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The who's who of our home :)

This page dedicated to Judy Shearer

For without her help I would not be where I am today. Rest in Peace Dear Friend.

This is Judy and I during our visit in Nov. of 97.

We both thought this is a bad picture,
but it's the only one I have now.

Visit our Kids who have went on to the Rainbow Bridge.

CAN CH Kissami's Roadside Attraction aka (Sid) Major pointed in the USA
View pedigree here

Cottontop Doin' It Again aka (Joey)
View pedigree here

Kissami N Cottontop Lt'd Edition aka (Eddie)
View pedigree here

Kissami's Small Dark N Tansome aka (Tanner)
View pedigree here

Crystal's MoonBeam of Kissami aka (Bubbles)
Bubbles will be available to pet home the end of 2004.
View Pedigree Here

Cottontop No No Nanette aka (Netters)
Netters will be available to pet home the end of 2004.
View pedigree here

Kissami's Symbol Of Freedom aka (Libby)
View pedigree here

Kissami's Lil Bita Heaven aka (Nevaeh)
View pedigree here

Kissami's Midnite Rendevous aka (Rhondi)
View pedigree here

Cottontop Walkin On Sunshine aka (Pudge)
View pedigree here

Cottontop Arabesque aka (Biscuit)
View pedigree here

Kissami n Cottontop Tantalizer aka (Liza)
View pedigree here

Cottontop Pirouette aka (Patti)
View pedigree here

Shyacres Double Trace O'Gold aka (Tracey)
View pedigree here

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Together We Can Make A Difference!!!

My love for poms started many years ago.
Thanks to a little girl named Buffy.
(who was owned by my cousin, Marie)
(or the other way around)
But it wasn't until recently
that I decided to breed and start showing.
My little girl Jazzy taught me the true meaning
of "doggie love" and it is because of her
that I will now never be without one.
(please read her story)

After her death (along with Aladdin & Misty)
the search was on for another pom
to fill that huge void they left in my heart.

I had gotten a Dog Fancy magazine, and while reading it, I
came across the ad for the Pom Reader.(I subscribed)
When that arrived I made phone call
after phone call in search of a quality pom.
During that search,
I came across some info on another magazine
the Pom Review.
From there I made a phone call to Judy Shearer.
(smartest thing I could have done)
I had called to speak to her on some problems
and questions I was having on my decisions.
From there we had became very good friends,
and I give the utmost respect to her
for taking the time to speak with me when others would not.
She has become my mentor, my critiquor, my confidant,
and most important MY FRIEND.
Many many thanks and appreciation go out to her and
to her husband Jim.(he's quite the character, alot like my Mike.)
I look forward to many years
of freindship and "Pom" talk with Judy.

A very sad update:
My years with Judy have ended due to her passing away from cancer on 1-3-99.
But my memories and love for her will last a lifetime.
I shall cherrish the knowledge and friendship she gave me.

I would also like to thank Clarice Oganeku of Woodrose Kennel
for entrusting me with my first show dog Andy(he was a blessing)
He was to be my foundation stud and he was very willing to assit :)
He is the first "quality" pom I purchased after my research.
On a sad note Andy recently passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him dearly.

But after getting Andy I made contact with Judy and the rest they say is --history--.

We made numerous trips to the Shearers' to acquire dogs she wanted me to have and for just for fun visits.

Words can not express the gratitude I have for her
on honoring me with such fine specimens of this breed.
They are surely a most welcomed asset to my heart.

I also have to thank Doris Wheeler (Cascade Kennel)whom I met thru Judy. She has been a dear friend to me as well.

I have to give a very heartfelt thanks to Linda Mulso (Cottontop Poms)
for a very special little boy she let come here to be part of our klan, and bigger part of my life.

The arrival of Cottontop Rocketeer aka Rocky,
whom completed his CH on 11-16-01. He was my faithful companion and couch potato.
Sadly we lost CH Rocky in March of 2004, but his legacy lives on thru some of his kids produced here.

Linda also has allowed me to co-own Cottontop No No Nanette. She is a blessing in my life also, (Linda & Netters) and I look forward to many years of pom "doings" and "outings" with her.

As you can see Linda has entrusted me with quite a few of her gorgeous Cottontop Poms.
This is due to a common trust and respect we acquired for each other thru the years.

And a very special thanks to Janice Young (StarHaven Poms)
Jan has been a true friend, has always been there for me when I need her. And had enriched my life also with some quality StarHaven Poms.
Jan and Linda have kinda taken over as being my "Mom's" when Judy passed.
And for that I am eternally grateful.

This is our current program,
so as you may imagine we are small and slow going.
But all pedigrees look good
as well as the dogs themselves.
(pedigrees are not everything)
So be patient, wish me luck
and I hope to meet some of you in the ring.
Be sure to come up and say hi if we are at a show! We love meeting new faces, as well as chatting with old friends.

We have some new additions of puppy hopefuls on the Playpen Page.

And visit here to see what's AVAILABLE

You are the person to see our Klan since 1/16/98.

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