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Chord Synonyms

Chord synonyms are chord equivalents, essentially the same chords that have different names. These chords share all the same notes. An example is the "C6" chord that is constructed from the "C-E-G-A" notes and it's chord synonym the "Am7" chord which is formed from the "A-C-E-G" notes. A good understanding of chord synonyms can greatly enhance your ability to make chord substitutions. The first chord synonyms to recognize are the enharmonics Bb=A#, Db=C#, Eb=D#, Gb=F#, and Ab=G#. Below is a listing of common chord synonyms. Although the examples are provided in the key of C, each can and should be transposed, played, and learned in all keys.

C6 = Am7
Cmaj7 = Am9(no root)
Cmaj9 = Am11(no root)
Cm6 = Am7b5 = F9(no root) = B7b9(no root)
Cm7 = Eb6
C7b5 = Gb7b5 = D9+(no root) = Ab9+(no root)
C7b9(no root) = Eb7b9(no root) = Gb7b9(no root) = A7b9(no root)
C7b9(no root) = Go7 = Bbo7 = Dbo7 = Eo7
Co7 = Ebo7 = Gbo7 = Ao7
C+ = E+ = G#+

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Chord Synonyms
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