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Commanding Officers

of the USS Rathburne

Looking for photo's and history of CO's and XO's of USS Rathburne. ANY Help is appreciated.

First Commanding Officer

Rathburne'sFirst Commanding Officer CDR. Richard B Evans, USN.

First C.O.

Also if your in contact with Cdr. Richard B. Evans or any former CO, now retired, from Naval service. A where are they now update would be a nice touch.

Rathburne's 1st XO picture and biography was supplied by Rick Kluber .

Second Commanding Officer


Third Commanding Officer

Commander Chang was relieved by Commander Harold E Russell USN  at ______ on 19 June 1973.

Wanted a copy of the decommissioning program. This would have a complete list of Commanding Officers.

Rathburne's 2nd Executive Officer 9/71

Rathburne's Second XO was Lcdr  James L Bordson. He assumed the role as 2nd
exectuive officer in September 1971


Rathburne's 3rd Executive Officer
Lcdr Howard Loving

No picture presently availible.

Howard Loving. He later served at the Pentagon in a PAO job, was on staff at the Naval War College and finsihed up as the CO of the Navy Info Center at Anacostia. I heard he worked for a while has the director of the Navy Memorial in D.C.

If you have a favorite CO or XO sea story please submit it. If you have a photo of CO or XO on or off ship, submit. Of interest if you have either one conducting inspection of personnel or compartment inspection.

Rathburne's 4th Executive Officer was:
Lsdr. Serge A. Yonov
He took on that role at ____ in 1974


Special Events change of commands

Put up pictures from special occasions, such as change of command, ships parties, birthdays or decorated for a holiday please submit them. Here is a Photo's of the first Change of command. Links to special event photo Will be added as they are received.