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I read somewhere that there are upwards of a quarter million possible guitar chords. Although not all of these chords are found here, you will find what I feel are the best chord fingerings available for each chord including where possible, alternate fingerings for the same chords. Also, I have included numerous great sounding open string chords. All the chords presented here are positioned at or below the ninth fret and have their root as the bass note (unless otherwise indicated) in the sixth, fifth, or fourth string formations commonly used for playing rhythym guitar.

The chord fingerings shown here are for a standard (EADGBE) tuned guitar and are notated in a system commonly used by guitarists on the Web. The numbers indicate the fret on each string that you need to finger to make each chord. An "x" is used to indicate a string that is not to be played while an "0" is used to indicate that an open string is to be played. An "a" is used to show a fingering at the 10th fret, a "b" is used for the 11th and so on. The common first position "C" chord fingering would be notated as "x32010" and the "C" Barre chord fingering would be notated as "8aa988." Each chord symbol shows the notes that are used to form the chord and several suggested chord fingerings. Notes marked "()" are considered optional. The first column shows "Open String Chords, the second column shows "Barre" Chords, and the third column shows "Jazz/Other" Chords.

To use the Guitar Chord Dictionary, just click below on the chord that you are looking for. To help you sort thorough the many possible choices, I have noted the chord fingerings I find most useful in blue. If you click on the blue fingering you will be linked to a chord diagram showing you which fingers I use to grab the chord. The index finger is shown as a "1". The middle finger is designated as a "2". The ring finger is notated as a "3" and the little or pinky finger as a "4". Strings that are not to played are marked with an "x". Strings without a finger number or an "x" are to be played as an open string.

A Major A Minor A Dom7th A Aug/Dim
Bb/A# Major Bb/A# Minor Bb/A# Dom7th Bb/A# Aug/Dim
B Major B Minor B Dom7thB Aug/Dim
C Major C Minor C Dom7th C Aug/Dim
Db/C# Major Db/C# MinorDb/C# Dom7thDb/C# Aug/Dim
D Major D MinorD Dom7thD Aug/Dim
Eb/D# Major Eb/D# MinorEb/D# Dom7thEb/D# Aug/Dim
E Major E Minor E Dom7th E Aug/Dim
F Major F Minor F Dom7th F Aug/Dim
Gb/F# Major Gb/F# Minor Gb/F# Dom7th Gb/F# Aug/Dim
G Major G Minor G Dom7th G Aug/Dim
Ab/G# Major Ab/G# Minor Ab/G# Dom7th Ab/G# Aug/Dim

MoneyChords Guitar Chord Dictionary
by Richard Scott
This is a free 219 page pdf book version of our popular guitar chord reference. [Download your copy here]

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