Come on in & take a cyber ride on our Pommy Express.

There are many, many wonderful and informative pom related sites out there.
I found these to be some of my favorites.
Some sites are active in showing, some are just pets,
but they are all the love of their lives.

If you are OWNED by a pom, you know what I mean.

Please tour them all, surf, live, learn and most of all ENJOY!!!

Come visit often as I'll update when I learn more.

If you know of other links or would like to be listed here
please email me and let me know.
(no back-yard breeders or puppy millers need apply)

And as to my knowledge,
none of the sites I have listed are back-yard breeders or puppymills.
If you KNOW they are and can give me reason without doubt, I will remove them.
I do not just want hear-say or ASS-uming.

If it is not in here or on my animal links page.
Go to one of the search engines, like Google
You'll be sure to find it there.

To my knowlegde all these links are still active, if you find one that isn't please let me know so I can remeove it.

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Fox Fire Kennel

Cottonlite Mini XPens

Gin-Rich Poms

Janesa's Pomeranians

Wyndlor Poms

DreamWeaver Poms

Cottontop Poms

StarHaven Poms

Kayra Poms

Kalasic Poms

Kalasic Poms

Trudys Poms

Her Majesty's Poms

Pomantics Poms

Gernada Poms

SunGlo Poms

Cases Pomeranians

Ragdoll Poms

Showcase Pomeranains

Evensong Pomeranains

Sunsation Poms

ParadiseValley Pomeranians

Sparky Star Pom Articles

Chars Poms

MNM Pomeranians

DeJay Pomeranians

Erin's Poms

Fur Rondie Poms

Flashing Star Reg' Kennels

LaDreya Poms

Lori T's Poms

Heartwood Poms

Aphrodites Poms

Allayn's Pomeranians and Chinese Crested

PJ Poms

AKC Breed Standard

American Pomeranian Club

Pom Review Magazine

Pom Reader Magazine

Aldens Kennels

LovesPoms Gang

Avalon's Pomeranians

Heartland Poms

Zanara Poms

Carla's Pom Page (whelping, nursing info & necessities)

Fantasy Pomeranians

Pomerama-pom stories & poems

Chestara Kennel

Sundown Pomeranians

Dochlagge Poms - AU

Chrisendo Poms - Canada

Regina Poms - USA

Dimonde Poms - USA

eMPee Pomeranians - Phillipines

Chrisden Pomeranians - Phillipines

Lynnwright Poms

Alfer Poms

Dupre's Sparkling Gold Pomeranians

Rosewood & Silk Pomeranians (Germany)

Two Cute Poms

Sandpoms Kennel

Merritt Studios (Pom Shirts)

Karma, Kristie & Triton's Page

Advice You Can Trust... Pomeranians


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