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USS Rathburne Homepage

DE-1057 / FF1057

Birth of a new Knox Class Destroyer.

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    I bought several ashtrays and gave them to relatives as Christmas gifts while they were cheep. They were selling them off at the end of our cruise because we received word that effective 30 June all DE's would be reclassified as FF's. Instead of being a destroyer escort they would be called fast frigates.

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    Foreign DDG's - DDG28, 29 +30 connection to Rathburne's 2nd C.O.

    Available for sale

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    The First Rathburne DD113 was a Wicks Class Destroyer

    Which was reclassified APD-25 in 1944

    DD-113 -Rathburne (Wick's Class) Laid down by Cramp, Philadelphia on July 12 1917. Launched December 27 1917 and commissioned June 24 1918. Decommissioned at San Diego February 12 1923. Re-commissioning February 8 1930. Reclassified high speed transport APD on  May 20, 1944. Reclassified back to DD-113 July 20 1945. Decommissioned at Philadelphia November 2 1945 and berthed there until her sale. Stricken November 28 1945, sold November 21 1946 and broken up for scrap.

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