Welcome To Our PlayPen and Show Hopefuls

Come on in and look around, but watch your step.
Remember this is a "playpen" & puppies/dogs run free!!

Here you will see our newest arrivals.

Along with our show prospects/puppy hopefuls.

We do not breed that often, and we breed mainly for ourself, for something to show. But if and when we have something to offer it will be on the AVAILABLE PAGE
Our pets are placed on spay/neuter contract only.

Prices will vary from show to pet and dog to dog.

Don't forget to bookmark us and check back
we update when we can.

Who's who here at Kissami

If interested in any info of our kids,
please email us.

Kissami's Travelin' Attraction aka Gypsy

Gypsy is our show hopeful and we are just waiting on her to gain a bit of weight and recoat after her year shed.

Kissami's Obvious Attraction aka Obie

Obie is another 2005 show hopeful.

Kissami's Main Attraction aka Rascal

Rascal is also a 2005 puppy hopeful.

Obie and Rascal are very similar in size and type.

Cottontop N Kissami In Uniform aka Sarge
Co-bred with Linda Mulso

They are all sired by my CAN CH Kissami's Roadside Attraction

These boys are by BIS BISS CH Cottontop Doin' It Better (Cotter)
out of Cottontop Walkin' On Sunshine (Pudge), and co-bred with Linda Mulso
Neither is available, Linda Mulso and myself are keeping them and have show hopes for them both.

Feel free to email me if you have comments or questions.