PLEASE NOTE: Due to some medical issues we are not breeding or showing at this time.

We are waiting to see what the New Year brings to us...

NOTE:...We do not endorse or affiliiate with the advertisements at top or bottom of this page.
It is ads used by Angelfire for allowing us their free web space....

We will be out of town at our winter Pomeranian Specialty from March 11 th thru March 17 th 2007.
Please allow us a couple days to respond to your inquires once we return.

We have moved, to a beautiful 3 bedroom ranch on 4 plus acres.
We are surrounded by woods, cornfields, wildlife and couldn't be happier.
Our contact info is as follows.

6405 W. CR 650 N.
Fair Oaks, Indiana 47943

note new email address is....

For your convenience we now accpet PAY PAL as payment/deposit also.

See pictures of our new home

We moved due to new animal ordinaces being passed in our small town. Please check current legislative issues in your state to make sure you don't encounter what we did.

If you would like to read what happened to us you can visit our Court Page for more info.

We also now have a couple poms available to the right home.
We will have 4 male puppies avaialble after the holidays.
Please see our Dogs Available for more info.

Please be patient with us, as we are in the process of trying to revise our website.
New home and pictures means getting the website up to date. :)
Thank you for visiting my Home on the Web.

Please come back and visit again!
Feel free to email us or leave us your comments in our guestbook.

This photo I just couldn't resist!

I thank Sherry Cartwright for the "kiss"ami back-drop.
These boys are sired by BIS BISS CH Cottontop Doin' It Better (Cotter)
out of Cottontop Walkin' On Sunshine (Pudge), and co-bred with Linda Mulso

These boys are now in their new homes, Linda took one and Kyler is being shown by her neice.
Kip now resides with my dear friend Lori Tammen in Montana in hopes of being shown up there.

I find the pomeranian to be a very fun, loyal breed.
Very alert, attentive and eager to please.
Easily trained with a little time & a lot of persistance.
(a few treats don't hurt either)

These pint-size fur-balls are very independant.
Yet in the same sense always wanting to be by your side,
depending on you for love and attention.
They are there when you need a friend.

It does not take a lot of money to own a pom.
Just a lot of LOVE.
If you don't have the time for that,
then the pom is not for you.
(or any other animal for that matter)
Treat your animal (be it pet or show, dog, cat, bird,etc..)
with the very best you have to offer,
for they will be your friend and companion for life!!!

However, if you should want to think about breeding & showing.
This does take considerable amounts of time & money.
So if you think it's a get rich quick deal.
There is "no profit"
in the breeding and raising of poms, if done correctly.
It has to come from within your HEART!!

Are you


Go here to read what can happen!
Then see if you have what it takes to be a "breeder"!

I have caught alot of *flack* for this article.
Some people just don't get it!
But I have also gotten many many compliments on it.
To me if it helps even one person understand the time,
money and heartache involved with breeding
then I have accomplished something.
And is the VERY reason I wrote it!!!

It's just ME, it's who I am, & what I am about!

SO PLEASE.........

Remember to be a responsible pet owner.
Fence your yards and please spay/neuter,
unless your animal has suitable qualities for breeding.

Please see our spay/neuter & puppy mill links
on the Intro & Animal Express. Very IMPORTANT issues!!!

INTRO       Pommy Express

Animal Express      Jazzy~~~Where it all began!

Our Klan       Our Awards 1,2,3 & 4

Our Playpen & Puppy Hopefuls       Rescues

Photo fun Page      Picture Page 2 New House and how our poms are kept

Poms Available       For your viewing pleasure Poms we've placed

Look Who's Showing Now Sid finishes in Canada!

In Memory Of Our Loved Ones at the Bridge

We have also taken over manufacturing the Cottonlite Mini Xpens for Linda Mulso. We beleive in this product and feel you will too.
We are pleased Linda entrusted us with her "baby"! :)

Visit our site for them at Cottonlite Mini Xpens

For your convenience we now accpet PAY PAL as payment also.

We have just added this feature so please give us time to get a site/page created for this. In the meantime you still may use this just email us for directions if you have any questions.

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