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Navy News Just received

USS Rathburne selected as on of the ships to be used as target in RIMPAC war games.

Part of this year's maritime training exercise called RIMPAC 2002 (Rim of the Pacific) which started on 25th of June 2002, will be a "sinkex" in which decommissioned naval vessels become targets for the guns, missiles, torpedoes and rockets of U.S. and allied warships and jet fighters.

This year's targets will be the frigate, USS Rathburne (FF 1057) and , and a combat supply ship USS White Plains (AFS 4), and the frigate USS Harold E. Holt (FF 1074).

All three have been part of the Navy's "ghost fleet" at Pearl Harbor since they were removed from the naval register -- the Holt since 1992 and the White Plains and the Rathburne since 1995 -- waiting to be scrapped, sold to another country or sunk.

Navy officials say the nearly 10-month war on terrorism has significantly cut back this year's RIMPAC exercise, which is still billed as the largest maritime exercise in the world.

If anyone that made the final cruise and de-commissioning cermony and can provide ships history please do so to email address listed below. Also if anybody visited the "ghost fleet" and took pictures please submit for your follow shipmates viewing.

Master Chief's E-mail

Sinkex Photo's