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How To Implement Guitar Slides Into Your Playing

Here's a neat little tool you can use in your guitar playing.

It's called a 'Guitar Slide' and is simply a hollow pipe that you slide your finger into and slide up and down your guitar strings.

There are 3 types of guitar slide's you can get.

The first is metal. These are more popular as they last longer and are easier to get a hold of.

The second type is glass. These produce a cleaner sound, sometime more authentic than metal

The third is porcelain. These are slightly more expense.

Guitar Slides are relatively cheap to get and you can usually find them down at your local guitar shop. Here's what they look like...

Click here to download sample silde guitar sound

I guess the difficult part is when using a guitar slide -- you no longer have frets to guide you along -- so it takes a bit of practice to get it right!

When reading tabs, you will find that the letter 'S' represents a slide guitar part or a '~' symbol. If you wish to find out more about how to play slide guitar and the techniques involved -- check out:

...As they have a great tutorial there!


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