My Jazzy


(February 5, 1995~September 14, 1996)

It is with great sadness and pure stupidity, that I lost my Jazmine. (as well as Alladin and Misty.)

If you came upon this site by way of Rainbow Bridge. Thank-You! Then won't you please continue viewing this site, to see what else we have. Jazzy is responsible for all the other doggies and the love that is now put into my breeding and showing of pomeranians.

Jazzy was a gift from my husband as well as a gift from god. She was pure heaven to know. A personality that was beyond belief. She would sit in her water pan while drinking. She would actually chase the rain, and lay in any puddle available to her. I could go on for pages on the crazy things she did, but it only brings more tears to my eyes, and ache to my heart. So I will leave it here.

As to how, when and where I lost her, it is written below with regrets.

I did not fence my yard before I purchased a dog. Therefore making me an irresponsible pet owner and responsible for their deaths.

I once read some where that "As well as challenges, Life provides us with Lessons". Please do not let this be a lesson learned the hard way, as I did. It was heart-wrenching to say the least.

Even though Jazmine and the other two were pet quality, it did not make them any less desirable or less loveable.

Jazmine loved to run and play in the field behind our house. Well when they put apartment buildings in where the field had been, she evidently needed somewhere else to run.

She was let out every morning about 5 a.m. while my husband got ready for work. Well, this one particular day, she didn't return when Mike called out her name. He got in his truck to leave for work, and there she was, dead in the road, right in front of our house. As if that wasn't bad enough, Jazzy was six weeks into her pregnancy. (being pet quality, she should not have been bred) But at that time, all I knew was that she was my pride and joy, and I wanted her to have babies. Needless to say, I was sick to my stomach for many days, and cried over her for weeks. The pain didn't stop there.

About 3 months later, within 2 weeks of each other, Alladin and Misty were also hit. Alladin had slipped out the door while the kids were leaving for school, and Misty had wiggled out of her collar in the back yard. Both of these tore me up as well.

So you see, if I had fenced my yard from the start, I probably could have prevented this from happening. Although fences are not fool proof, they are a sure better deterence than no fence at all.

Please take this sad incident as a hint to be a responsible pet owner and FENCE YOUR YARDS! Also taking responsibility to spay/neuter your animal if it does not have suitable qualities for bettering their breed.

Needless to say, all of my remodeling, furniture, and etc., were put on hold until I fenced our yard. I could not go through this again. I am happy to say that all remaining animals are alive and healthy, and having a ball in our 6 foot "dog" eared privacy fenced in yard!!

Also I would like to say beware of theives! My Zoey, (Alladins' litter sister) was stolen from my house shortly after Laddie was hit! She is missed and thought about often also. People are ruthless!! I searched for weeks, put up flyers and called pounds. Zoey was never returned to us.

Two of my Jazzy stories are featured in the Pomerama, please feel free to go read them!! They show what spunk she had!!!

Rest in Peace my loves, you're GREATLY missed!!!

This is Jazzy and I when she won 1st place at a drawing in PetCare.

This is Jazzy in her usual form, (in the water) she had to have her own pool in the summer. Complete with turtles! ~~G~~

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