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The Best Free Guitar Tab on the Web

Generally, there is no need to buy expensive sheet music if you have access to the web. Be advised that the quality of these tabs varies greatly depending on the skill of the person preparing them. I have found some tabs are actually better than the professionally produced books. So if at first you don't find what you're looking for, keep trying its usually out there somewhere. There are hundreds of free tablature (tab) sites on the web. Links to some of my favorites are listed below.

Andrew Rogers' Tab Archives (Accurate '60s Tab)
Beach Boys Chords (Cabin Essence)
Brad's Paul Simon Guitar Tablature Page
Christmas Songs (MoneyChords)
Classical Guitar Scores
Classical Guitar Tab (MoneyChords)
Collins Crapo's Oldies
Easy Songs for Beginners (Guitar Noise)
Gospel Music Archive
Guitar Tab Universe
Guitar Tab (
Historical American Sheet Music
Jazz Transcriptions (MoneyChords)
Kelly's Guitar Group
Love Songs (
Mark Hanson Tabs
McGuinn's Folk Den
Patriotic Songs (MoneyChords)
P.J.'s Guitar
Songs for Intermediates (Guitar Noise)
Standards (MoneyChords)
Tab Robot
Songs for Intermediates (Guitar Noise)
Traditional Music Library
Unplugged Songs (MoneyChords)
Wikifonia (Lead Sheets)
Erwin's Songbook
by Erwin
This free site offers numerous high quality guitar tabs of your favorite songs in html, pdf, or chordpro formats.[Download your copy here]

Alterego Fakebook
by Alterego
This free Word Document contains the lyrics and chords to over 200 classic party standards and jukebox favorites. [Download your copy here]

Sing Those Songs
This free 300 page songbook provides lyrics and chords to many of your favorites.[Download your copy here]

Old Standards & Classic Jam Tunes
by Tom Gannon
This free site offers a compendium of chord progressions to hundreds of well-known of songs. It's worth a look. [Download your copy here]

The Guitarguy's Golden Classics
by Erwin
This free site offers numerous high quality guitar tabs of your favorite songs. [Download your copy here]

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