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Rathburne Liberty photos

Crew enjoys Liberty. This page I hope grows and grows. what I would like to display here are the color photos that were used to make those pictures that wound up being B&W in the cruise book. Or if you
have a page with color photos you can scan and submit them. I would like to have a scan of the cover of every cruise book so I can keep track and post a online copy of them.

More Liberty Photo's

I would also like pictures of the ship at anchor from liberty launch. From the shore. Did they ever start making pictures of ships with sea shells by the sea shore in color. If any body has photos in harbor in Sidney or Perth, Australia.


Hong Kong


Here are just a couple from Hong Kong. Need picture of HMAS Tamar, Floating restaurants and Kawloon side. If there are pictures of star ferry,  Macu or other Hong points of interest. Victoria Hill or down town merchants.


I thought the best part of Tiawan was the Rickshaw races we used to have. disappointed that they out lowed the rickshaw. I remember while standing duty we would plan rickshaw races for the next day. Were you one of the ones to go to lake chinny-chin chin. Would like photos from there.