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Topside photos for your Enjoyment

topside workers

They maintained it so we could enjoy it.

Do you have any pictures taken topside? the division at Quarters, topside enjoying a break. Two areas of a ship maintained by few and enjoyed by all are the mess decks and topside. The photo above is a group of first division marinating topside for others to enjoy.

Do you have pictures of the mess decks? Perhaps one that show the mess decks decorated for one of the holidays
( Christmas, Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's Day). If you can help out please submit.

I figure there should be plenty of pictures out there that have the Rathburne alongside other ships.. If you have any pictures that show ships close alongside. Coming alongside or breaking away could you please submit with info of approx when and where it was taken. This picture above was submitted by Billy Townsend. it was taken at the securing of sea detail as Rathburne sets out on first deployment to join the USS Enterprise battle group.

Depending on when you served aboard the ship used different break away songs. what song was used when you were aboard. Please email me. Don't assume I know. this is a new issue that just came up.

Jacket patch for FF-1057

The only change converting from DE to FF was changing the designation letters. On everything from letterhead
to uniform patches and hats. And they did not give any extra allowance to change them. I didn't mind it much but
the non rates (especially the married ones), did not have the money to go running out and buying them. But there was a lot of good buys to be had in the ships store coming back from deployment. All the articles with "de" on them were being sold at half price. Even less near the end as all replacement ordered upon arrival back in Hawaii would have the FF-1057 on them.

Not sure but told this next photo was the on being sold in the ships store during decommissioning.

Don't know if it was just the sun or of the haze gray just got lighter. I think it got much lighter than that we used in the 70's. I hope to be able to offer ships pictures at a reasonable price. I have not found that connection yet.

Maybe on of the deck ape's can tell us what they painted the ships in the 80's or 90's.

I think the original paint of the 70's were lead base oil paints. I think in the late 70's or early 80's the paint was changed to epoxy base paint. Ant there were experiments with plastic paint. in 90'c a new corrosion control paint was developed but not sure what they called it.