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How To Read Tab

Question = I have never read tabs before can you explain how?

Answer = Here's a link to a quick MoneyChords lesson on reading tab.

Complete Online Guitar Lessons

Question = I would like to sign up for free guitar lessons.

Answer = is primarily a linking site to the best free guitar lessons available on the web. We do recommend several complete lesson programs at our pages listed below.

Beginners Lessons

Question = I was emailing you to suggest the free beginners lessons.

Answer = Our Beginners pages cover 12 topics including over 45 lessons at

Left Handed Guitar Charts

Question = Hi,Can you suggest a good chord chart for left-handed guitar players? Thanks for your help.

Answer = There are not any free Left handed guitar charts available on the web, however, you can create your own custom left handed charts at

Musical Direction

Question = I've been fooling around with a guitar for 30 years, no schooled knowledge of the instrument,just by ear.I like to play to Larry Corell,John McLaughlin,Joe Pass,Tal Farlow,etc.I am a sound engineer working in the jazz idiom only.looking for a little direction without having to read music,can you help?

Answer = Someone once told me that if you don't care where you're going, any road will take you there. I think your first step would be to decide what it is you'd like to accomplish. First, decide on a musical style like rock, jazz, folk, etc. Then you need to determine if you want to focus on Rhythm or Lead work. Each focus can take a lifetime to master. After you define your musical goal, e-mail me again. Good Luck

Guitar Fretboard

Question = I am considering learning how to play the guitar. I have one question in regards to the strings and the notes that confuse me. Why are the same notes (a-g) repeated throughout the guitar fretboard and how do you know which string to play if you're told to play an "E" note? I realize this is probably a stupid question but I've just started and would like someone to help explain this to me. Thanks for your help

Answer = As you can see in the guitar finngerboard below, the same note can be played in several different positions on the guitar.


As conventional music notation is not very useful, a system called Tablature was invented. The "Tab" system shows you exactly where to place your fingers to get the desired notes. To learn more about Tab, I provided a link to a Tab primer for you below.
If you would like to learn more about notes on the guitar fingerboard, there are several lessons available at the MoneyChords "Fingerboard" lessons page link below. I hope this answers your question.

Site Navigation

Question = Hey guys, I was checking out your money chords site. I am rather impressed. Thanks for taking the time to construct such a great references for guitarists worldwide. I hope that this helps to evolve musicianship for guitar. I do have one suggestion. When you scroll over links on your pages you are not able to see the destination of the link in the status bar at the bottom. That makes navigation around your site difficult. Just a thought. Thanks again and have a great day.

Answer = Thanks for your encouragement and support. Right now if you want to see your destination link you need to enter the site at with the address.

Funk Lessons

Question = Hiya, Your funk lessons are great, and the audio does sound extremely funky. Is it possible for you to list some common funk chord progressions ? Thanks

Answer = At your request, I added a number of new lessons to our "Funk" page at I hope you enjoy them.

F/G Chord

Question = Hi have a question. Saw a chord listed....F/ you know how to play this?

Answer = Below is the chord diagram for the F/G "slash" chord that you requested.


[The Index finger is shown as a "1". The Middle finger is designated as a "2". The Ring finger is notated as a "3" and the Little or Pinky finger as a "4". Strings that are not to played are marked with an "x". Strings without a finger number or an "x" are to be played as an open string.]

To learn more about Slash Chords you may want to check out the Slashs Chord page at the site. I have included a link below. I hope this helps.

Learn To Play Jazz Guitar

Question = want to learn jazz-guitar

Answer = A good place to start is at the Jazz page at Another great jazz lesson site is Vision Music at I personally found that working with the Chord-Melody approach moved my playing forward by giant leaps despite the fact that I never became a great chord melody player.

Learn To Play Lead Guitar

Question = i am interested in learning lead guitar. so can u teach me how to play lead guitar and their scales. thank u.

Answer = Your best bet is always, in my opinion, a local professional guitar teacher. If that is not possible, I would recommend working your way through the guitar lesson course at "" at This is a free guitar lesson program that focuses on lead playing.

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