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Chord Progression Lessons from Money Chords

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The Best Free Chord Progression Lessons on the Web

"The recipe for music is part melody, lyric, rhythm, and harmony (chord progressions). The term chord progression refers to a succession of tones or chords played in a particular order for a specified duration that harmonizes with the melody. Except for styles such as rap and free jazz, chord progressions are an essential building block of contemporary western music establishing the basic framework of a song. If you take a look at a large number of popular songs, you will find that certain combinations of chords are used repeatedly because the individual chords just simply sound good together. I call these popular chord progressions the money chords. These money chord patterns vary in length from one- or two-chord progressions to sequences lasting for the whole song such as the twelve-bar blues and thirty-two bar rhythm changes." (Excerpt from Chord Progressions For Songwriters 2003 by Richard J. Scott) Every guitarist should have a working knowledge of how these chord progressions are created and used in popular music. Click below for the best in free chord progressions lessons available on the web. Click here for Midi examples of the chord progressions discussed here.

Ascending Augmented (I-I+-I6-I7)
Ascending Bass Lines
Axis of Awesome 4 Chords (I-V-vi-IV)
Backdoor Progressions
Basic Progressions (I-IV)
Blues Progressions (I-IV-I-V-I)
Bridge Progressions
Circle Progressions
CESH Progressions
Classic Rock Progressions (I-bVII-IV)
Coltrane Changes
Combination Progressions
Constant Structure Progressions
Descending Bass Lines
Diminished Cliche (I-#Io-ii-V)
Double Tonic Progressions
Doo-Wop Progressions (I-vi-IV-V)
Flamenco Progressions (i-bVII-bVI-V)
Folk Progressions (I-V)
General Chord Progression Lessons
Gospel Progression
Jazz Progressions (ii-V-I)
La Folia (i-V7-i-VIIb-IIIb-VIIb-i-V7)
Omnibus Progressions
One-Chord Grooves (I / i)
Passamezzo Antico (i-VII-i-V-I/III-VII-i/V-i)
Passamezzo Moderno (I-IV-I-V)
Pedal Points
Pop-Rock Lydian II Progressions (I-II-IV-I)
Precadential Progressions
Ragtime Progressions (I-VI7-II7-V7)
Rhythm Changes
Rock and Roll Progressions (I-IV-V)
Rock Ballad (I-iii-IV-V)
Sensitive Female Chord Progression (vi-IV-I-V)
Standard Progressions (I-vi-ii-V)
Stomp Progressions (|I-VI7-ii-IV-VII-I-VI7-ii7-V7-I)
Tritone Chord Progressions
Vanilla Changes

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