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Beatles Song Endings


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Beatles Endings

Below is a look at Beatle song Endings which have been transposed to the key of E to permit easier analysis. These guys did an unusually good job of ending their songs, which is probably a result of their years of live performance.

Songs that end with an E (I) chord:

E-    Eadd9-Esus4- E      I Need You
E-    G-    E7-    E      The Night Before

      E-    F7-    E      Oh! Darling

            G-     E      She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
            A-     E      I Want To Hold Your Hand
       D-   A-     E      Your Going To Lose That Girl
A/C#-  B-   A-     E      Let It Be
G-     C-   B-     E      Please Please Me
A-     G-   B/F#-  E      Something
       F#m7-B7-    E      I Will
E-     G-   B7-    E      You Like Me Too Much
       C7-  B7-    E      Honey Pie
C#m-   C7-  B7-    E      Tell Me Why 
            B11-   E      The Long And Winding Road
       C-   D-     E      P.S. I Love You
                          With A Little Help From My Freinds
D/F#-  G#m- D/F#-  E      Lady Madonna
Songs that end with an E6 (I6) chord:
                   E6     Dizzy Miss Lizzy
                          She Loves You
       B7-  E-     E6     Ballad Of John And Yoko
       C#m- E-     E6     Help
       E-   F6-    E6     Revolution
G#m7-  A6-  B6-    E6     Im Happy Just To Dance With You
Songs that end with an EM7 (IM7) chord:
                   EM7    Julia
E-     C9-  E-     EM7    Til There Was You
G6-    F#7- FM7-   EM7    It Wont Be Long
Songs that end with an Eadd9 (Iadd9) chord:
Eadd9- F#/E-A6/E-  Eadd9  Eight Days A Week
Songs that end with an E6/9 (I6/9) chord:
                   E6/9   No Reply
            E-     E6/9   Devil In Her Heart
Songs that end with an E7 (I7) chord:
                   E7     Roll Over Beethoven
                          Youve Really Got A Hold On Me
                          Bad Boy
                          Everybodys Trying To Be My Baby
                          Rock And Roll Music
                          I Saw Her Standing There

E-     Em7- A/E-   E7     Mother Natures Son
Songs that end with an E9 (I9) chord:
                   E9     Long Tall Sally
                          Slow Down
             B-    E9     Twist And Shout
Songs that end with a G (bIII) chord:
A/G-   Bb-   C-    G      The End
Songs that end with a G#m7 (iii7) chord:
                   G#m7   Ask Me Why
Songs that end with a C#m (vi) chord:
                   C#m    Eleanor Rigby
Songs that end with a C# (VI) chord:
                   C#     And I Love Her
                          A Day In The Life

Looking an the above list of Beatle Endings, its clear that they preferred to end their songs with the I chord including I6, IM7, I7, I6/9, I7, and I9 chord qualities. My Personal favorite is the "G6-F#7-FM7-EM7" [bIII6-II7-bIIM7-IM7] It Wont Be Long Ending. A great take off of this type of Ending is E-F#m7-F7-E [I-ii7-bII-I] progression.

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