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Ascending Augmented Progressions (I-I+-I6-I7) (MoneyChords)
Beatles Endings (MoneyChords)
Bridge Construction (MoneyChords) #1
Chord Synonyms (MoneyChords)
Creating Chord-Melody Arrangements (MoneyChords) #2
Dameron Turnaround (MoneyChords)
Descending Minor Cliche Progressions (MoneyChords)
Doo-Wop Progressions Part 1 (MoneyChords)
Folk Progressions (MoneyChords)
Guide To Guitar Chord Shapes (pdf/MoneyChords - 19 pgs.)
Guitar Pedal Points (MoneyChords)
Harmony Shuffle (MoneyChords)
Jazz/Standard Turnarounds (MoneyChords)
Movable Open-String Chords (MoneyChords)
Pop-Rock Lydian II Progressions (MoneyChords)
Rock and Roll Progressions (MoneyChords)
Using Modulation To Create Contrast In Your Songs (MoneyChords) #3
Walk, Don't Run (MoneyChords) #4
Chord Substitution (CPFS) #5
Diminished Cliche Progressions (CPFS)
Circle Progressions (CPFS) #6
Relative Minor Vamps (CPFS)
Rock Ballad Progressions (CPFS)
Roman Numerals (CPFS) #7
Song Forms (CPFS) #8
"E" ["I"] Only Chord Progressions (pdf/MC) #9
Transposing (MC) #10
Jazzed-Up Jingle Bells (Rich Scott/WholeNote) #11
Octave Soloing (Rich Scott/WholeNote) #12
Beatles Chord-Melody Arrangements (MoneyChords)
Christmas Chord-Melody Arrangements (MoneyChords)
Patriotic Songs (MoneyChords)
Standards Chord-Melody Arrangements (MoneyChords)
MoneyChords Newsletter Archive
A 'Simple' Short-Cut Method For 'Creating' Jazz Chords (Earles McCaul) #1
An Intervalic Approach to the Harmonized Minor Scales (Earles McCaul) #2
Moonlight In Vermont Arrangement (pdf/Earles McCaul)
One Note Samba Arrangement (Earles McCaul)
Girl From Ipanema Arrangement (Earles McCaul)
A Blues Substitution Exercise (Earles McCaul)
Guide To Chord Formation (pdf/Howard Wright - 23 pgs.) #6
Guide To Tab Notation (Howard Wright) #7
String Skipping (Geoff Thorpe) #8
Notes on I Want To Hold Your Hand (Alan Pollack) #9
How to Turn Any Rap Song Into a Country Song (Kid Mercury)
Jimi Hendrix (#1) - Chordal Style (David M. McLean)
Jimi Hendrix (#2) - Blues Fire (David M. McLean)
Jimi Hendrix (#3) - Heavy Delta (David M. McLean)
Jimi Henrix (#4) - FX & Feedback (David M. McLean)
"Merry Christmas" (#5) (David M. McLean)
"Moonlight Sonata" (#6) (David M. McLean)
Bar Chords and Associated Exercises (Domenick Ginex #1)
Learning to Play Songs (Domenick Ginex #2)
More Reader Questions and Answers (Domenick Ginex #3)
More of the Popular Questions and Answers from Readers (Domenick Ginex #4)
Open Chords and Associated Exercises (Domenick Ginex #5)
Questions and Answers from Readers (Domenick Ginex #6)
Scales with Chords, Modes, Arpeggios (Domenick Ginex #7)
Selecting a Guitar (Domenick Ginex #8)
Tab Basics (Domenick Ginex #9)
How To Implement Guitar Slides Into Your Playing (Guitar Tips #1)
How To Protect Your Guitar & Make It Last Longer (Guitar Tips #2)
Every Breath Lesson (Guitar Tips #3)
What's the difference in strings? (Guitar Tips #4)
How To Re-String Your Guitar And Double It's Life (Guitar Tips #5)
How To Hold A Barre Chord (Guitar Tips #6)
How To Read Tabs Quickly And Easily (Guitar Tips #7)
Basic Guitar Chords (Peter Bussey #1)
Guitar Lessons (Peter Bussey #2)
Guitar Gifts (Peter Bussey #3)
Guitar Chord Diagrams (Peter Bussey #4)
Christmas Sheet Music - How to Re-harmonize Jingle Bells (Paul Tobey #1)
A Great Repertoire for the Beginning Classical Guitarist (Will Kalif #1)
Mode Mysteries (Mike Beatham #1)
Beyond The Chord Chart (Mike Beatham #2)
Guitar - Tuning to Perfection (Mike Beatham #3)
Nailing Palm Mute Guitar in Metal (Mike Beatham #4)
Adding Color Tones To a Chord (Duane Shinn #1)
Inversions (Duane Shinn #2)
Augmented Triads (Duane Shinn #3)
Diminished Triads (Duane Shinn #4)
Minor Chords (Duane Shinn #5)
Boogie Woogie (Duane Shinn #6)
The Blues Scale (Duane Shinn #7)
The Mysterious Tritone Chord Progression (Duane Shinn #8)
How to Tell the Key of a Song (Duane Shinn #9)
Everything You Wanted To Know about Guitar Strings (Mike Hayes #1)
Amazing Blues Chord Progressions (Mike Hayes #2)
Latin Blues Chord Progressions (Mike Hayes #3)
Take Command Over Your Instrument (Chris Standring #1)
How To Seriously Improve Your Guitar Playing (Chris Standring #2)
Developing Good 'Time' (Chris Standring #3)
Playing With Conviction (Chris Standring #4)
Building A Relationship With Your Guitar (Chris Standring #5)
Thoughts from a Robben Ford Masterclass (Chris Standring #6)
Finding The Right Teacher (Chris Standring #7)
Take A Breath, listen to the spaces (Chris Standring #8)
Jazz Guitar Scales Common Scales Used In Jazz Guitar (Craig Bassett #1)
Flexible Lesson Planning (Nick Minnion #1)
Space To Learn (Nick Minnion #2)
The Tutor As Learning Facilitator (Nick Minnion #3)
Chord-Melody: An Organized Approach (Classic Internet Lessons #1)
Blues Turnarounds (Classic Internet Lessons #2)
Basic Blues (Classic Internet Lessons #3)
Alternate Picking (Classic Internet Lessons #4)
Eight Classical Lessons (Classic Internet Lessons #5)


Blank Music Paper
Blues Chord Progressions
Blues Chord Substitutions
Chart of Major And Minor Chords (pdf)
Chord Transposer Wheel
Common Blues Forms
Comparative Major Blues Progressions
Comparative Minor Blues Progressions
Guitar Chord Chart
Guitar Chord Dictionary (50 pgs.)
MoneyChords Guitar Chord Dictionary (pdf - 219 pgs.)
Guitar Chord Finder
Guitar Tuner
Minor Blues Progressions (i-iv-i-v-i)
Rock And Roll Progression Songs
Tab Maker
Tab Paper 1 & 2
Table of Keys

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