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Print-friently version of wheel

Chord Transposer Wheel

This lesson will show you how to make the Chord Transposer Wheel shown below that will allow you to quickly transpose any song's chords to another key.

Click on "Print-friently version of wheel" link to the left and print the wheels on card stock paper.

Cut out the two wheels and make a hole through the middle of each wheel. Place a butterfly clip through the whole in the middle of the wheels, print side up, with the larger wheel on the bottom.

The larger, outer wheel shows the Original Key while the smaller, inside wheel will show the New Key. For example, if you wanted to transpose a song in the key of "C" to the key of "E", find the "C" on the outer wheel and align it with the "E" on the inner wheel [As shown below]. All the chords are then shown at correct intervals. "C" chords would become "E" chords. "Am" chords would become "C#m" chords. "F" and "G7" chords would convert to "A" and "B7" chords respectively.

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