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USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22 Homepage

Some ships memories

DDG-22 Benjamin Stoddert (Charles F. Adams Class) Laid down by Puget Sound Bridge & Dry-dock, Seattle on June 11,1962. Launched on January
the 8th 1963 and commissioned September 12, 1964. Decommissioned December 20,1991 and, Stricken November 20,1992. Present Status, On the 3rd of February 2001 while being towed along with the USS Corhrane DDG-21 the Stoddert was taking on water. Tug crew members went on board and opened hatches and the Stoddert quickly succumbed to the sea.

Recorded position:

  The USS Benjamin Stoddert went down on 03 February 2001 at:
 7 deg 56.4 min N by 140 deg 38.7 Min W


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Displacement, tons 3370 standard; 4500 full load
Length, feet 437
Beam, feet 47
Draft, feet 20
Guns 2-5 inch 54 caliber dual pose
Missile launchers 1 single Tartar surface-to-air launcher
A/S weapons 1 ASROC 8-tube launcher

2 fixed torpedo tubes (Mk 32)
Main engine 2 geared steam turbines (General Electric)
Boilers 4 Babcock & Wilcox
Speed, knots 35
Complement 354 (24 officers, 330 enlisted men)

  Reunion 2009 information
Thursday, 02 October 2008 until Monday, 06 Oct. 08 in Hyatt Dulles, Herndon, VA  20171.

The forth Benjamin Stoddert reunion was Washington, DC 2008—October 2nd—6th and was a outstanding success. Arrangements for our #5 to be anounced shortly. Reunion website:
A post-reunion newsletter with further information available at:

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I'm not sure what happened to the DDG-2 Historic site plans in Michigan, but it appears they fell through. A new team is in place to attempt to save the Charles F Adams DDG 2. I found this out at reunion - commissioning of new DDG from the tin can sailors. I will try to post update when I receive it.



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