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Rathburne departs Seattle,

Arrives Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Currently needed is photo's from arrival Hawaii. 1st Christmas. And 1st deployment photo album. If you can Help in Any way? Please do by submitting photo input and documentation..

This photo is taken just before departure to Pearl Harbor. The next photo Rathburne executing a high speed turn might have been taken during acceptance trials from building. It was one of my favorite photos. It is temporary placed here until any photo of Rathburne 1st Birthday are received.

Rose Festival prior to 1st deployment

When we departed the mainland we did not know when we would return to operate again. Most hope it would not be long. Rathburne would return to operate in eastern Pacific during pre-deployment training in mid-May 1972. She then participated in the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon, before returning to Pearl and departing on deployment in the Western Pacific. Do you have a picture of Rathburne transiting the Columbia River? Or one pear side at the Rose Festival? If so please submit them.


Proof of where Rathburne had been! 74/75


This photo submitted by C. Cole. It definitely let you know where the crew spent Christmas 74 and New Years Day 1975. I posted it here temporary and will relocate it after more input is received by shipmates. Hey: Recognize anyone from the watch bill. Looks like my division officer and chief had duty that day.

Ships Birthdays, ships parties!

This group of pictures was taken from the ships second birthday celebration. Again I wish I had some color photos for you. It would show the colorful Hawaiian prints that were being worn much better. If you can help remember to submit. this is your photo album to share as much as mine.

If you have any pictures of the crew celebrating birthday parties here where I'll put them. Also IF you have any ship parties they will go here. Divisional parties will fall under divisions.


Here again is input from shipmates from the 74/75 cruise. It add a little twist out of the way while returning to Pearl.

Special Events

Put up some of your pictures from special occasions, such as parties, weddings, and graduations. Wanted: Any picture of christening in ships bell. This is navy tradition. I know the squadron chaplain did a couple of times while I was aboard. It would be nice to post a picture where other would see this.

Crossing the Line 1975

A special tradition along with crossing the equator. As we dip across the line for a special tradition. Do you still have your shellback card. Anyone that has a shellback from crossing the line while aboard Rathburne please scan and submit so we can show where the ship crossed and dates.

Some  1977 History

The schedule for the 1976-77 WestPac was as follows:
22 Oct 1976 - UNDERWAY
23 Oct to 02 Nov - transit to Yokosuka, Japan
03 Nov to 07 Nov - Inport Yokosuka, Japan
08 Nov to 14 Nov - Underway, escort USS Midway
15 Nov to 17 Nov - Underway ASW Exercise
18 Nov to 23 Nov - Inport Subic Bay
24 Nov to 28 Nov - Underway ASW Exercise
29 Nov to 17 Dec - Underway, escort USS Midway
18 Dec to 10 Jan - Inport Yokosuka, Japan
11 Jan to 15 Jan - Underway, escort USS Midway
16 Jan to 21 Jan - Underway READEX
22 Jan to 25 Jan - Underway enroute Hong Kong BCC
26 Jan to 31 Jan - Inport Hong Kong
01 Feb to 02 feb - Underway enroute Subic Bay
03 Feb - Inport Subic Bay
04 Feb - Underway NGFS
05 Feb to 10 Feb - Underway transit to Guam
11 Feb to 09 Mar - Inport Guam
10 Mar - Underway NGFS
11 Mar to 12 Mar - Underway Transit
13 Mar to 19 Mar - Underway escort USS Coral Sea
20 Mar to 21 Mar - Underway MISSILEX
22 Mar to 02 Apr - Inport Subic Bay
03 Apr to 13 Apr - Underway escort USS Coral Sea
14 Apr to 17 Apr - Inport Fukuoka, Japan (First US ship in more than 15 years)
18 Apr to 24 Apr - Underway escort USS Midway
25 Apr to 26 Apr - Inport Subic Bay
27 Apr to 08 May - Underway transit to Hawaii
09 May 1977 - HOME!!