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Wool Sweater Street

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What is required?

What is required of poets at times like these?
To try to keep on writing.
To try to keep hope alive.

Yes,fury fires are igniting.
Larger than the fireballs
That brought the towers down.

Some would like to believe.
That Allah and Jehovah are at war.

And that those who danced in the streets
Were created by a different Creator
Than those of us who mourn.

Morning will break in Manhattan
To brave and resiliant New Yorkers
Whose lives are forever changed.

As are the lives of the entire planet.

And this bipolar poet.
Follower of Ginsberg,Brautigan
Frost and Ferlingetti.

May the universe forgive Big Bear
For putting himself in such company.

I've lost my thread.
I've lost my thread.
Dancing very near the edge.

This poem should be revised.
Before it's brought to cybereyes.

But my ether angels shout:
The world needs these words now!

How now,brown cow?
Do you dance with the moon and a spoon?
I take this vow.
I play this tune.

"To the Moon,Alice!"

September 13,2001
Copyright 2001,Richard K. Stimson a.k.a. Big Bear Page Updated December 03,2009.

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Page Created September 13,2001 by Big Bear
(aka Rev. Richard K. Stimson
Ordained Universal Life Church Miniser).
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