhed underneath the other man. "Bastard, bloody bastard, gonna do wickedly evil things to you when I can think straight again, I swear it!" the blond threatened direly as he continued to squirm underneath the onslaught that was Harry.

"Who says youíre ever going to be able to think straight again?" Harry asked, blowing a stream of cool air on Dracoís wet balls and beginning to rim him, wanting the blond to feel as out of control as he did.

"Ha-rry!" Dracoís voice hitched and went up in pitch as he thrust his hips back against the wet tongue driving him rapidly mad with lust. "Oh Salazar, oh fuck, thatís, yes, mmm," the blond moaned as his hands kneaded the bed sheets catlike while his body rocked back and forth on his knees.

Dracoís silvery gray eyes were mere slits as he was barely able to keep them open. There was a high-pitched mewling coming from somewhere and he couldnít seem to shut the sound out and then he realized that he was the one making the noise. How bloody embarrassing! And yet he couldnít seem to stop.

Unable to resist any longer, Harry grabbed for the lube and slicked himself up. He took only a second to position himself, and then drove into Dracoís body, groaning at the tightness as his lover was barely stretched. "So bloody good," he rasped, pounding into Dracoís hot sheath, demanding everything from both of them.

"Harry!" Draco wailed, his back curving impossibly as he slammed himself back against his fiancť. "Oh Merlyn, so good, oh please, more!" Draco was barely aware that he sounded like a shameless tart begging for more but he didnít care, this was Harry, his Harry, taking him, loving him, owning and possessing him.

Digging his hands into the fabric of the bedding with one hand, he reached beneath himself and began to stroke his cock in time with Harryís thrusts.

Harry growled and knocked Dracoís hand away from his erection. "No touching, love. Just from me, understand?" He leaned over Dracoís back and threaded his fingers through the other teenís, holding them close as he continued thrusting, lost in a whirlwind of pleasure.

Whining soundlessly Dracoís fingers convulsed around Harryís as his heels dug into the mattress and he forced himself back harder and harder. He was so close, one little touch would have sent him over the edge but Harry wanted... oh Morgana Harry wanted and so Draco would give to him whatever the other man desired.

"Loveyouloveyouloveyou," the blond chanted mindlessly as he could feel his prostate pounded and the heat begin to burn its way through his body. He was so very close now, teetering on the edge, and all because Harry was fucking him. "Please, Harry," Draco begged shamelessly, not quite sure what he was begging for but needing to say the words.

"Yes, God, yes," Harry answered, pressing hungry, sucking kisses at the nape of Dracoís neck, feeling the other teen writhing and shuddering beneath him and knowing he was shaking too. "Love you, always."

"Oh Merlyn!" Draco wailed and arched as his cock erupted all over the mattress as the feel of Harryís mouth on his flesh drove him over the edge. "Harry!"

Unable to speak, Harry could only cry out his pleasure as Draco clenched down around him, driving him to his own orgasm within moments. Keeping his fingers twined with Dracoís, he finally rolled to the side, bringing the other teen with him, and curled around Dracoís back, kissing his sweat-dampened neck. "I do love you."

"Bloody good thing considering youíre stuck with me for the length of your, therefore our lives. That and you just agreed to marry me and if you think Iím gonna let you renege on that youíve got another thing coming!" Draco growled, bringing up on set of their combined hands to his lips and kissed the back of Harryís hand.

"Youíll look fetching in white," Harry murmured, his eyes half-lidded as exhaustion and satiation took their toll.

"Correct me if Iím wrong, love," Draco fairly hissed the word. "But only virgins are allowed to wear white. Iím anything but as well you know! And if you dare suggest that Iíll be the one wearing the dress in the family youíve got another thing coming! Wizarding Versace, tux, black or gray thank you very much!"

Harry laughed quietly, snuggling closer to Draco and nodding absently. "Whatever you want, love."

"Humph" Draco replied but nonetheless wrapped his arms tighter around Harry to make sure that his fiancť was well secured to his side and absently pulled the cover up over them. "At least youíve got the right attitude. Whatever I want. I want you. All the time, for the rest of our lives... And a Wizarding Versace tux for my wedding."


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