Rescues available at Kissami

We feel very strongly about Rescue.
So yes we DO rescue.
Due to our facilities and time management, I can only do Pomeranians.
As I have my own fur kids to think about and care for also.
And I do not have a kennel, all dogs are in the comfort of my home.
But since I have choosen this lovely characteristic breed to exhibit and enlighten my life, I felt it only right that I also offered my home to those who are not so fortunate to find a forever home.

So I do both independant rescue and with the Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana.
Sad but true, people do turn in their fur kids for one reason or another, sometimes it can't be avoided, or they are found wandering the streets.

So if I have a rescue in my home he/she will placed on this page.
In hopes that one of you visiting will find it in your heart to give them the loving permanent home they rightly deserve.
If you can not possibly adopt or foster one, would it be possible to send a contribution to our club to help care for the ones that are in our care?
If so please contact me and I will give you the info on where to send it.

If you are interested in adopting or being put on a wait list to adopt please go here to fill out the adoption form.
Adoption fee is usually $125.00 or the cost of vet bill whichever is higher.
But some circumstances allow for one to go cheaper.
There is no such thing as a FREE dog.

Rescues are placed spayed/neutered and up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm prevenative.

Now onto who is awaiting a loving stable home!

Could One Be For You?


Thank you for visiting our Rescue page at Kissami.
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Please come back and visit again!
And feel free to contact me if you have questions. I will be glad to try and help.

To see the sweet faces of the kids who have been placed, please go here Rescues Placed

And if you do not want a rescue, please see our Kids Avaialble Page



Email: POM-MOM