What's Available @ Kissami

For your convenience we now accpet PAY PAL as payment/deposit also.

May be accepting Visa/Mastercard soon.

We place all our dogs/puppies to approved homes,
on a spay/neuter contract only, and AKC limited registration.
Unless placed as a show potential prospect
and going to an approved show home where we feel comfortable.

Each dog is placed on individual situtaions.
A dog/pup that might be right for one home may not necessarily be right for another.

Dog/puppies are priced accordingly to their age and qualities.

We also at various times will offer retirees.
This does not mean they are unhealthy or on their last leg of life.
It simply means I have choosen to retire them from my breeding program.
I want to find them a special lap they can call their own for the remaining part of their long lived (I hope) lives.

There will be many questions I ask of you, as well as references.
I welcome in return, questions asked and references wanted about us.

Our dogs/puppies are raised in our home and under foot.
We take pride in the socialization that they receive from us
and the people who frequent our home.

We DO NOT kennel or cage our dogs, and will not place them in a kennel type environment.
We want them to go to a home where they
will be part of the family just as they are here.
Our dogs are vaccinated/wormed according to appropriate age.
And no pup leaves here before 10 weeks of age.
We try to instill upon them basic housetraining manners before leaving.
Though I do not guarantee a dog to be completely house broke when placing it.
And do not consider it an acceptable reason for return, though I will take the dog back for any reason.
It is YOUR responsibilty to take the time and initiative to help that puppy/dog learn it's manners in your home.

If interested in a pom from us please email us with pom inquiry in the subject line.

Please give us as much information as possible. I do not respond to one liner emails.
EXAMP... I want a white pom, how much? Or I want a tiny teacup pom how much is it?
Those kinds of questions lead me to believe you haven't done your homework in researching this breed.
There is no such thing as a teacup pom.
The Pomeranian standard set forth by our mother club, The American Pomeranian Club is 3-7 pounds,
4-6 pounds preferred for showing.
They are a toy breed and fall into the toy group category.
There can be small poms out there, or larger ones, but they are not defined as teacup or standard poms.
They are just that, over sized or undersized.

We have waiting lists for certain breedings/planned litters.
If you would like to be on our wait list please let us know.
A small non-refundable deposit will be required.

We have available for your consideration the following dogs.

Tanner is 3 year old black n tan male, he is not fond of children, therefore I will only place him in an adult household.
He has a wonderful sweet temperment and loves to be on your lap or next to you on the couch while watching tv, he expects to be able to sleep with you too.

I am undergoing some surgeries and put off breeding for a while.
We have 3 litters planned for late spring 2006 or early fall. Please check back then.

Well our fall litters have arrived, we only bred 2 litters.
They are just 1 week old, 6 puppies and all of them males.
So at least 4 of these males will be available after the Holidays.

This litter is sired by CAN CH Kissami's Roadside Attraction, thier dam is Kissami's Lil' Bita Heaven.

This litter is also sired by CAN CH Kissami's Roadside Attraction, thier dam is Kissami's Midnite Rendevous.

For more information please email us or call 219 -866-4464.

Thank you for stopping in at my page on Angelfire.
Please come back and visit us again soon!


Email: pommom@netnitco.net