Our New Home

As of August 31, 2003 we are moved into our new home in Fair Oaks , Indiana.

We purchased a small ranch house on a little over 4 acres.
Our dogs as well as us ourselves are much happier to be away from nasty neighbors and "small town" politics.

We spent the first couple weeks, getting the yard "proofed" for the dogs.
Here is their back yard.

We put pvc fencing around the garden pond to keep the dogs out and our water critters in . :)

And this is the big pond out in the front of the house.
It is grown in with weeds, we hope to re-dig it in the the near future, make it a little bigger, and stock it so we can enjoy a little fishing for leisure.

Our dogs still live in the house with us, just a little different set up.

I hope you have enjoyed the little tour, and come back to visit us again soon.

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