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The chord fingerings shown below are for a Standard (EADGBE) Tuned guitar and are notated in a system commonly used by guitarists on the Web. The numbers indicate the fret on each string that you need to finger in order to make each chord. An "x" is used to indicate a string that is not to be played while an "0" is used to indicate that an open string is to be played. For example, the common first position "C" chord fingering would be notated as "x32010". Remember that the Ab & G#, Bb & A#, Db & C#, Eb & D#, and Gb & F# are the same chords.


          Ab        Abm       Ab7       Abm7      Ab6     Abmaj7
        466544    466444    464544    4x4444    4x354x    4x554x

         Abm6      Abdim     Abaug       A        Am        A7
        4x3444    4x343x    xx6554    x02220    x02210    x02020

          Am7        A6      Amaj7      Am6      Adim      Aaug
        x02010    x02222    x02120    x02212    x01212    x03221

          Bb        Bbm       Bb7      Bbm7       Bb6     Bbmaj7
        x1333x    x13321    x13131    x13121    x13333    x13231

         Bbm6      Bbdim     Bbaug      B         Bm        B7
        x1x021    x1202x    x1x332    x2444x    x24432    x21202

          Bm7        B6      Bmaj7      Bm6      Bdim      Baug
        x24232    x24444    x24342    x2x132    x2313x    x2100x

          C         Cm        C7        Cm7       C6       Cmaj7
        x32010    x35543    x32310    x35343    x35555    x32000

          Cm6      Cdim      Caug       Db        Dbm       Db7
        x3x243    x3424x    x3211x    x4666x    x46654    x4342x

         Dbm7      Db6      Dbmaj7     Dbm6      Dbdim     Dbaug
        x46454    x46666    x46564    x4x354    x4535x    x4322x

          D         Dm        D7        Dm7       D6       Dmaj7
        xx0232    xx0231    xx0212    xx0211    xx0202    xx0222

          Dm6      Ddim      Daug       Eb        Ebm       Eb7
        xx0201    xx0101    xx0332    x6888x    x68876    x6564x

         Ebm7      Eb6      Ebmaj7     Ebm6      Ebdim     Ebaug
        x68676    x68888    x65333    x6x576    xx1212    x6544x

          E         Em        E7        Em7       E6       Emaj7
        022100    022000    020100    020000    022120    022444

          Em6      Edim      Eaug       F        Fm         F7
        022020    0x2323    03211x    133211    133111    131211

          Fm7       F6       Fmaj7     Fm6       Fdim      Faug
        1x1111    1x021x    1x221x    1x0111    1x010x    xx3221

          Gb       Gbm        Gb7      Gbm7      Gb6      Gbmaj7
        244322    244222    242322    2x2222    2x132x    2x332x

         Gbm6      Gbdim     Gbaug      G         Gm        G7
        2x1222    2x121x    xx4332    355433    133111    353433

         Gm7        G6       Gmaj7     Gm6       Gdim      Gaug
        3x3333    3x243x    3x443x    3x2333    3x232x    xx5443

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