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Joseph Louis Prevost

Joseph Louis Prevost,1992

created april 08,1999.
Five years after the death of Joseph Louis Prevost.
In celebration of his spirit,which is not bound
By this mortal coil.
Our love for you will never die.
With lots of help from both sides of The Veil.
updated april 18,2002.
with technical assistance from
Wool Sweater Street

Dark Wood

"Dark Wood"
On the radio
Brings up old headaches
Old freakouts
All too familiar
My long time mews
Has passed over the veil
Somehow Margaret still sneaks in
My poems
"I love you, always, forever"
Tawny,grey, and white
Yet without an immortal shell
"I know someone who has a piece of Kosh"
Sci fi/reality goes in a
Past present future gelatin that does not set
There's always room for Jello
Margaret come back
I never left
I miss you so much
Fluff and fart
She always knew how to calm me down
I face the world Margaret-less

Less is less
The migraine lights float in my head
Sometime pensive is good
Ten minutes until radio voices return
And we learn who played what when
Will I write on
Boring even tears

I find my 1987 style
Reasserting itself
Tangents jump like Sammy's slide
Look inside
Head on aftarm
Glasses off
Fighting Arthur Itis-of-the-Wrist
Why knot?
Brainwave threads unfrayed
I hear sleepy wife "Awh"
Sorrys said, paper put in
More accessible binz
Water runs briefly
Wetsy time at the OK Carrel
Just like it flow
Might even go somewhere
Like my life
My poetry career?

A joke?
Scary as all Hell?
As scary as aging parents
As scary as losing it for good

"Safe journey,space fans, wherever you are."
Quiet music brings out the noise
In my head
What the headache is saying
Celtic,gypsy,New Age blend next

"Hi,Sam Sam"
Yelling less after the day
Of the Doctor Kangaroo appt.
Force of will
Take the pillz on time
Remember to eat
Talk, be quiet
Time to yourself
It's all in the mix
All in the soup
Eat hearty
It's your own life.
sunday,february 16,1997 wss rks
revised:thursday, november 11,2006.

copyright 1999 Richard K. Stimson


moeCharles and his grandson,Robert

Click on moe's pic (on the left). . .
magically go to her horse rescue site!
Click on the pic of Charles and his grandson,Robert (on the right) and be transported to the PANIC_FORUM on Yahoo! Groups.


Horse ChaserPetras hantverk

Click on the left graphic to go to Horse Chaser great art work,stories,photos,links.

Click on the right graphic to go to Petras hantverk featuring Swedish handicraft working with "Cernit clay",jetsam and driftwood.All are available for purchase.


Lisa,Emily and TravisQT

Click on the photo of Lisa and Travis's rededication ceremony to go their site,Read it with Rath
(Lisa was President of The Internet Addicts Association
which has recycled its pixels).

Click on the photo of QT playing pool to go to QT's Place,a fun site,packed with useful web building tips. QT is a long time friend.I met her thru the IAA.



Click on the photo of sassymom and her family to go to her site. sassymom is a good friend from IAA.
Isn't that a funny photo of my babybro!

queen of fat-friendly resources

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