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Here you will find all the other sites not POM related.
But surely packed with info and/or pictures.

If you would like to place a link here, please feel free to email me.

All I ask in return is it be family/animal friendly, kid safe, and you place our link on your site. If animal related it MUST be responsible/ethical and promte your breed to its AKC/BREED standard.

The K-9 Corner (a vets page of info and links)

Small Dog Rescue In MI

Shar's Nest(sisters site for exotic birds)

American Kennel Club

Dog World Magazine

Dog Fancy Magazine

Pet Ownership Education Site

Autoimmune Releated Diseases Autoimmune Article

Inheritable Diseases in Dogs

Thomas Labs--Alternative Pet/Health Products

North Shore Animal League

The Wall--Responsible Breeding

Puppy Mill Story



Prodogs Network

Protect The Pets

Canine Connections

Hearts United for Animals -- a no-kill shelter :)

--Jack Onofrio Dog Shows Online.

--MB-F Shows Organization Online.

Roy Jones Dog Shows

Jack Bradshaw's Dog Shows

Newport Dog Shows Information

NETVET-Veterinary Information

American Veterinary Medical Association

Valley Vet Supply- For all your pet supplies.

CompuPed- pedigree software.

- SitStay Online Generated pedigrees.

- New Englund Serum-- Fabulous Pet Stuff

- Iams and Eukanuba pet foods.

- Innova pet foods.

- Back To Basics pet foods.

- Black Gold pet foods.

These may not be animal related, but they are interesting links!!

Page for Missing Children

Sandi's Page of Angels