Our Home

Here is our new home, we are situated on a little over 4 acres. Cornfields surround us and the wildlife is amazeing.

We moved Labor Day weekend of 2003, to a ranch home 15 miles south of our previous address.

There are of course updates and a doggie room I want to add on, but for now this works for me :)

The welcome sign on our walkway.

And this is the flower/perenial garden looking east of the driveway.

Here is the back yard, they are able to get plenty of exersice in. The pvc fencing is around my garden pond.
This keeps the turtles in the pond area and the dogs out.
I do not want to take a chance on one of the dogs getting in the pond and not being able to get out.

This is the view looking west from standing inside the garden pond area.

Now as you enter our "cyber tour" of sorts,
keep in mind that this house is maintained for the comfort and security of our fur kids.

I do what is feesible and neccessary for their safety and protection.

Here is the kitchen area that they have run of during the day. And it leads out onto the back patio and the yard. At night I close the pen to the door frame and tuck them in.
The kids are somewhat trained to go outside but will also go on potty pads. This also helps when we have inclimate weather and is not approppriate for them to be out in it. (they do have accidents now and then but mom just goes and cleans up behind them)
We have since switched to the pvc panels instead of the wire Cottonlite x-pen for the kitchen.

These pens are both in the dining/living area and what is also used for the girls in season to keep them away from the males.
They are also used for young puppies who need the normal household noises, but not the danger of being stepped on or hurt if on the floor.

Our bedroom is where the pups are whelped and I do have 5 resident house guests that run where they please also.
These kids think the "other" quarters are not fit for them . :)

This pen sits next to my side of the bed and is where my expecting mothers go 2 weeks prior to whelp date and stay there til pups are 3-4 weeks. Then they are moved to the pens in the dining area.

The master bathroom is off to the left of our bedroom and is where we also have another puppy pen should we have more than one litter due at a time.
It also has a large garden tub that of course makes a perfect whelp area.

The spare bedroom (now that my daughter is gone) is where our girls in heat go.
They just have free run of the room and a gate is in front of the door.

This is our little spare room turned puppy room.
It is right off the master bedroom.

At night when it's "bed" time I tell the kids, go to "your" room,
they all go into their own special places and this is where they spend the evening.
I do not cage them at night.
Some choose to sleep in open cages, the others sleep in the beds spaced throughout their room and house.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit with us.
And I hope you do not pass judgement.
What works well for some people does not neccessarily work for others.

And if you are ever in the area, please feel free to stop by and visit us yourself.
Call and make arrangments 219 866 4464.

We also share our home with various other critters.
Thought we'd show you them also.

We have Patches and Smokie (fat cats), then we have 2 turtles that come from the Quatemala River and 4 common tree frogs caught from our front pond.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

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