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Underway for West-Pac 1972

Nobody ever wants to say good bye. But its a necessity of life in the navy. It always seems more difficult when you'll miss that special event. Birthday, anniversary and Holidays. Especially Christmas. But here we are leaving and we know we won't return until after Christmas. Bummer!

The first photo should be departing on first West Pac. Or possibly if any plank owner could submit a photo of when the ship departed Seattle for Hawaii. Seeing I currently don't have any photos of that I'll start with a photo departing in 72.

A couple of Questions, When the ship departed from Seattle for Hawaii were any family members aboard for the move? I know is was done on some ships. After arriving in Hawaii can anyone tell me who was the first plank owner to depart the ship. Crew turnover was always a problem as there is A higher turnover rate than in the Mainland.

Saying Good Bye's

Here a group of people to see you off. As the whistle blows Not to many have such around for the moment. I think most just want to be alone for the moment.

We were off on our mission. Brief stops in Midway and Guam for fuel and refreshment and we continue on our way. our tour of duty would take us to the Tonkin Gulf, running escorting the USS Long Beach and USS Biddle on Piraz station. Made the War seem like a long way off. We did recover a AIR Force drone which crashed at sea. Twice assisting on SAR Alerts. Surface air rescue of downed pilots. We would move closer to action on september Joining the USS Newport News and the USS Providence providing escort services to a strike force just south of Haiphong. Then we went off to participate with a tactical exercise with the Chinese Navy. then we were cut lose for a port of call in Kaohsiung. 


Those strong at hart give a wave and watch until you can't be seen anymore.. Those who lived our at Eva Beach could go down to the boat landing and give first and last waves. Being at the entrance to the Harbor across from Hickim Air Force Base...You could be the first to see who was pulling in port. You could give a last wave as a ship left port. If the signalman would let me I would try to look through the BIG EYES, and see if the family and friends waving to me.

Homecoming 25 February 73

We started with a photo taken when departing. We end with a group of photos of our return home to Hawaii. Memory's of homecoming happiness for most. But not all. Those with no family or friends to meet them it was not that great of a day. Sad that being home ported in Hawaii a  lot of family members could not be there to meet the ship. I realized this strait off the bat. When I returned from deployment there was no on there to greet me. Not like previous deployments in the mainland where Family could get in there car and drive down. You can't do that in Hawaii.

Second West Pac completed