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Rathburne's first West Pac Deployment

Welcome to my online photo album. If you made the first cruise or have a cruse book from the first cruise please contact. Any Help or input for this area is appreciated.

Some information on Ratbburne's first cruse arrived to start building the history page. We now know what ports were visited. Still could use help on dates. Rathburne departed on her initial deployment on 14 April 71 and returned to Pearl harbor on 27 October 71. They did operate off the coast of Viet Nam and joined the Yacht Club. As in Tokin Gulf Yacht Club that is. The Ports of Call on her initial deployment were: Midway Island (about 1-2 days) ...Subic Bay, Philippines (Olongapo) ...Tokin Gulf (off and on Station Several months ---down pilot duty ...trailed carriers -Yankee Station, drone recovery, DMZ shelling) ...Yokosuka Japan (about 4-5 days) ...Tonkin Gulf Subic Bay, Philippines ... Tonkin Gulf ... Singapore (a few days) ... Madras, India (5-6 Days) ... Crossed the Equator several times and had Shell back Initiation (Great Fun) ... Manus Island (in the Admiralty Island Chain) ... Sidney, Australia (about 6 days) ... Auckland, New Zealand (a couple of days) ... Pago Pago (brief stop) ... Subic Bay, Philippines ... More Tonkin Gulf OP's ... Hong Kong (about 4-5 days) ... Return to Pearl Harbor Oct. 71 This info was provided by Carl F. Breth received 3/99.

WANTED: Photo's on first deployment

Put in your pictures . Please help if you Can. IF you have a cruse book from when you were onboard and can help in submitting to history page please email.

RATHBURNE History Oct. 71 until Feb. 73 After just a short break and some upkeep Rathburne again embarked on a training program and build up for her next deployment. At the end of this Schedule Rathburne returned to the mainland to operate with San Diego based ships. And to Squeeze in a port call at the Portland Rose Festival in 1972. Monday 31 July 72 departed on second deployment ... 3 Aug. 73 Midway Island for fuel ... 10 Aug. 72 Fuel stop in Guam ... 13 Aug. 72 Subic Bay, Philippines ... Tonkin Gulf operations with USS LONG BEACH, and USS BIDDLE on PIRAZ Station. Assisted with two down pilot operations. 10 Sept. joined the USS NEWPORT NEWS and USS PROVIDENCE with operations in Haiphong. From 26 to 29 Sept. port of call Koahsiung, Taiwan... 30 Sept. plane guard duty with USS MIDWAY ... mid OCT. 72 Gun line north of Danang (Point Claudia)... Visit Subic Bay ... return to gun line Another stop in Subic with Emergency tow of USS RAMSEY 26 Oct. 72 after her Fire at Sea ... Back to gun line DMZ (Point Allison) ... 66 DAYS ON GUN LINE FIRED 9000 ROUNDS ... 3 TO 8 Jan 73 visit Hong Kong ... 21 Jan 73 rejoin USS MIDWAY ... 13 to 17 Feb. visit Yokosuka, Japan ... return transit to Hawaii Arriving 25 Feb. 73.

Crossing the Line 74/ 75 curse

While waiting for pictures form Ratbburne's first cruise Pictures from Ratbburne's third cruse have started to arrive. I thought the Plank owners would be first to submit. So rather than have some blanks in the front pages I decided to full some of them in. Once pictures form first cruse arrive they will move pictures from later years back.

Once Wogs now Shellbacks

Exact date of crossing the line was not known. However of particular notice to me is the number of wogs. It Indicates to me a problem with the way there is a large turnover of personal. 

It seemed to me that when you are stationed in Hawaii, you just bearly get your personal trained and they transfer. And you have someone else to train. those people that transferred went aboard a ship in the mainland already trained. the second ship reaps the benefit of having a better qualified already trained watchstander. Someone should have there shellback card.