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Pre-commissioning Stories,

Plank Owners

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I need to thank  who provided booklet. Please contact!

Mike Gormady
Web Page /Webmaster
US Navy (retired)
Hemet, Ca. 92544

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This Page is set aside for the original crew of the Rathburne. If anyone is in touch with a plank owner please let him know of this site. I now have a copy of the Commissioning Program. To View the commissioning program click on insignia above. It has been divided in two pages at the end there is a link to bring you back to this page to continue viewing.

The Birth of a new Knox Class Destroyer Escort. The USS Rathburne. If you worked for Lockheed Shipbuilding and can share any stories of construction, we would like to hear from you. The sixth Knox was built by aircraft mechanics, didn't they know it can't Fly? I heard stories that they wanted to add wings and that's how the stabilizers got placed on the ship. Is this true? HA, HA, HA!

Let's hear from the pre-commissioning crew, or workers that built this gray Lady.