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Liberty Photo Album

We made a brief stop in Midway and Guam for fuel but the first Liberty enjoyed by the crew was in Subic. And we were luckey enough to return there several times this cruise. Once off base there is plenty of public transportation. Here are just a few pics from the main drag. Taken in the first couple of blocks.

The 1972 cruise book pistures here ase B&W. If toy have a color version of the same picture or close please submit them to the site. In these four pictures are the Sign at the mail gate, naval station, Subic Bay, R.P.I. , a jeepney (local transportation). The trike's (alyernat cheep transportation) and the American Leigon Club

A Stop in Kaoshung Tialand

Our stay in Kaohsiung was too short. But enjoyable non the less. Many were able to take advantage of tours arranged by the ship. Here are just a couple to gain your interest. I Hope the political ties are renewed with Tiawan as todays sailors are missing a place where the people were enjoyable and friendly. I cast my vote that one day we will return.

Needed pictures you took on lib

Would like a picture of the ship at dress ship. Any electricans take a picture with the ship rigged with Med lights. Also would like with bunting on life lines for open house or change of command photos. To add a little color to the page tour trannportation usally was either by a base buse or or aboard a victory liner as pictured above. would like pictures of camp John Hay, Bagio city, San Magual and Grande Island. If you have one be sure to e mail me.


Here voted Rathburnes Best Dressed on Liberty

A shopping tour in Hong Kong will mostlikely include a stop for clothes. And our stop was on exception. Known for some of the best buys for cloths of all fasions. With so many shops to choose from it hard to deside. But here are some of our best dressed for liberty. If you have liberty photo's from the Pacafic Northwest to down under in Alusrria please submit to libery album photos. Also wanted is Singapore.

Did you bye new duds while deployed. Any pictures from the shop that made them. would you consider displaying them on the web page. If so please submit. What was what you would consider your best purchase
you made. would you consider sharing?