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Hi, I want to start by telling you a little about myself and my family. My name is Roxanne Collins, and I was born and raised in Hebron, a small town in the northwestern part of Indiana. In fact, I was raised in the very house we lived in. Mike and I have been together since Oct of 1990 and married on Feb 14th 1994. It seems strange, yet in the same respect "very comforting" to live in the house I always have known as home. Mike and I bought it from my parents in August of 1993, when they retired and moved to a lake front house about 125 miles southeast of us.

Although now if you read our court story you will see it got so it was not comforting anylonger do to a nasty neighbor and we moved Labor Day weekend 2003 :(

Mike is my backbone and supports me in my efforts and endeavors with the Poms.
Without him I don't think I could do it.

Mike has been a carpenter by trade since 1973, re-joining the Union in 1986. I myself am a 1981 graduate from Hebron High School. I have completed Cosmetology School, but have quit the trade due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I was laid off from my job March 1st of 2003 , so now I am a stay at home Pom-Mom and have taken over a small business of manufacturing lightweight x-pens. You can visit them here Cottonlite Mini Xpens

We have 3 children, Lisa born 12-29-80 (from Mike's previous marriage) then Randy born 10-16-82 & Jessica born 11-16-83. (both from my first marriage)--Randy still lives at home. Lisa has since gotten married and divorced, but has given us 3 wonderful grandchildren. Jessica lives with her fiance in Hebron. Randy has just started his second year of college at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago Ill. He is going for his masters degree in computer design. (ha maybe his mum can learn something from him)
He has held a 3.9 grade point average and made the deans list each semester.
I am very proud of his accomplishments.

Aside from my husband, children, and now my grandkids, my dogs are my greatest gift and our kids. Mike and I choose not to have children together.

I am a very outspoken, up-front person. I feel if you can't be truthfull, don't be at all.

Now that my children are well pretty much grown and self-sufficient (no diapers to change, little leagues, cheerleading, etc...), I can pursue my dream: Breeding and Showing Pomeranians.

I love all animals, and have been owned by everything from dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, iguanas, hamsters, etc., to caring for and releasing wild birds who've fallen from their nests and wild rabbits that have been injured.

But first and foremost, Poms are my passion. I am trying to breed for the very best. Standing by the AKC and APC standards. We all know everyone encounters throw-backs and pet quality (more so than we would like). But hopefully, through careful breeding and searching pedigrees, I hope to obtain the best of qualities in my pomeranians.
Our goal is to produce sound (in mind and body), healthy, beautiful specimens of the breed that anyone would be proud to own.

I am a small hobby breeder and do so by choice. I am not a kennel per say but chose the name of Kissami Kennel~~ Home of Mom's Poms because it sounded better than just Kissami Poms. And I arrived at that name by the constant actions of our fur kids. Always wanting in your lap and demanding kisses :) I also choose to stay small so I can give individual love and attention to each one of my fur-babies.

I want to get more involed in Pom Rescue. There are way to many puppy mills and back yard breeders out there. And this leads to many poms being tossed aside because... "they don't look like the ones in photo's I've seen", or "I wanted one that would "stay small" and "cute".
These little tykes did not ASK to be brought into this world. And it is therefore our repsonsiblilty as breeders to make sure they have loving homes no matter what they look like or how big they become. Although it really does yank my chain to have to pick up the pieces of a poor pom who has been discarded for whatever reason, and the original breeder refuses to take them back and take responsibility for the animal they bred. That is the typical concensus of the puppy mill or back yard breeders.

Since our move I have already resumed rescue and have placed 3 into wonderful loving homes.

Please check out my other pages, take a tour on my Pommy Express, but also, would you kindly take a moment to sign my guestbook. I will return the favor.

You may either bookmark this page if you wish, or check back periodically. As this site will blossom as I continue to learn more.

Thanks and Happy Surfing!!!

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Please do your part and PROTECT THE PETS, by not purchasing pet store pets. Stop the abuse and cruelty to our animals. Save a animals life by adopting from your local shelter. If your wants are a pure-bred, ask them for reputable breeders. Or check out Hearts United for Animals. (a no-kill shelter) You may also contact AKC for a breeder referral in your area. Click on here to read about "puppy prisoners". When you buy from pet stores, you are keeping "puppy mills" in business.
Just what is a "puppy mill" you might ask?
Go HERE to find out!

This site is well worth seeing. Gives you a birds eye view of how poor animals live in a "PUPPY MILL"!

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